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Riches of the Mountain

In a mountain on a nearby island, a valuable ore vein has been found. You have been asked to help with the construction of a mining outpost, and to provide it with security. You’ll receive a big reward for your help.


Goal Complete the quest chain and help the foreman.

Type Scenario
Reward Get experience points, buffs and decorations.

Message with the victory

You did it! You managed to defeat the sabotage effort, and secure the vein. The foreman is pleased, and sends you the reward to your island.

Message at defeat

We’re too late. The vein rights have gone to another person. The foreman was ordered to leave, and there is nothing left for you to do but return to your island.

Player level required: 42+ Obtaining: Adventure search (long) – 2.31%
Search (very long) – 6.09%
Experience Points: 8050 / 81Star Coins
Number of players: 1 Completion Reward: Blank card: Чистая карта
Difficulty 7/10 Type: Scenarios Footage:
Available time: 4 h Archive:


Mining Supervisor
Quests Completion Reward
Welcome to Enhar Hello there! I’m glad you agreed to help us! Allow me to introduce myself – my name’s Oliver, and I’m the mining supervisor. Still, there’s no time to waste – let’s get stuck in!

Hint All required buffs can be produced in the provision house.

It’s ready. The mining shaft is complete, the supply line is set and the security of the miners is ensured. Thank you very much for your help. I’ll have someone prepare a reward for you and send it to your main island.
7000Experience Points
Proof of Purity
Detail tab
I’m glad we have you on board! We need to check the quality of the ore on this island. Take a look around, and let’s find some sample mountain ore.

Very good. The ore has a very high quality as expected. Let’s carry on with our plan.

Gather Resources – 3Ore
Use on the ship on your scenario island. – 1Pure ore

50Experience Points
Construction Area
Detail tab
Before we can construct our mining post, we’ll have to clear some space. At the moment, there’s just no room for construction. Let’s get rid of some trees and stones.

Good work! Now we have enough building space, let’s continue with the next step.

Destroy all fallen trees with shovels.
2Fallen tree → 2Shovel
Collect – 4Fire Wood
Destroy piles of rubble with dynamite buffs.
4Rubble → 4Dynamite

100Experience Points
Mining Post
Detail tab
This is the important bit. With the ground cleared, we can build the outpost. Please provide us with a tavern, a warehouse and some masons.

The infrastructure and our base are built. We can finally start mining!

Use buffs on the adventure island. – 1Tavern Building Kit
Use buffs on the adventure island. – 1Storage Building Kit
Use buffs on the adventure island. – 3Mason Building Kit

150Experience Points
Opening the Shaft
Detail tab
Most of the ore is hidden deep in the mountain. That means we’ll need to make a hole in the mountain, and we’ll need something to stabilize the hole, so that mountain doesn’t collapse.

Good job. We’re nearly done!

Remove the rocks where mineshafts can be created.
1Rock → 5Dynamite Pack
Gather Resources – 5Pick
Use buffs on the adventure island. – 1Shaft → 1Shaft Construction

200Experience Points
Miner Catering
Detail tab
Good stuff! The miners are hard at work, and everything’s going according to plan. However, they’ll soon need some food and support. We’re still working on a food supply line, but could you help bring the first provisions?

Hint If you’ve already applied the food provision, wait 10 minutes, then you can apply them a second time.

No miner can do his job without the proper provisions. Thank you for the help. I think we’re done!

Provide s to the miners in the mining post.
2Food Provision

250Experience Points
Detail tab
We have a problem. A nearby village sent some forces to sabotage our mining efforts. Please, stop them, before they can do us any harm or everything we’ve achieved here will have been in vain!

You did it! I don’t know how, but you stopped the sabotage! Now our miners can go about their business without any more inconvenience.

Destroy all sabotage buildings.
1Sabotage Building → 10Water Splash 1Glue 1Explosive 1Specialist
Collect buckets. – 10Bucket

300Experience Points

The Collections: Items

Appearance Name Effect
Pick Pick Pick Shaft Construction
Bucket Bucket Bucket Water Splash
Fire Wood Fire Wood Fire Wood Dynamite
Ore Ore Ore Pure ore


Appearance Name Cost Effect
Pure orePure ore Pure ore 200Water 100Saltpeter 3Ore Pirate Ship
DynamiteDynamite Dynamite 50Gunpowder 1Fire Wood Rubble
ShovelShovel Shovel 100Iron 200Pinewood Fallen tree
Dynamite PackDynamite Pack Dynamite Pack 100Gunpowder 800Pinewood Rock
Tavern Building KitTavern Building Kit Tavern Building Kit 500Hardwood Planks 100Granite 50Marble Tavern build space
Storage Building KitStorage Building Kit Storage Building Kit 500Hardwood Planks 200Marble Storage build space
Mason Building KitMason Building Kit Mason Building Kit 800Pinewood Planks 200Stones Mason build space
Shaft ConstructionShaft Construction Shaft Construction 800Pinewood Planks 50Tools
600Stones 5Pick
Food ProvisionUnknown Food Provision 100Sausages 200Fish Building Space
Water SplashWater Splash Water Splash 200Water 1Bucket Sabotage Building
GlueGlue Glue 100Water 100Flour Sabotage Building
ExplosiveExplosive Explosive 10Gunpowder Sabotage Building
SpecialistSpecialist Specialist 10Settlers 100Tools Sabotage Building


Riches of the Mountain


Riches of the Mountain Riches of the Mountain
Riches of the Mountain

Completion Reward

№ 1-2
100% Stadium Snacks 1
№ 3
100% Deposit: Gold Ore +400
№ 4
22.22% Special Gold Mine 1
22.22% Arctic iron mine 1
№ 5
50% Granite 500
50% Titanium Ore 200
№ 6
42-74 Experience Points 8050
75 Star Coins 81


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