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Rarity Provision House

A provision house is a must-have for any great monarch, but this is also true for your architects’ latest invention The Rarity Provision House. Not only does it offer rare recipes for buffs, but it’s a nice looking building too.

“If one provision’s not enough.”

Produces more powerful buffs, such as

– Magic Ink transforms paper into map fragments.
– Rare Fish Food refills your fish stock
– Gamekeeper’s Snack refills your wildlife stock.
– Employee of the Month Badge increases workyard productivity
– Unique buffs unlocked via recipes

Can create special items out of goods. Rarity Provision House Move a building: Yes

Free of charge
Type: Special buildings Upgrade a building: No
Occupied area (cell): Occupied area (cell) Building License: No
Player level required: 7 Use a buff: Yes
Obtaining: Merchant: Architect – 3495Gems

Build Time: 5 m

Available: 1 Trade / Gift: No / No

* After tearing down this building it will return to your star menu. Keep in mind that all building upgrades from this building are reverted.


Rarity Provision House


Recipe Cost Time Player level required Effect
300Hardwood Planks 300Marble
50Gold Ore
30 m / 30Gems 7 Employee of the Month Badge
Recipe Small Glue Recipe Small Glue 5Bronze Cauldron 100Water
7 m / 10Gems 7 Small Glue
Recipe Aunt Irma's Feast Recipe Aunt Irma’s Feast 150Fish 100Bread
5 m / 10Gems 7 Aunt Irma's Feast
Recipe Stop Buff Recipe Stop Buff 100Simple Paper 100Water 3 m / 8Gems 7 Stop Buff
Recipe Enrollment Campaign Recipe Enrollment Campaign 50Coins 10Banner 3 m / 8Gems 7 Enrollment Campaign
Recipe Double Time Recipe Double Time 50Coins 10Kettle 3 m / 8Gems 7 Double Time
Recipe Grilled Steak Recipe Grilled Steak 500Meat 15 m / 12Gems 7 Grilled Steak
Recipe Kitty Lure Recipe Kitty Lure 450Fish 600Meat 50Wool 10 m / 10Gems 7 Kitty Lure
Recipe Forest Offerings Recipe Forest Offerings 200Fish 150Bread 75Meat 7:30 m / 7Gems 7 Forest Offerings
200Simple Paper 150Intermediate Paper
10 m / 10Gems 7 Magic Ink
Recipe Paper Mill Recipe Paper Mill 250Simple Paper 3 m / 8Gems 7 50Intermediate Paper
120Fish 80Water 12 m / 12Gems 7 Gamekeeper Snack
40Bread 2 m / 3Gems 7 Rare Fish Food
Recipe A Trader's Gift Recipe A Trader’s Gift 5Barrel 2 m / 5Gems 7 +100Deposit: Stones
Recipe Marble Mountain Recipe Marble Mountain 20Herbs 20Scarecrow 2 m / 5Gems 7 +50Deposit: Marble

Production: Halloween Event 2015

Name Cost Production time Effect
Purified Water Purified Water 20Water 20Copper Ore 20 sec / 2Gems 10This heart's remaining health 5This heart's remaining health 1This heart's remaining health
Enriched Water Enriched Water 40Water 20Iron Ore 20 sec / 2Gems 10This heart's remaining health 5This heart's remaining health
Holy Water Holy Water 60Water 20Titanium Ore 20 sec / 2Gems 10This heart's remaining health
Trick Trick 50Simple Paper 50Fish 2 min / 2Gems XXX / 2 h
Treat Treat 200Water 50Pinewood Planks 2 min / 2Gems x4 / 2 h

Conversion: Midsummer Night Event

Name Cost Time Effect
Easter Egg Conversion Easter Egg Conversion 4Easter Eggs 6 s 6Tokens
Pumpkin Conversion Pumpkin Conversion 10Pumpkins 6 s 6Tokens
Present Conversion Present Conversion 2Presents 6 s 3Tokens
Soccer ball conversion Soccer ball conversion 10Soccer Balls 6 s 4Tokens

