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Expeditions. Quests

Main quests

Name Mission Completion Reward Player level required

The Colony Mode

The Colony Mode Our explorers reported that beyond the know regions there lies an undiscovered land. Many islands rich of resources are waiting to be explored and colonized. But we are not alone with that knowledge. Other kingdoms also compete about the resources and bandits and other shady folk are said to have colonized these islands.

In order to participate in the race on glory and resources we should build up an Expedition force. Let me explain to you what we need to do in order to prepare for this great enterprise.

The preparations are ready. We can start our expedition.
Training Island
100Experience Points / 1Star Coins
Help & important information
Detail tab
In order to learn about the Colony mode and PvP, please check out the PvP section in our archive.

You will also find some important information on maintenance that’s well worth a read.

Good thing you checked out the archive!

Remember to come back here, whenever you need help with the colony mode.

Open the Archive from your Avatar panel

50Heavy Mace 50Attack Pike 30
The Combat Armory and Academy
Detail tab
Exploring unknown islands and sectors is dangerous. Thus, we need to prepare our expedition carefully. For that we should first set up some new buildings to hire specialized troops and provide them with the necessary equipment.

Nice work. We’re ready to start preparing the troops we’ll need for our future explorations.

Have at least (s) on your island. 1Combat Academy
Have at least (s) on your island. 1Combat Armory

Enrollment Campaign Double Time 30
New Weapons
Detail tab
In the Combat Armory you can produce new weapons for our expedition forces. The armory works like a provision house, letting you produce weapons just like you would a regular buff. To begin with, we’ll need some heavy maces, attack pikes, and attack bows.

Great, you got all the weapons we require to equip our troops! Well done!

Produce at least . – 75Heavy Mace
Produce at least . – 150Attack Pike
Produce at least . – 150Attack Bow

50Iron 30
New troops
Detail tab
Our new troops can be trained in the Combat Academy. For our first expedition, I would recommend training some Heavy infantry units, alongside attack archers and attack infantry.

Keep in mind that you cannot use regular troops- those that have been recruited in the barracks – on an expedition island. You need troops from the combat academy.

Our troops are ready to set off on an exploration, just give the word!

Have Heavy Infantry – 50Heavy Infantry
Have Attack Infantry – 50Attack Infantry
Have Attack Archer(s) – 50Attack Archer

100Coal 30
The Marshals
Detail tab
When sending out troops on an expedition, they’ll require an expert leader. Luckily, our nearest tavern contains plenty of expert marshals. These battle-hardened strategists know how to deal with the unknown dangers of unexplored worlds.

Remember You can’t use your standard generals on expeditions, so you’ll need to use marshals instead.

With our specialists ready we are well on our way to exploring new lands.

Have marshal(s) on your home island – 3Marshal

75Heavy Mace 150Attack Pike 150Attack Bow 30
A medipack – just in case
Detail tab
These expeditions can be very dangerous. We need to be sure that not only are we taking enough troops with us, but that we have enough medical supplies too.
Our provisioner now can produce expedition medipacks. With these, we can instantly revive our marshals, should they be defeated in battle. You should probably produce some – just in case, of course.

Great! Now that you’ve produced some medipacks, we’ll be able to instantly revive our marshals when they get defeated. I, er, I mean if. If…

Produce at least . – 3Expedition Medipack


Your First Expedition

Your First Expedition Now that we’re all set, it’s starting to get serious. Our explorers have made it to an island at the edge of the uncharted territories. We should send expedition troops there to find out what dangers we will be dealing with. You can find the expedition map in your Star Menu.

Note If you want to play the expedition again for more practice, you can get it in the Shop for a low price.

Congratulations! You have completed your first expedition.
100Experience Points / 1Star Coins 30
Send Your Expedition Forces
Detail tab
Once you’ve selected the expedition island, choose the option “Send Army” from the quest tracker, and send off your three marshals with your trained troops.

Good work. Your marshals are on their way to this mysterious island. They will arrive there shortly.

Assign troops to your marshal
Send an army to the Expedition Island

50Heavy Mace 50Attack Pike 30
Finish Your First Expedition
Detail tab
Defeat all the bandits on this small island and come home safely!

Great! We’ve defeated the leader of this colony. Now we can claim its riches!

Complete the Training Expedition

50Attack Bow 50Attack Saber
50Heavy Crossbow 50Heavy Lance

Off Into The Unknown

Off Into The Unknown That small island we just cleared was only the beginning. It’s time to continue towards the core of the uncharted territories. Set up an expedition force and send your explorers out to find an island to claim. But beware – you will encounter bandit forces, and might even meet troops from other kingdoms!

You have just conquered your first colony. Now we can claim it as our own!
100Experience Points / 1Star Coins 30
Send Out The Explorers
Detail tab
To find a suitable island to colonize, we need to make use of our explorer’s expertise. Go to your Star Menu, select any explorer and then chose the option “Find Expedition”. Then fight for a small colony.

Good luck!

Great, you have chosen a new expedition.

Own at least Explorer(s). – 1Explorer
Search for a small colony island
Confirm the selected island and start conquering it

100Experience Points / 1Star Coins 30
Sending In The Troops
Detail tab
Now that we’ve gathered our forces, and found an island we’d like to explore, we should send our army to the expedition.

Do so by clicking on the Quest Tracker and then choosing “Send Army”.

Good, our troops are traveling to the new expedition point as we speak. They should arrive there soon.

