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Training Island

A mysterious island. Your explorer found a hidden island! Fame, glory, adventure and – most of all – treasure awaits! … behind the hordes of enemies, that is.

Tutorial expedition

Player level required 30+ Level 9 Troop limit 500 Troop limit
Max players 1 Available time 2/48 Marshal Limit * 5 Marshal Limit
Difficulty 1/10 Difficulty Type Tutorial colony Expedition Medipack (max) 5Expedition Medipack
Experience Points ~300Experience Points / 3Star Coins Obtaining Expeditions
The Colony Mode
Чистые карты: Чистая карта
Чистая карта

* Marshal Limit

The maximum number of marshals you’re allowed to take to this island. Marshals that are recovering still count towards this limit.
Note that expedition suppliers and quartermasters that can’t attack camps don’t count towards this limit.


Name Quests Quest reward
Defeat the Map Boss
Detail tab
Exploring unknown islands and sectors is dangerous. Thus, we need to prepare our expedition carefully. For that we should first set up some new buildings to hire specialized troops and provide them with the necessary equipment.

Defeat – 1 Map Boss

Defeat Your First Bandit Encampment
Detail tab
In each sector, you will see two camps – a melee camp and a sector boss camp. This first melee camp does not look well defended, so we should try to defeat that first.

Use a marshal, along with some attack archers to defeat the camp. Attack units are good for defeating enemies quickly.

Also note that attack archers will do bonus damage to enemy melee units, while your own melee units won’t. Melee units do well against cavalry instead.

Defeat – 1Melee Camp

Defeat The Sector Boss
Detail tab
Now, let’s see what we can do against that sector leader… When you hover over the camp, you’ll notice that there are two unit types in there, plus the leader itself. This battle will require some tactical skill.

You’ll need to change your units mid-battle. When attacking, note that the first enemy unit to be deployed is marked with an extra frame. You should bring a unit that’ll be strong against it, and switch your unit type when the enemy makes a switch.

Defeat – 1 Bandit Leader

Use Blocking
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Ok, now that we managed to succeed, let’s see if we can refine our strategy. This is where our heavy units come into play.

Heavy units are excellent at taking a lot of damage, and can last a long time in combat. Attack a melee camp with your heavy units, so the camp will have its watch area deactivated. As there is only one unit type in there, you can let them fight on their own.

Once the battle’s begun, you can lead another marshal, along with some attack units, past the melee camp to attack the leader’s camp.

And here’s the best bit When you defeat the leader, all other units in this sector will flee. That way, we can save a lot of our troops.

Defeat a melee camp using blocking


Unknown Unknown

Completion Reward

26-49 Experience Points ~300-500
50 Star Coins 3-5


Version # 1

Training Island: Training Island

Version # 2

Training Island: Training Island

Units. Detail tab

Skills Military Hitpoints Damage More damage
Attack Infantry Bonus vs. Melee 20 180 30 35%
Attack Archer Bonus vs. Ranged 20 180 30 35%
Attack Cavalry Bonus vs. Cavalry 20 180 30 35%
Heavy Infantry Melee 10 400 5
Heavy Archer Ranged 10 400 5
Heavy Cavalry Cavalry 10 400 5
Guardsman 10 400 10
Skills Military Hitpoints Damage More damage
Mercenary Infantry Mercenary Infantry 10-20 180 35
Mercenary Archer Mercenary Archer 10-20 180 35
Mercenary Cavalry Mercenary Cavalry 10-20 180 35
Mercenary Duelist Bonus vs. Melee 10-20 180 30 75%
Mercenary Sharpshooter Bonus vs. Ranged 10-20 180 30 75%
Mercenary Charger Bonus vs. Cavalry 10-20 180 30 75%

Skills Military Hitpoints Damage More damage
Chuck Bonus vs. Melee 1 2000 150 35%
Wild Mary Bonus vs. Melee 1 2500 200 35%
Metal Tooth Bonus vs. Cavalry 1 4000 300 40%
One-Eyed Bert Bonus vs. Ranged 1 4000 300 40%
Skunk Bonus vs. Melee 1 4000 300 40%
Greybeard Bonus vs. Melee 1 8500 250 50%
The Shadow Bonus vs. Ranged 1 3600 650 50%
Scar Bonus vs. Cavalry 1 5000 360 50%
Drak the Devourer 1 4000 720
Skills Military Hitpoints Damage More damage
Bandit Bowman Bonus vs. Ranged 10-20 130 35 35%
Bandit Longbowman Bonus vs. Ranged 10-20 140 40 50%
Bandit Recruit Bonus vs. Melee 10-20 130 25 25%
Bandit Cavalry Bonus vs. Cavalry 10-20 150 30 35%
Thug Bonus vs. Melee 10-20 150 30 35%
Roughneck Bonus vs. Melee 10-20 220 25 35%
War Dog 10-20 10 160


Effective adventures

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