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Easter Event 2015

Easter Event 2015

Easter is coming!

And you know what that means! The hunt for Easter eggs will begin soon. Much like in previous years, over the holiday season you’ll be able to gather Easter eggs which you can use to buy special items in the shop. There is, however, one major difference this time around

The latest Easter fashion is stripes rather than dots. So, going with the latest trend, the Easter bunny decided to hide some stripy eggs (1)! Whoever finds the most stripy eggs will be able to get some awesome rewards (2).

You can get stripy eggs by (3)
– Sending your explorers on treasure searches
– Completing the weekly quest chains (when you’re level 17 or above)
– Collecting stripy eggs on your Home Zone
– Getting them as adventure loot
– Getting them as expedition loot
– Buying them in the shop

As an added bonus, this Easter the Easter bunny is rewarding all his most diligent friends and supporters with a special residence building (4). You can get the building by completing the quest “For my most loyal egg-hiders”. Right now it is very small, but when you manage to gather a lot of achievement points from our brand new Easter 2015 achievements, you’ll be able to upgrade the building so it can house more and more tenants. Only the best will reach the maximum level upgrade!


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