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Magnificent Residence

Your settlers couldn’t ask for more luxury and space. The Magnificent Residence provides enough room and convenience for a king and his entire court.

“If you lived here, you’d be home!”

Place building

• Magnificent Residence with room for 500 population

Increases the population limit. Magnificent Residence Move a building: Yes
Type: Residential Buildings Upgrade a building: No
Occupied area (cell): Occupied area (cell) Building License: No
Player level required: 46 Use a buff: No
Obtaining: Merchant: Epic Items

15000Magic Bean
Build Time: 10 m

Available: 9999 Trade / Gift: Yes / Yes
Effect: +500Settlers

* After tearing down this building it will return to your star menu. Keep in mind that all building upgrades from this building are reverted.


Magnificent Residence


Level Capacity Resources Time Gems
1 +500Settlers 15000Magic Bean 10 m 10Gems

Move a building: Cost

Level Resources Gems
1 Free of charge Free of charge


Effective adventures

Easter Event 2017