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Can recruit specialists. Tavern Move a building: Yes
Type: Basic buildings Upgrade a building: No
Occupied area (cell): Occupied area (cell) Building license: Yes
Player level required: 4 Use a buff: Yes
Obtaining: The building menu Build Time: 10 m

Cost: 100Pinewood planks 150Stones Tear down building 25Pinewood planks 37Stones 1
Available: 1 Trade / Gift: No / No

Buy : Cost

1 2 3 4 5 6
General 100Coins 200Coins 500Coins 2000Coins 5000Coins 20000Coins
Explorer 200Coins 800Coins 1600Coins
Geologist 100Coins 300Coins 600Coins
Marshal 50Coins 100Coins 150Coins 1000Coins


Tavern. Level 1 Tavern. Level 2
Tavern. Level 3 Tavern. Level 4

Upgrade a building: Cost

Level Resources Time Gems
1 100Pinewood planks 150Stones 10 m 10Gems

Move a building: Cost

Level Resources Gems
1 30Pinewood planks 20Stones 1Gems

Buffs (3)

Name Effect Duration
Sandman's Powder Sandman’s Powder Use on tavern
Night time will fall over the home zone for 7 days.
168:00 / 240:00
A Thousand Snowflakes A Thousand Snowflakes Use on tavern
Makes the home zone look snowy for 7 days.

Note May slow down zooming.

168:00 / 240:00
Solar Flare Solar Flare On use
• Removes the snow from your island
• Removes the night from your island


Effective adventures

Easter Event 2017