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Daily quests

Level. ?-?-?

The bone discovery (lvl ?-?-?)
First wave (lvl ?-?-?)
Valuable jugs (lvl ?-?-?)
Charitable behavior (lvl ?-?-?)
The great discovery (lvl ?-?-?)
Neighborly help (lvl ?-?-?)
More wheat (lvl ?-?-?)
Friends (lvl ?-?-?)
The huge statue (lvl ?-50-?)
Ran aground (lvl ?-?-?)
The world of trading (lvl ?-50-?)
Motivation (lvl ?-?-?)
Unsatisfied settlers (lvl ?-?-?)
A new job (lvl ?-?-?)
New farm (lvl ?-?-?)
New settlers (lvl ?-?-?)
Nutrition for the new (lvl ?-?-?)
Burned down (lvl ?-?-?)
Follower (lvl ?-?-?)
Brew supply (lvl ?-?-?)
Negotiation skills (lvl ?-?-?)
Valuable water (lvl ?-?-?)
The monster (lvl ?-?-?)

Level. ?-?-?

Reforesting (lvl ?-?-?)
Carved into stone (lvl ?-?-?)
The exhibition (lvl ?-?-?)
Timber worm (lvl ?-?-?)
Food for the people (lvl ?-?-?)
Deer crossing (lvl ?-?-?)
The bear (lvl ?-?-?)
Copper, copper everywhere (lvl ?-?-?)

Marble out of stone (lvl ?-?-?)
Well filled (lvl ?-?-?)
True friends (lvl ?-?-?)
Wrong order (lvl ?-?-?)
Not enough goods (lvl ?-?-?)
The bakery (lvl ?-?-?)
Help for those in need (lvl ?-?-?)
Food donation (lvl ?-?-?)
Collapsed mines (lvl ?-?-?)
The most beautiful cities (lvl ?-?-?)
The most beautiful city in the land… (lvl ?-?-?)
Dog family (lvl ?-?-?)
Harvest time (lvl ?-?-?)
Theodor needs help (lvl ?-?-?)

Level. ?-?-?

In the city’s honor (lvl ?-?-?)
Second wave (lvl ?-?-?)
Iron out of bronze (lvl ?-?-?)
Behind your back (lvl ?-?-?)
The village defenses (lvl ?-?-?)
A sign of peace (lvl ?-?-?)
A sign of esteem (lvl ?-?-?)
Lovely gold (lvl ?-?-?)
The animal initiative (lvl ?-?-?)
Meat for the neighbors (lvl ?-?-?)
The king’s monument (lvl ?-?-?)
Tropical Trip (lvl ?-?-?)
The Lost Skull (lvl ?-?-?)
Alienation (lvl ?-?-?)
Horse breeding (lvl ?-?-?)
The sausage competition (lvl ?-?-?)
Fear among the settlers (lvl ?-?-?)
The great feast (lvl ?-?-?)
High request (lvl ?-?-?)
Reparations (lvl ?-?-?)
Good exchange rate (lvl ?-?-?)
Debts (lvl ?-?-?)
Animal market (lvl ?-?-?)
Defense 30-50
Witchhunt (lvl ?-?-?)
New land (lvl ?-?-?)
New help for Theodor (lvl ?-?-?)
A new quest (lvl ?-?-?)
A new treasure (lvl ?-?-?)
A new gold deposit (lvl ?-?-?)
Traitors (lvl ?-?-?)
The proposal (lvl ?-?-?)
Island of the pirates (lvl ?-?-?)
Adventures (lvl ?-?-?)
Strong allies (lvl ?-?-?)
Military extension (lvl ?-?-?)
Good friends (lvl ?-?-?)
Cannon theft (lvl ?-?-?)
A dark shadow (lvl ?-?-?)
Titanium shortage (lvl ?-?-?)
Cheap prices (lvl ?-?-?)
Bandit nest (lvl ?-?-?)
In the veld (lvl ?-?-?)
Attacks (lvl ?-?-?)
A full armory (lvl ?-?-?)
Raise your stock (lvl ?-?-?)
The last time… (lvl ?-?-?)

Level. ?-?-?