Production: Scenarios

Where do Easter eggs come from?
Appearance Name Cost Production time
Anti-Polecat SprayAnti-Polecat Spray Anti-Polecat Spray 500Water 1Unknown 1 m
UnknownUnknown Unknown 350Tools 175Iron Ore 1 m
Frightened ChickenFrightened Chicken Frightened Chicken 500Water 1Frightened Chicken 1 m
Chicken Wellness KitChicken Wellness Kit Chicken Wellness Kit 15Herbs 250Wheat 1 m
Appearance Name Cost Production time
BroadsheetBroadsheet Broadsheet 50Simple Paper 1 m
Auxiliary BridgeAuxiliary Bridge Auxiliary Bridge 100Pinewood Planks 3xBridge Base Material 1 m
Rescue PartyRescue Party Rescue Party 10Settlers 5xUsed Hammer 1 m
Heart of the Wood
Appearance Name Cost Production time
Animal FeedAnimal Feed Animal Feed 120Meat 1Medicinal Plant 1 m
Healing PotionHealing Potion Healing Potion 400Water 200Wheat
50Gold Ore 5Rare Flower
1 m
Tree PowderTree Powder Tree Powder 160Fish 80Wheat 1Heart Tree Fruit 1 m
FertilizerFertilizer Fertilizer 400Pinewood 100Hardwood
200Coal 5Dead Wood
1 m
The Grain Conflict
Appearance Name Cost Production time
Repair KitRepair Kit Repair Kit 100Tools 5Furniture 1 m
Tasty BreadTasty Bread Tasty Bread 35Bread 1Golden Grain Remnants 1 m
Special BrewSpecial Brew Special Brew 35Brew 1Barrel 1 m
Diplomats' FeastDiplomats' Feast Diplomats’ Feast 100Sausages 1Withered Board 1 m
Riches of the Mountain
Appearance Name Cost Production time
Pure orePure ore Pure ore 200Water 100Saltpeter 3Ore 1 m
DynamiteDynamite Dynamite 50Gunpowder 1Fire Wood 1 m
ShovelShovel Shovel 100Iron 200Pinewood 1 m
Dynamite PackDynamite Pack Dynamite Pack 100Gunpowder 800Pinewood 1 m
Water SplashWater Splash Water Splash 200Water 1Bucket 1 m
GlueGlue Glue 100Water 100Flour 1 m
ExplosiveExplosive Explosive 10Gunpowder 1 m
SpecialistSpecialist Specialist 10Settlers 100Tools 1 m
Tavern Building KitTavern Building Kit Tavern Building Kit 500Hardwood Planks 100Granite 50Marble 1 m
Storage Building KitStorage Building Kit Storage Building Kit 500Hardwood Planks 200Marble 1 m
Mason Building KitMason Building Kit Mason Building Kit 800Pinewood Planks 200Stones 1 m
Shaft ConstructionShaft Construction Shaft Construction 800Pinewood Planks 50Tools 600Stones 1 m
UnknownUnknown Unknown 100Sausages 200Fish 1 m
Storm Recovery
Appearance Name Cost Production time
SeedsSeeds Seeds 100Magic Bean 1Dead Crops 1 m
FertilizerFertilizer Fertilizer 100Water 150Wheat 1 m
Small DynamiteSmall Dynamite Small Dynamite 10Gunpowder 100Pinewood 1 m
Medium DynamiteMedium Dynamite Medium Dynamite 50Gunpowder 100Hardwood 1 m
Big DynamiteBig Dynamite Big Dynamite 100Gunpowder 50Exotic Wood 1 m
PoisonPoison Poison 100Saltpeter 200Water 1 m
Stinky PotionStinky Potion Stinky Potion 100Water 1Stinky Mushroom 1 m
ShovelShovel Shovel 100Hardwood 20Iron 1 m
DecomposerDecomposer Decomposer 50Grout 1Glowing Herbs 1 m
Tavern KitTavern Kit Tavern Kit 100Granite 100Pinewood Planks 100Stones 1 m
Residence KitResidence Kit Residence Kit 100Hardwood Planks 100Marble 50Grout 1 m
Noble Residence KitNoble Residence Kit Noble Residence Kit 100Exotic Wood Planks 100Marble 50Grout 1 m
School KitSchool Kit School Kit 100Granite 150Stones 50Grout 1 m
Sticky FluidSticky Fluid Sticky Fluid 100Grout 100Saltpeter 2Flowers 1 m

Production. The Party Crashers

Appearance Name Cost Production time
Modest Truce Offer Modest Truce Offer Modest Truce Offer 75Bronze 75Fish 5 m
Decent Truce Offer Decent Truce Offer Decent Truce Offer 75Iron 75Bread 5 m
Gaudy Truce Offer Gaudy Truce Offer Gaudy Truce Offer 75Titanium 75Sausages 5 m
Offer for Denis Offer for Denis Offer for Denis 150Coins 5 m
Distraction for Alex Distraction for Alex Distraction for Alex 200Coins 5 m
Bribe for Bob Bribe for Bob Bribe for Bob 500Coins 5 m

Production: Christmas Event 2014

Name Cost Time Player level required Effect
Simple Toys Simple Toys 30Pinewood 20Stones 3 m / 8Gems 7
Christmas Sweets Christmas Sweets 14Wheat 24Water 3 m / 8Gems 7
Simple Decorations Simple Decorations 10Simple Paper 20Hardwood 3 m / 8Gems 7
Sophisticated Toys Sophisticated Toys 10Bronze 15Marble 3 m / 8Gems 7
Gift Wrapped Beverage Gift Wrapped Beverage 25Brew 20Simple Paper 3 m / 8Gems 7
Special Decorations Special Decorations 5Nib 2Gold Ore 3 m / 8Gems 7
Pony Ride Pony Ride 5Exotic Wood 20Tools 3 m / 8Gems 7
Expensive Toys Expensive Toys 12Gold Ore 3 m / 8Gems 7
Art Gift Art Gift 10Iron 4Intermediate Paper 3 m / 8Gems 7
Jewelry Jewelry 12Gold Ore 3 m / 8Gems 7

Production: World Cup 2014

Name Cost Production time Effect
Tackle Tackle 13Shoulder Pad 6Fist 3 m 1.Dribbler 2.Back-Heel
Red Card Red Card 5Advanced Paper 5Red Color 3 m Diver
Foul Foul 7Banana Peel 9Wet Grass 3 m 1.Diver 2.Dribbler 3.One-on-One Defense
Bicycle Kick Bicycle Kick 6Twister 9Elastic Spring 3 m Fast Reflexes
Sliding Tackle Sliding Tackle 10Studs 9Grease 3 m 1.Fast Runner 2.Back-Heel
Pass Pass 7Shoe 7Telescope 3 m 1.Fast Runner 2.Zone Defense
Header Header 7Helmet 4Elastic Spring 3 m 1.High Jumper 2.Zone Defense
Penalty Kick Penalty Kick 11Studs 8Shoe 3 m 1.High Jumper 2.Fast Reflexes
Corner Kick Corner Kick 8Shoe 5Corner 3 m 1.Zone Defense 2.High Jumper


Date Obtaining Amount Cost
15.12.2015 — 05.01.2016 Christmas Event 2015 1 995Presents


Name Effect Duration
Chocolate Rabbit Chocolate Rabbit x2 12:00 / —
Chocolate Pralines Chocolate Pralines x3 12:00 / —
Barazek Barazek x4 12:00 / —


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