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World Cup 2014

World Cup 2014

Welcome to the Settlers’ Soccer World Championship! During this 4 week tournament you will be able to achieve fame and glory, and win awesome rewards – provided we succeed against our competitors on our way to the World Championship!

Your main goal is to gather as many soccer balls as possible, and trade them in for great rewards in the shop. There are several ways (1) to get them
• Winning tournament games (many soccer balls to loot)
• Fulfilling event related quests (as a reward)
• Treasure hunts (random chance)
• Collectibles (random chance)
• Stefan’s Sports Box in the Shop (random chance)
• Adventure loot

The central element during the tournament is the (2) fixture list. If you check it every day, you
will get some extra rewards. Most importantly, your next opponents will be drawn here.
• green door – contains a soccer adventure (can also be opened at a later point)
• trophy door – special door in which you can choose a reward (can only be opened if you’ve opened all previous doors)
• golden door – contains a random reward (can only be opened on the respective day in the calendar)

The (3) soccer games have their own set of rules compared to adventures. In each soccer adventure
you will encounter (4) enemy players who have certain (5) skills. To defeat them, you will need to
produce (6) certain tactical items in your Provision House or Rarity Provision
House to counter a specific skill . The materials to produce those tactical items can be found in different ways
• Some are collectibles only
• Some can be found through treasure hunts
• You can get them as quest rewards, especially for daily quests
• You can also trade them

The only thing left to say is good luck, coach! Lead our great kingdom to the World Cup!


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