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Easter Event 2016

Easter Event 2016

Easter is coming!

And you know what that means! The hunt for Easter eggs will begin soon. Stripy eggs have been hidden everywhere and those who gather a lot of them can exchange them for special items in the shop (1).

The Easter bunny tweaked the rules a little bit this year, and made it especially exciting to hunt for stripy eggs! This time around, you can obtain stripy eggs by (2)

– Sending your explorers on treasure searches
– Completing the weekly quest chains (when you’re level 17 or above)
– Collecting stripy eggs on your home zone
– Getting them as adventure loot on the following adventures Wild Mary, Pirates, Witch of the Swamp, Horseback, Traitors, Outlaws, The Dark Priests, The Dark Brotherhood, Victor the Vicious, Stealing From the Rich, Sons of the Veld, The Nords, The Island of the Pirates, Old Friends, Mother Love, The Black Knights, Secluded Experiments, Bandit Nest, Roaring Bull, Gunpowder, Surprise Attack, The Invasion of the Nords, The Lost Skull, Tropical Sun, Sleeping Volcano, Pirate Life, Sleepy Reef, Arctic Explosion, Tikki Island, Bastille Island, The Valiant Little Tailor, The Clever Little Tailor, The Heroic Little Tailor, The Sons of the Little Tailor, The Betrayed Little Tailor, More Secluded Experiments, The Siege, Lakeside Treasure, Buccaneer Roundup, Raiding the Raiders, Tomb Raiders, Whirlwind, Garrun the Trapper, Storm Recovery, Ali Baba the Young Woodcutter, Ali Baba and the First Thief, Ali Baba and the Second Thief, Ali Baba and the Third Thief, Ali Baba and the Treasure of Knowledge, Ali Baba and the Treasure of Wisdom, Sinbad and the Besieged City, Aladdin and the Oil Lamp, Sinbad and the Sea Snake, Aladdin and the Beautiful Princess.
– Getting them as expedition loot
– Participating in Easter guild quests with your guild
– Buying them in the shop
– Defeating the party crashers.

The party crashers will make an appearance on your island every day, and set up camp on the center of your island (3). You can choose to deal with this problem by asking your friends for help so you can bribe them off your island, or by taking up arms yourself and sending your general to deal with them. Consult the quest details in the questbook for more information.

Last but not least, this Easter the Easter bunny is rewarding all his most diligent friends and supporters with a special warehouse (4). You can get the building by completing the quest “For My Most Loyal Egghiders”. Right now it is very small, but as you gain achievement points from our brand new Easter 2016 achievements, you’ll be able to upgrade the building, and it’ll keep getting bigger and bigger in storage capacity and appearance. Only the best will reach the maximum level upgrade!

(5) ????


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