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White Castle

A replica of Sir Robin’s castle. Unlike the morality of the original’s lord, this keep’s magnificence and firmness are unquestionable.

“Sir Robin has style!”

Place building
• White castle with room for 50 population.

Increases the population limit. White Castle Move a building: Yes
Type: Residential Buildings Upgrade a building: No
Occupied area (cell): Occupied area (cell) Building License: No
Player level required: 1 Use a buff: No
Obtaining: Stealing From The Rich – 0.4%
Lakeside Treasure – 3.23%

Build Time: 1:30 m

Available: 9999 Trade / Gift: Yes / No
Capacity: +50Settlers


White Castle


Date Obtaining Amount Cost
04.03.2016 Limited Offers Unlimited 995Gems
12.06.2014 – 11.07.2014
05.12.2013 — 08.01.2014
Master Architect 1 1.75%
xxx – xxx Paula’s Surprise Box 1 2.82%


Effective adventures

Easter Event 2017