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Provision House

Can create special items out of goods.
Hotkey P
Provision House Move a building: Yes
Type: Basic Buildings Upgrade a building: Yes
Occupied area (cell): Occupied area (cell) Building License: Yes
Player level required: 7 Use a buff: Yes
Obtaining: The building menu Build Time: 5 m

Trade / Gift: No / No Tear down building: 5Pinewood Planks 20Stones
Available: 1 Production time:

* After tearing down this building it will return to your star menu. Keep in mind that all building upgrades from this building are reverted.


Provision House. Level 1 Provision House. Level 2 Provision House. Level 3
Provision House. Level 4 Provision House. Level 5 Provision House. Level 6

Upgrade a building: Cost

Level Resources Time Gems Production Time
1 20Pinewood Planks 80Stones 5 m 6Gems
1 → 2 500Hardwood Planks 650Marble 2:30 m 1181Gems -100%
2 → 3 1000Hardwood Planks 3000Marble 1 h 4275Gems -50%
3 → 4 5000Coins 2000Marble 1 d 18000Gems -33%
4 → 5 9000Exotic Wood Planks 5000Granite 7 d 21834Gems -25%
5 → 6 800Grout 5000Granite 7 d 11115Gems -20%

Move a building: Cost

Level Resources Gems
1 10Pinewood Planks 10Stones 1Gems
2 200Pinewood Planks 200Stones 13Gems
3 1000Hardwood Planks 500Stones 68Gems
4 800Hardwood Planks 800Marble 90Gems
5 250Coins 1000Marble 105Gems
6 250Coins 1000Marble 105Gems


Name Cost Time Player level required Effect
Fish Platter Fish Platter 10Fish 12 s 7 x2
Solid Sandwich Solid Sandwich 40Fish 20Bread 2 m 16 x2
Aunt Irma's Gift Basket Aunt Irma’s Gift Basket 120Fish 60Bread 20Meat 6 m 22 x2
Expedition Medipack Expedition Medipack 150Marble 200Hardwood 20Sausages 3 m 30
Balloon Gathering Balloon Gathering 500Balloons 20 s 7 1Coins
Golden Egg Golden Egg 1Easter Eggs 10 s 7 1Coins
Golden Brew Mug Golden Brew Mug 1000Brew 3 m 7 10Coins
Old Present Collection Old Present Collection 1Presents 25 s 7 1Coins
Pumpkin Soup Pumpkin Soup 5Pumpkins 25 s 7 2Coins
Collection Sale Collection Sale 5Soccer Balls 25 s 7 10Coins
Scaffold Rods Scaffold Rods 500Bronze Swords 3 m 7 10Iron Swords
Used Longbows Used Longbows 500Bows 3 m 7 10Longbows
Lonely Marble Block Lonely Marble Block 250Stones 6 m 7 50Marble
Granite Transformation Granite Transformation 500Marble 20Presents 6 m 7 50Granite
Wayfaring Settler Wayfaring Settler 25Bread 1 m 7 1Settlers
Traveler Family Traveler Family 125Bread 3 m 7 5Settlers
Retired Bandits Retired Bandits 625Bread 9 m 7 25Settlers
Hard Plank Door Hard Plank Door 250Pinewood Planks 6 m 7 50Hardwood Planks
Tool Belt Tool Belt 150Pinewood Planks 150Stones 10 s 7 50Tools
Fishfood Fishfood 10Bread 10 s 17 +100Deposit: Fish
Musk Deer Fragrance Musk Deer Fragrance 20Water 30Fish 1 m 22 +100Deposit: Meat
Iron Statue “Transience” Iron Statue “Transience” 250Copper Ore 18 m 1 30Iron Ore

Conversion: Midsummer Night Event

Name Cost Time Effect
Easter Egg Conversion Easter Egg Conversion 4Easter Eggs 6 s 6Tokens
Pumpkin Conversion Pumpkin Conversion 10Pumpkins 6 s 6Tokens
Present Conversion Present Conversion 2Presents 6 s 3Tokens
Soccer ball conversion Soccer ball conversion 10Soccer Balls 6 s 4Tokens

