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Achievements: Scenarios (+1160 XP)

  • General
Name Mission XP Completion Reward
Scenario Beginner Scenario Beginner Complete 1 scenario. 30
Scenario Trainee Scenario Trainee Complete 10 scenarios. 40
Scenario Professional Scenario Professional Complete 100 scenarios. 60
Scenario Master Scenario Master Complete 500 scenarios. 80 100Gems
Scenario Legend Scenario Legend Complete 1,000 scenarios. 100 250Gems
Scenario Search Beginner Scenario Search Beginner Find 1 scenario through an adventure search. 20
Scenario Search Master Scenario Search Master Find 10 scenarios through an adventure search. 30
Scenario Search Legend Scenario Search Legend Find 100 scenarios through an adventure search. 50
Scenario Owner Scenario Owner Own 1 scenario. 20
Scenario Source Scenario Source Own 10 scenarios. 30
  • Scenario Specific
Name Mission XP Completion Reward
Savior Savior Complete the scenario “The Grain Conflict”. 70
Siblings Siblings Complete the scenario “Twins”. 70
Keeper of the Forest Keeper of the Forest Complete the scenario “Heart of the Wood”. 80
Digging in the dirt Digging in the dirt Complete the scenario “Riches of the Mountain”. 90
Storm Recovery Storm Recovery Complete the Scenario “Storm Recovery”. 150
  • Resources
Name Mission XP Completion Reward
First Aider First Aider Use 5 buffs in scenarios. 30
Good Soul Good Soul Use 500 buffs in scenarios. 50
Samaritan Samaritan Use 1,000 buffs in scenarios. 90 1000Coins
Resource Gatherer Resource Gatherer Gather 500 resources through scenarios. 60
Resource Harvester Resource Harvester Gather 10,000 resources through scenarios. 80 2000Coins
Resource Master Resource Master Gather 1,000,000 resources through scenarios. 100 100Gems


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