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Expedition Simulator

Kingdom Army
Attack InfantryHeavy Infantry
Attack ArcherHeavy Archer
Attack CavalryHeavy Cavalry
The battle
Bandit BowmanBandit LongbowmanMercenary ChargerChuckGreybeard
Bandit RecruitWar DogMercenary SharpshooterWild MaryThe Shadow
Bandit CavalryMercenary CavalryMercenary DuelistMetal ToothScar
RoughneckMercenary ArcherOne-Eyed BertDrak the Devourer
ThugMercenary InfantrySkunk
  • Demonisius

    Expedition Simulator are upgraded and now worked correctly.

  • Tara Hanratty

    This looks great, but I’d love to be able to test the outcome of fights where I don’t have the optimal troops, so that if I mess up I can work out if I still have a chance with what’s remaining.

    • Demonisius

      We are already working on improovement. Please wait a little ^-^

  • Artillerist

    This is the best PvP sim I have found as it is. I started doing PvP again now because of it ( and the fact I dont lag on the PvP maps now). One minor improvement would be option to pick the 100, or the 120 general. Since I dont have the 120 yet sometimes I have to work it out on my own still. That you for the great work


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