Production: Scenarios

Where do Easter eggs come from?
Appearance Name Cost Production time
Anti-Polecat SprayAnti-Polecat Spray Anti-Polecat Spray 500Water 1Unknown 1 m
UnknownUnknown Unknown 350Tools 175Iron Ore 1 m
Frightened ChickenFrightened Chicken Frightened Chicken 500Water 1Frightened Chicken 1 m
Chicken Wellness KitChicken Wellness Kit Chicken Wellness Kit 15Herbs 250Wheat 1 m
Appearance Name Cost Production time
BroadsheetBroadsheet Broadsheet 50Simple Paper 1 m
Auxiliary BridgeAuxiliary Bridge Auxiliary Bridge 100Pinewood Planks 3xBridge Base Material 1 m
Rescue PartyRescue Party Rescue Party 10Settlers 5xUsed Hammer 1 m
Heart of the Wood
Appearance Name Cost Production time
Animal FeedAnimal Feed Animal Feed 120Meat 1Medicinal Plant 1 m
Healing PotionHealing Potion Healing Potion 400Water 200Wheat
50Gold Ore 5Rare Flower
1 m
Tree PowderTree Powder Tree Powder 160Fish 80Wheat 1Heart Tree Fruit 1 m
FertilizerFertilizer Fertilizer 400Pinewood 100Hardwood
200Coal 5Dead Wood
1 m
The Grain Conflict
Appearance Name Cost Production time
Repair KitRepair Kit Repair Kit 100Tools 5Furniture 1 m
Tasty BreadTasty Bread Tasty Bread 35Bread 1Golden Grain Remnants 1 m
Special BrewSpecial Brew Special Brew 35Brew 1Barrel 1 m
Diplomats' FeastDiplomats' Feast Diplomats’ Feast 100Sausages 1Withered Board 1 m
Riches of the Mountain
Appearance Name Cost Production time
Pure orePure ore Pure ore 200Water 100Saltpeter 3Ore 1 m
DynamiteDynamite Dynamite 50Gunpowder 1Fire Wood 1 m
ShovelShovel Shovel 100Iron 200Pinewood 1 m
Dynamite PackDynamite Pack Dynamite Pack 100Gunpowder 800Pinewood 1 m
Water SplashWater Splash Water Splash 200Water 1Bucket 1 m
GlueGlue Glue 100Water 100Flour 1 m
ExplosiveExplosive Explosive 10Gunpowder 1 m
SpecialistSpecialist Specialist 10Settlers 100Tools 1 m
Tavern Building KitTavern Building Kit Tavern Building Kit 500Hardwood Planks 100Granite 50Marble 1 m
Storage Building KitStorage Building Kit Storage Building Kit 500Hardwood Planks 200Marble 1 m
Mason Building KitMason Building Kit Mason Building Kit 800Pinewood Planks 200Stones 1 m
Shaft ConstructionShaft Construction Shaft Construction 800Pinewood Planks 50Tools 600Stones 1 m
Food ProvisionFood Provision Food Provision 100Sausages 200Fish 1 m
Storm Recovery
Appearance Name Cost Production time
SeedsSeeds Seeds 100Magic Bean 1Dead Crops 1 m
FertilizerFertilizer Fertilizer 100Water 150Wheat 1 m
Small DynamiteSmall Dynamite Small Dynamite 10Gunpowder 100Pinewood 1 m
Medium DynamiteMedium Dynamite Medium Dynamite 50Gunpowder 100Hardwood 1 m
Big DynamiteBig Dynamite Big Dynamite 100Gunpowder 50Exotic Wood 1 m
PoisonPoison Poison 100Saltpeter 200Water 1 m
Stinky PotionStinky Potion Stinky Potion 100Water 1Stinky Mushroom 1 m
ShovelShovel Shovel 100Hardwood 20Iron 1 m
DecomposerDecomposer Decomposer 50Grout 1Glowing Herbs 1 m
Tavern KitTavern Kit Tavern Kit 100Granite 100Pinewood Planks 100Stones 1 m
Residence KitResidence Kit Residence Kit 100Hardwood Planks 100Marble 50Grout 1 m
Noble Residence KitNoble Residence Kit Noble Residence Kit 100Exotic Wood Planks 100Marble 50Grout 1 m
School KitSchool Kit School Kit 100Granite 150Stones 50Grout 1 m
Sticky FluidSticky Fluid Sticky Fluid 100Grout 100Saltpeter 2Flowers 1 m

