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Heart of the Wood

The rangers of a nearby town are calling for aid. A strange sickness has fallen upon the trees near their settlement. They’ve done all they can, but it seems to be spreading into the forest, and even to the local wildlife. We should help them out, and perhaps we can find the reason for this strange plight.


Goal Complete the quest chain and help the rangers.

Type Scenario
Reward Get experience points, buffs and decorations.

Message with the victory

You did it! You helped the rangers revitalize their island. The rangers are pleased, and sent a reward to your island.

Message at defeat

Now the sickness has infected everything on the island. In few weeks, this island will become a desert.

Player level required: 36+ Obtaining: Adventure search (medium) – 1.45% Experience Points: 4000 / 40Star Coins
Number of players: 1 Completion Reward: Blank card: Чистая карта
Difficulty 3/10 Type: Scenarios Footage:
Available time: 3 h Archive:


A Strange Sickness
Quests Completion Reward
Welcome to Enhar I’m glad you’ve answered our call for help. This sickness has infested the forest, and it keeps spreading. It seems to be coming from the center of the forest, where the heart tree, the magical tree that keeps everything green, has started to wither. We need to treat all the trees and animals, before they all die out!

Hint All required buffs can be produced in the provision house.

It’s over – the blight is gone! With time, the forest will recover and the animals will come back to our woods. Thank you for doing this for us – we are forever in your debt.
3500Experience Points
Save the Animals
Detail tab
The sickness from the woods is spreading to the local wildlife. Some of the animals are so sick that they can’t even find the strength to leave their caves!
We need to feed them up, so that they can build up their strength.

I know of a special medicinal plant you can find on our island. Gather it, and use it to make some animal feed, so we can treat the animals in those caves.

That worked. The animals show signs of getting better.
However, they’re still in danger, unless we treat the root of the problem.

Gather Resources – 5Medicinal Plant
Use buffs on the adventure island. – 5Animal Feed

50Experience Points
The Heart Tree
Detail tab
Most of the living things on our island depend on the magic of the heart tree.
You’ve probably seen this massive tree in the middle of the forest. That is the heart tree, a plant that brings life to the forest itself.

While you were away taking care of the animals, we found the cause of the disease. Our heart tree is ill, and now, rather than life, it’s been spreading its disease to the other trees. We need to cure it.

We need to gather some special flowers and make a potion that might revive it.

The potion worked. That is a sight for sore eyes! The tree will bloom soon, and start spreading its magic again throughout the forest.

Gather Resources – 5Rare Flower
Use buffs on the adventure island. – 1Healing Potion

100Experience Points
Healing the Forest
Detail tab
Now that the heart tree has been healed, we need to take care of the other trees. Especially some of the older ones. They will not be able to recover all by themselves.

You’ll have to use the heart fruits from the heart tree to rejuvenate them.

The powder is doing its job. The forest is looking better than ever.

Gather Resources – 10Heart Tree Fruit
Use buffs on the adventure island. – 10Tree Powder

150Experience Points
Dead Trees
Detail tab
Sadly, some of the trees were too far gone, and could not be saved. Could you please cut them down? Maybe we can at least find a good use for their wood.
We could use the dead wood to make some special fertilizer that should strengthen the heart tree for the future.

Good work. The sickness seems to have faded from the land. Thank you!

Gather Resources – 5Dead Wood
Use buffs on the adventure island. – 1Fertilizer

200Experience Points

The Collections: Items

Appearance Name Effect
Medicinal Plant Medicinal Plant Medicinal Plant Animal Feed
Rare Flower Rare Flower Rare Flower Healing Potion
Heart Tree Fruit Heart Tree Fruit Heart Tree Fruit Tree Powder
Dead Wood Dead Wood Dead Wood Fertilizer


Appearance Name Cost Effect
Animal FeedAnimal Feed Animal Feed 120Meat 1Medicinal Plant Wildlife Cave
Healing PotionHealing Potion Healing Potion 400Water 200Wheat
50Gold Ore 5Rare Flower
Heart Tree
Tree PowderTree Powder Tree Powder 160Fish 80Wheat 1Heart Tree Fruit Old Tree
FertilizerFertilizer Fertilizer 400Pinewood 100Hardwood
200Coal 5Dead Wood
Heart Tree


Heart of the Wood


Heart of the Wood Heart of the Wood
Heart of the Wood

Completion Reward

№ 1-2
100% Exotic Fruit Basket 1
№ 3
100% Deposit: Marble 250
№ 4
22.22% Chopping Block 1
22.22% Flowerbed (Yellow) 1
№ 5
50% Iron Ore 300
50% Exotic Wood 200
№ 6
36-74 Experience Points 4000
75 Star Coins 40


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