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Easter Event 2014

Easter Event 2014

Easter is coming!

And you know what that means! Much like in previous years, over the holiday season you’ll be able to get Easter eggs which you can use to buy special items in the shop.
You can get those eggs by (1)
– Sending your explorers on treasure searches
– Completing the weekly quest chains when you are level 17 or above
– Collecting Simple Eggs, Egg Paint and Wicker Baskets to produce egg baskets in your mayor house when you are level 16 or above.
– Completing the Easter adventures "Garrun the Trapper"
– Buying them in the Shop

But this year there is even more

You can hide Easter eggs on the islands of your friends by using the new "Easter Egg Hunt" buff on a friend’s Mayor’s House (2).

We’ve also added a new buff which can be used on multiple workyards at the same time and increases their output, and there’s also a new general that packs quite a punch (3).
Both of these, and many other great items (4) can be bought in the Easter shop category.


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