Production. The Party Crashers

Appearance Name Cost Production time
Modest Truce Offer Modest Truce Offer Modest Truce Offer 75Bronze 75Fish 5 m
Decent Truce Offer Decent Truce Offer Decent Truce Offer 75Iron 75Bread 5 m
Gaudy Truce Offer Gaudy Truce Offer Gaudy Truce Offer 75Titanium 75Sausages 5 m
Offer for Denis Offer for Denis Offer for Denis 150Coins 5 m
Distraction for Alex Distraction for Alex Distraction for Alex 200Coins 5 m
Bribe for Bob Bribe for Bob Bribe for Bob 500Coins 5 m

Production: Christmas Event 2014

Name Cost Time Player level required Effect
Simple Toys Simple Toys 30Pinewood 20Stones 3 m / 8Gems 7
Christmas Sweets Christmas Sweets 14Wheat 24Water 3 m / 8Gems 7
Simple Decorations Simple Decorations 10Simple Paper 20Hardwood 3 m / 8Gems 7
Sophisticated Toys Sophisticated Toys 10Bronze 15Marble 3 m / 8Gems 7
Gift Wrapped Beverage Gift Wrapped Beverage 25Brew 20Simple Paper 3 m / 8Gems 7
Special Decorations Special Decorations 5Nib 2Gold Ore 3 m / 8Gems 7
Pony Ride Pony Ride 5Exotic Wood 20Tools 3 m / 8Gems 7
Expensive Toys Expensive Toys 12Gold Ore 3 m / 8Gems 7
Art Gift Art Gift 10Iron 4Intermediate Paper 3 m / 8Gems 7
Jewelry Jewelry 12Gold Ore 3 m / 8Gems 7

Production: Halloween Event 2015

Name Cost Production time Effect
Purified Water Purified Water 20Water 20Copper Ore 20 sec / 2Gems 10This heart's remaining health 5This heart's remaining health 1This heart's remaining health
Enriched Water Enriched Water 40Water 20Iron Ore 20 sec / 2Gems 10This heart's remaining health 5This heart's remaining health
Holy Water Holy Water 60Water 20Titanium Ore 20 sec / 2Gems 10This heart's remaining health
Trick Trick 50Simple Paper 50Fish 2 min / 2Gems XXX / 2 h
Treat Treat 200Water 50Pinewood Planks 2 min / 2Gems x4 / 2 h

Production: World Cup 2014

Name Cost Production time Effect
Tackle Tackle 13Shoulder Pad 6Fist 3 m 1.Dribbler 2.Back-Heel
Red Card Red Card 5Advanced Paper 5Red Color 3 m Diver
Foul Foul 7Banana Peel 9Wet Grass 3 m 1.Diver 2.Dribbler 3.One-on-One Defense
Bicycle Kick Bicycle Kick 6Twister 9Elastic Spring 3 m Fast Reflexes
Sliding Tackle Sliding Tackle 10Studs 9Grease 3 m 1.Fast Runner 2.Back-Heel
Pass Pass 7Shoe 7Telescope 3 m 1.Fast Runner 2.Zone Defense
Header Header 7Helmet 4Elastic Spring 3 m 1.High Jumper 2.Zone Defense
Penalty Kick Penalty Kick 11Studs 8Shoe 3 m 1.High Jumper 2.Fast Reflexes
Corner Kick Corner Kick 8Shoe 5Corner 3 m 1.Zone Defense 2.High Jumper


Name Effect Duration
Chocolate Rabbit Chocolate Rabbit x2 12:00 / —
Chocolate Pralines Chocolate Pralines x3 12:00 / —
Barazek Barazek x4 12:00 / —


Effective adventures

Easter Event 2017