Send an army to the Expedition Island

100Experience Points / 1Star Coins 30
Conquer Your First Island
Detail tab
Engage and conquer your first small colony. Utilize all troops and marshals you have, but don’t forget to produce more troops while fighting. You might need them!

Great work! Now we have a new colony to claim for its resources.

Conquer an Expedition Island

100Experience Points / 1Star Coins 30
Produce More Expedition Troops
Detail tab
Before actually looking for a new island to explore, we should recruit some more troops.

Remember A colony island is only available for a short amount of time, so you should always have troops prepared before starting the expedition.

Very good! Now we have a large enough force to set out, and discover our first real Colony.

Have Heavy Infantry – 80Heavy Infantry
Have Attack Cavalry – 80Attack Cavalry
Have Heavy Cavalry – 80Heavy Cavalry
Have Heavy Archer(s) – 80Heavy Archer
Have Attack Infantry – 80Attack Infantry
Have Attack Archer(s) – 80Attack Archer

50Sausages 50Coins 30

Your First Colony

Your First Colony We’ve freed our first potential colony from its adversaries! Now, we should build up our defenses and claim it so it’ll produce resources for us.

You can build defense buildings by opening the build menu in your colony zone. There you can spend the defense points you acquired by conquering the colony to construct defensive buildings.

The colony is producing goods nicely!
100Experience Points / 1Star Coins 30
Build Up Your Defenses
Detail tab
Once a colony island has been conquered, you can build additional defenses on it to protect it. Handily, our show of force and determination has convinced the local bandit leaders to fight on our side. We should improve their defense, cover its weak points, and do all we can to prevent other conquerors from taking the island from us.

You’ve inspected the bandits’ defenses. I hope you managed to improve the weak points we exploited to conquer them.

Enter the Build Defense Mode of your newly conquered island

100Experience Points / 1Star Coins 30
Claim Your Colony
Detail tab
Now that we’ve put our defenses in place, we should make this island officially ours

Claim the island by pressing the “Claim Colony” button in the Colony menu. It will then start producing your resources.

We have a new colony! It’s already started producing resources for our kingdom.

Click the claim colony button in your colony menu

100Experience Points / 1Star Coins 30
PvP Progression
Detail tab
Congratulations! By completing the training expedition, you have reached PvP level 2. Check out the PvP progression window beneath your avatar to collect your rewards. Your rewards will be saved for you, until you collect them.

Look at all those rewards. You can get extra fame and loot by sending your troops to expedition islands. Remember, you’ll earn PvP XP for each unit you defeat.

Open the PvP progression window
Claim the PvP level 2 rewards from the progression window

The Expedition Water Castle
Detail tab
As the great leader of the expedition forces, you have been awarded a water castle. This water castle shall be a symbol of your experience. Place it in the lake in the middle of your island. Right now, it may only look like a small tower, but with every 2 PvP levels you gain, it will increase its size – and our kingdom’s glory.

Well, look at that! Even it is still small, the expedition water castle is quite a sight, isn’t it? Remember to upgrade it when you level up!

Place the water castle inside the lake – Expedition Water Castle


Side quests

Name Quests Quest reward Player level required
Defeat the Map Boss
Detail tab
An island rich with resources – the perfect place for a colony! However, it looks like someone else has beaten us to it. Let’s prepare an expedition, and see if we can chase them off! Maybe we can even convince the local bandits to help us guard this island afterwards?

But remember
Seeing as the defenders outnumber us, we should choose our strategy wisely. Use your heavy troops to block regular camps and carry out a decisive strike against each sector’s boss.
This way, we should be able to minimize our losses!

Congratulations! By defeating the Map Boss, we took this island from our opponent and can gather its valuable resources from now on.

But be aware Our victory will be envied by others, who might want to steal it for themselves. We should build up some defenses to keep them away!

Defeat – Map Boss

Defeat Your First Bandit Encampment
Detail tab
In each sector, you will see two camps – a melee camp and a sector boss camp. This first melee camp does not look well defended, so we should try to defeat that first.

Use a marshal, along with some attack archers to defeat the camp. Attack units are good for defeating enemies quickly.

Also note that attack archers will do bonus damage to enemy melee units, while your own melee units won’t. Melee units do well against cavalry instead.

Defeat Your First Bandit Encampment

Defeat – Melee Camp

Defeat The Sector Boss
Detail tab
Now, let’s see what we can do against that sector leader… When you hover over the camp, you’ll notice that there are two unit types in there, plus the leader itself. This battle will require some tactical skill.

You’ll need to change your units mid-battle. When attacking, note that the first enemy unit to be deployed is marked with an extra frame. You should bring a unit that’ll be strong against it, and switch your unit type when the enemy makes a switch.

Great, our tactics worked! The leader of this sector has been defeated!

Defeat – Bandit Leader

Use Blocking
Detail tab
Ok, now that we managed to succeed, let’s see if we can refine our strategy. This is where our heavy units come into play.

Heavy units are excellent at taking a lot of damage, and can last a long time in combat. Attack a melee camp with your heavy units, so the camp will have its watch area deactivated. As there is only one unit type in there, you can let them fight on their own.

Once the battle’s begun, you can lead another marshal, along with some attack units, past the melee camp to attack the leader’s camp.

And here’s the best bit When you defeat the leader, all other units in this sector will flee. That way, we can save a lot of our troops.

Look at them run! Great work! Now the sector is clear, we can move our marshals forward.

Use Blocking



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