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Start an adventure
The garrison
The adventure window
How to get adventures

Start an adventure

Start an adventure

When you want to start an adventure

1. Open the star menu

2. Click on the adventure – the adventure window will open

3. Click on ‘start adventure’, but keep in mind you only can have one adventure active at a time. You may also join the adventure of another player.

4. Click on the adventure quick start menu – the submenu will open. Click on ‘send army’

5. Select the general you want to send on the adventure, and click the OK button. Repeat until you have sent all the generals you want on the adventure

6. Click the quick start menu of the adventure again, then click ‘visit’ to switch zones

Please keep in mind the general needs up to 30 minutes to travel to adventure island, so don’t panic if he is not there when you arrive. Open the star menu to see the time remaining before he arrives

The garrison

The garrison

You can open the garrison by clicking on it. Here you can see all units you have at your disposal, and can assign them to your general.
1. This is the attack button. Click it, then click on an enemy camp to start an attack.
2. This is the pre-combat button. Click on it, then click on an enemy camp to see an estimation of the outcome of the fight with the current unit composition.
3. This is the button used to move your garrison. If you want to reposition it, just click this button, then click on the position to which you want your garrison to move.
4. This is the retreat button. As long as your general is on the way to an enemy camp, you can click on this button to make him retreat.
5. When your general is wounded, a bar appears showing how long he needs to recover.

The adventure window

The adventure window

1. The adventure name

2. The story of the adventure

3. The level of difficulty

4. What you have to do in the adventure

5. The maximum number of players

6. The time available

How to get adventures

How to get adventures

Adventures can be obtained in different ways
You can exchange map pieces or gems for them at the merchant’s.
You can trade them with other players.
You can find them using your explorer’s adventure search.



Scenarios are special adventures which tell stories.
1. If you use your explorer to search for adventures, you have a chance of finding a scenario
2. In the scenario you will find a quest chain, which leads you through the story
3. Some of the quests spawn collectibles, which will be needed to finish the scenario
4. With these collectibles, you can produce buffs in your provision house
5. These scenario buffs can be found in a new tab in your provision house. This tab is only visible if a scenario is active.

Buffs and resources will be deleted if you start a new scenario of this type.


Effective adventures

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