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The Grain Conflict

Not far from here there lies Grain Island, a small island full of swaying, golden ears, which gave the island its name. On this small piece of land, there are two towns – one producing the most delicious brew in these spheres, the other baking the tastiest bread of all the known kingdoms.
The guilds in both towns used to share the grain.
They would meet in the Grain House – a place where they would negotiate and distribute it equally. But one day, the two guilds started arguing over which product would be the best, and to which guild the most grain should go. Since that day, there have been no more negotiations in the Grain house, as every guild just tries to get as much as they can.
Maybe you can help the two guilds to re-enter negotiations, so our Settlers can feast on the Grain Island’s famous exports again.


Goal Complete the quest chain and help the guilds to start negotiating again.

Type Scenario
Reward Get experience points, buffs and decorations.

Message with the victory

Well done! The bakers and brewers are back at the Grain House to start negotiating. Maybe soon our Settlers will be able to enjoy their tasty products again.

Player level required: 26+ Obtaining: Adventure search (short) – 1.79% Experience Points: 650 / 7Star Coins
Number of players: 1 Completion Reward: Blank card: Чистая карта
Difficulty 1/10 Type: Scenarios Footage:
Available time: 6 h Archive:


The Grain Conflict
Quests Completion Reward
Welcome to Enhar The guilds in both towns used to share their grain harvest.
They used to meet in the Grain House to negotiate and distribute it equally – but one day, an argument began over who’d produced the best products, and who deserved the most grain. Since that day, the Grain House has gone unused, and each guild has simply fought to keep the most grain.
Maybe you can help the two guilds to re-enter negotiations?

Hint All required buffs can be produced in the provision house.

Marvelous! You managed to settle the conflict between the brewers and bakers from Grain Island. Maybe you should consider a career in diplomacy…
500Experience Points
The Grain House
Detail tab
Oh, hi there! I’m the administrator of this estate… or what’s left of it. It was me who called you here for help!
Those stubborn Grain Islanders – bakers, brewers, the lot of ’em – have been driving me insane!
They used to negotiate the grain split here, but they can’t do much more than bicker recently…

If we want to get them back at the table and start negotiating again, we need to fix up this… place…
I wouldn’t mind seeing the old place tarted up a bit either…

Ha! This place looks as good as new… or as good as old, I guess. Thank you. I feel much better about this place already.

Gather Resources: 5Furniture
Use buffs on the adventure island. – 1Repair Kit

30Experience Points
Detail tab
Alrighty then! Now that we have a place where we can sit the brewers and bakers back together again, we get to the most delicate part
Actually getting them here in the first place!
I’ll leave it up to your expert negotiation skills to convince each party to come back to the table. The origin of all this fighting is that each party claimed they would create the best product. We need a ruse to get them back at the table

Help me produce some bread and brew. Then, all we need to do is to feed it to the opposing party, and sell it like it was yours! If they love it like I think they will, we’ll just tell them the truth – that this kind of quality has been on that island all along!

It actually worked! Well done! Both brewers and bakers were a little disgruntled after we revealed the truth about the brew and bread we gave them, but it served its purpose. We made them come back to the negotiation table.

Gather Resources – 3Golden Grain Remnants
Use buffs on the adventure island. – 3Tasty Bread
Use buffs on the adventure island. – 3Tasty Bread
Gather Resources – 3Barrel
Use buffs on the adventure island. – 3Special Brew

50Experience Points
Back to the table
Detail tab
Alright then! We’ve got everybody coming to the Grain House’s reopening. This time, I really want to make sure that everything goes smoothly… No, not just smoothly! Everything needs to be perfect!
Nobody likes to negotiate on an empty stomach. Thus, I was wondering if you could delight us with a specialty of your own kingdom?

The first negotiation in years was a complete success! Especially thanks to the meal you provided! Thank you, in the name of both the brewer and the baker’s guilds.

Gather Resources – 3Withered Board
Use buffs on the adventure island. – 1Diplomats' Feast

70Experience Points

The Collections: Items

Appearance Name Effect
Furniture Furniture Furniture Repair Kit
Barrel Barrel Barrel Special Brew
Withered Board Withered Board Withered Board Diplomats' Feast
Golden Grain Remnants Golden Grain Remnants Golden Grain Remnants Tasty Bread


Appearance Name Cost Effect
Repair KitRepair Kit Repair Kit 100Tools 5Furniture Grain house
Tasty BreadTasty Bread Tasty Bread 35Bread 1Golden Grain Remnants Brewery guild house
Special BrewSpecial Brew Special Brew 35Brew 1Barrel Bakery guild house
Diplomats' FeastDiplomats' Feast Diplomats’ Feast 100Sausages 3Withered Board Grain house


The Grain Conflict: The Grain Conflict


The Grain Conflict The Grain Conflict
The Grain Conflict

Completion Reward

№ 1-2
100% Exotic Fruit Basket 1
№ 3
100% Deposit: Marble 250
№ 4
22.22% Golden Lantern 1
22.22% Gilded Bench 1
№ 5
26-74 Experience Points 650
75 Star Coins 7


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