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Achievements: General (+ 2650 XP)

  • Game
Name Mission XP Completion Reward
Duty first! Duty first! Log in every day for an entire week 30
Commitment Commitment Log in every day for an entire month 80
Hooked Hooked Played for a whole month 50
Fan Fan Played for 6 months 80 250Gems
All in! All in! Played for a whole year 80 500Gems
Apprentice Apprentice Reach level 10 20 50Gems
Seasoned Seasoned Reach level 20 30 100Gems
Veteran Veteran Reach level 30 40 150Gems
Master Master Reach level 40 60 200Gems
Grand Master Grand Master Reach level 50 80 250Gems
Explorer Explorer Reach Level 60 120 300Gems
Ambassador Ambassador Reach Level 70 130 350Gems
Diplomat Diplomat Reach Level 75 140 400Gems

  • Home Island
Name Mission XP Completion Reward
Lay of the Land Lay of the Land Discover all deposits on your island. (Hint you need to use a geologist with the “Lucky Find” skill). 70
Glittering Prizes Glittering Prizes Have all gold deposits on your island discovered at the same time. 60
White Cliffs White Cliffs Discover all marble deposits on your island 50
Grand Discovery Grand Discovery Discover the entire island 70
Settlement Settlement Have a population limit of 500 70
Village Village Have a population limit of 1,500 50
Town Town Have a population limit of 3,000 80
Hoarder Hoarder Have 100 non-specialist items in the star menu 70
Infrastructure Infrastructure Build 10 kilometers of roads on your island (500) 70
Red Mountains Red Mountains Raise 3 copper deposits to more than 800 units (endless deposits do not count). 70
Black Mountains Black Mountains Have at least 3,100 units of coal in each coal deposit 80
Exotic Discovery Exotic Discovery Discover the new islands 70
Brown Mountains Brown Mountains Raise 6 granite deposits to more than 600 units 70
Grey Mountains Grey Mountains Raise 4 titanium deposits to more than 600 units 80
White Mountains White Mountains Raise 4 saltpeter deposits to more than 600 units 90
Mass Construction Mass Construction Have 1 temporary building queue slot 70
Builder's Boon Builder’s Boon Have 1 permanent building queue slots 130

  • Generals
Name Mission XP Completion Reward
The Mustache Club The Mustache Club Own all explorers from the tavern 70
The Hat People The Hat People Own all geologists from the tavern 50
The Funky Bunch The Funky Bunch Buy all specialists from the tavern and have them in your star menu 100 350Coins
Their Weight in Gold Their Weight in Gold Explorers brought back 1000 gold 70
The Granite Liaison The Granite Liaison Explorers brought back 1000 granite 80
Wood Extravaganza Wood Extravaganza Explorers brought back 1000 exotic wood 80
Adventure Time! Adventure Time! Explorers brought back 20 adventures 100
Soot Addiction Soot Addiction Geologists found 100 coal deposits 60
Oooh! Shiny! Oooh! Shiny! Geologists found 50 gold deposits 80
Marble Madness Marble Madness Geologists found 200 marble deposits 80

  • Quests
Name Mission XP Completion Reward
Alternative Income Alternative Income Complete 5 daily quests 20
Daily Grind Daily Grind Complete 100 daily quests 50


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