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Noble residence

A big residence offering all the comfort and luxury expected by a noble. Furthermore, this residence is very spacious, so a lot of people can live here.

“These golden chandeliers are just marvelous!”

Place building

• Noble Residence with room for 30 population

Increases the population limit. Noble residence Move a building: Yes
Type: Advanced buildings Upgrade a building: Yes
Occupied area (cell): Occupied area (cell) Building license: Yes / No
Player level required: 5 Use a buff: No
Obtaining: The building menu Merchant: Architect Build Time: 10 m

Cost: 105Hardwood planks 35Marble

Production time:
Available: 9999 Trade / Gift: Yes / Yes
Effect: +30Settlers / +50Settlers

* After tearing down this building it will return to your star menu. Keep in mind that all building upgrades from this building are reverted.


Noble residence. Level 1 Noble residence. Level 2 Noble residence. Level 3
Noble residence. Level 4 Noble residence. Level 5 Noble residence. Level 6

Upgrade a building: Cost

Level Capacity Resources Time Gems
1 +30Settlers 105Hardwood planks 35Marble

10 m 10Gems
1 → 2 +10Settlers 240Hardwood planks 200Marble 2:30 m 441Gems
2 → 3 +10Settlers 600Hardwood planks 750Marble 1 h 1384Gems
3 → 4 +10Settlers 1000Coins 600Marble 1 d 3825Gems
4 → 5 +10Settlers 1000Exotic wood planks 600Granite 7 d 2506Gems
5 → 6 +10Settlers 400Grout 1500Granite 7 d 3767Gems

Move a building: Cost

Level Resources Gems
1 20Pinewood planks 20Stones 1Gems
2 100Pinewood planks 100Stones 6Gems
3 150Hardwood planks 140Stones 12Gems
4 200Hardwood planks 200Marble 22Gems
5 200Coins 500Marble 50Gems
6 200Coins 500Marble 50Gems


Effective adventures

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