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Tip Of The Day

Day 1

Your population grows automatically; but only if enough living space is available, so you should keep an eye on your population limit when expanding your town.

Day 2

Refill your mines before they run empty and become destroyed.

Day 3

A Farm needs only one field, but the farmer will harvest the next field automatically if a field is harvested completely.

Day 4

Visit your friends and support them by buffing their buildings. They’ll probably be very grateful, and may return the favor.

Day 5

Upgrade your workyards to improve their productivity.

Day 6

Check out the details tab of your workyards to optimize your production chains.

Day 7

You can rearrange your build queue with the arrow buttons.

Day 8

The Provision House provides multiple buffs which either accelerate your economy or convert resources into others.

Day 9

Build storehouses or upgrade them to increase your storage capacity.

Day 10

Every workyard has a production process bar, which displays the remaining time of the current production.

Day 11

All military structures have an influence area. If other military units enter this area, they will be attacked automatically. Entering overlapping influence areas may result in battle with more than one enemy camp.


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