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In a neighboring city, two twins have gone missing without a trace. The poor kids! Maybe you can be of help finding them?


Goal Complete the quest chain and help finding the lost children.

Type Scenario
Reward Get experience points, buffs and decorations.

Message with the victory

You were able to help the villagers find the kids! Hopefully, this won’t happen again – but if it does, we’ll know who to call!

Message at defeat

Unfortunately, you were not able to save the children in time. Hopefully, the other villagers will have more luck than you – but for now, you can do nothing but hope.

Player level required: 26+ Obtaining: Adventure search (short) – 1.79% Experience Points: 1220 / 13Star Coins
Number of players: 1 Completion Reward: Blank card: Чистая карта
Difficulty 1/10 Type: Scenarios Footage:
Available time: 10 h Archive:


Rescue the twins
Quests Completion Reward
Rescue the twins Thank you for the help. However, I did have another urgent task. Two children from our town are missing. They’re twins and were last seen yesterday. We have a big, dangerous swamp nearby, and we’re worried they may have strayed nearby… You have to find them!

Hint All required buffs can be produced in the provision house.

Thank you very much. The twins are back at their home, safe and sound. Their parents can sleep again, and have sent a small reward to your island.
1000Experience Points
Building bridges
Detail tab
First of all, we need to create a safe path for our rescue team. There aren’t too many areas of firm ground in the swamp. Please, set up bridges over these impassable areas, so that our rescue team can cross the swamp.

These bridges should give the patrol team the footing they need to navigate the swamps.

Gather Resources – 3Bridge Base Material
Use buffs on the adventure island. – 3Auxiliary Bridge

50Experience Points
Detail tab
While the search patrols are combing the area, we should check with the villagers to see if anyone’s seen something. Let’s make some broadsheets and ask around. Maybe we’ll get lucky?!

Hint If you’ve already applied the broadsheets, wait 10 minutes, then you can apply them a second time.

Great – there are already some hints coming in. Let’s see whether there’s anything viable.

Use buffs on the adventure island. – 3Broadsheet

70Experience Points
Getting them out!
Detail tab
We found them! Thanks to the hints, we managed to find the twins – but they’re trapped in an old ruin within the swamps and cannot come out on their own. Please, help the patrol get them out of there.

Wow, the helpers did great work there. That will not happen to the twins again.

Gather Resources – 5Used Hammer
Use buffs on the adventure island. – 1Rescue Party

100Experience Points

The Collections: Items

Appearance Name Effect
Bridge Base Material Bridge Base Material Bridge Base Material Auxiliary Bridge
Used Hammer Used Hammer Used Hammer Rescue Party


Appearance Name Cost Effect
BroadsheetBroadsheet Broadsheet 50Simple Paper Swamp
Auxiliary BridgeAuxiliary Bridge Auxiliary Bridge 100Pinewood Planks 3xBridge Base Material Citizens’ Household
Rescue PartyRescue Party Rescue Party 10Settlers 5xUsed Hammer Suspicious ruin


Twins: Twins


Twins Twins

Completion Reward

№ 1-2
100% Exotic Fruit Basket 1
№ 3
100% Deposit: Copper Ore 400
№ 4
22.22% Broken Wheel 1
22.22% Broken Handcart 1
№ 5
22.22% Exotic Wood 200
22.22% Iron Ore 300
№ 6
42-74 Experience Points 1220
75 Star Coins 13


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