Lots of gunpowder (lvl ?-?-?)
More adventures (lvl ?-?-?)
Liberty (lvl ?-?-?)
The secret order (lvl ?-?-?)
Warmer regions (lvl ?-?-?)
Good things come… (lvl ?-?-?)
Secluded experiments (lvl ?-?-?)
Elite drill (lvl ?-?-?)
Supplies for Theodor (lvl ?-?-?)
Case of emergency (lvl ?-?-?)
Prison Visit (lvl ?-?-?)
Old Business (lvl ?-?-?)
Dangerous Potions (lvl ?-?-?)
A Bizarre Request (lvl ?-?-?)
Big Waves (lvl ?-?-?)
Name Quests Quest reward Player level required
The bone discovery
Detail tab
Helvian Kones, a famous archeologist from Capital Island, comes to us excitedly and reports of a bone discovery. Unluckily, the find is buried too deep in the mountain for you to dig it out alone. Help Kones expose the bones!

It will take a while to expose all of the bones, but one thing is already certain… They’re huge!

Acquire at least Stone. – 100Stones
Have deposits of the following types – 1Stone Deposit

?Crystal ?-?-?
Yes First wave
Detail tab
One of your cousins wants to claim one of his neighbor’s islands that is being occupied by devious bandits. Unfortunately, he has no idea about military and resources management. You decide to help him, because chasing bandits is always a good idea.

Now your cousin should be able to make the preparations for his first attack. He will contact you again when he is done.

Pay Bronze from your storage. – 250Bronze

2Crystal ?-48-?
Yes Valuable jugs
Detail tab
You want to organize an exhibition of valuable jugs. Unfortunately, you don’t really have enough beautiful examples to fill an exhibition. Produce some copper so that additional ones can be produced.

Now the coppersmiths should be able to produce more. The exhibition can begin.

Acquire at least Copper Ore. – 520Copper Ore

2Crystal ?-48-?
Charitable behavior
Detail tab
A holiday draws near that is going to boost the social attitude of the people. You should set a good example and show them how social behavior works.

Your inhabitants know your good example is to be valued. Now, nothing stands in the way of the holiday and its festivities.

Have your friends buff of your buildings! – 1
Buff at least of your friends’ buildings. – 1

?Crystal ?-?-?
Yes The great discovery
Detail tab
A strong glow is emanating underwater near the southern shore. One of our fishermen has made a discovery underwater! However, he needs supplies to recuperate his find. Give him what he needs. Maybe he’ll come back with great treasure?

Well, that was not what you had hoped for. Just a few old stone heads and clay jugs filled with phosphor. Your brother Theodor has a birthday coming up doesn’t he?

Pay Tool(s) from your storage. – 130Tools
Delegate Settler(s) from your storage. – 8Settlers

3Crystal ?-50-?
Neighborly help
Detail tab
We’re about to welcome a group of high ranking visitors from Capital Island, all friends of King Damien! I fear we will not be able to provide them with all the goods they need! Maybe one of your friends can help?

Your neighbor was eager to help you. Now you have enough goods to please our guests!

Have your friends buff of your buildings! – 1

?Crystal ?-?-?
More wheat
Detail tab
A farmer came to the Mayor’s House today to complain about some wild animals destroying his wheatfield. We’ve already sent a search party to capture the wild animals, but in the meantime we should also support the inhabitant. Let’s build him a wheatfield!

Generous as you are, you have granted your inhabitant’s request and built more wheatfields. Again, your inhabitants are grateful and happy.

Have at least (s) on your island. – 1Wheatfield

?Crystal ?-?-?
Detail tab
We’ve managed to open that little box our hunters found the other day! The box contained a message that reads When trouble comes, a friend will hold the first sword against it! Sounds weird, I know, but it makes you think, right? Let’s help our friends. I’m sure they’ll be happy!

That was quite a generous gesture from you. Surely, your friend will not forget this. Good thing we found that box!

Buff at least of your friends’ buildings. – 1

?Crystal ?-?-?
Yes The huge statue
Detail tab
King Damien wants to build a small island in the sea, right in front of Capital Island, and it will require a great amount of resources. The idea is to build a huge statue on the island to welcome all new settlers. Everyone is requested to help the king build the monument.

Even though the construction of the statue will still take some time, the king is very grateful for your help and invites you to visit him in his castle. What an honor!

Pay Stone from your storage. – 130Stones

2Crystal ?-?-?
Yes Ran aground
Detail tab
A courier reaches you with a message saying that a ship has run aground along your coast. Unfortunately, it is not possible for them to send help, so they ask you for tools to repair the ships.

With the tools you sent, the sailors were able to repair their ships and the column could continue on their way. Once again, you have won an additional friend.

Pay Tool(s) from your storage. – 135Tools
Produce at least Tool(s). – 135Tools

3Crystal ?-?-?
Yes The world of trading
Detail tab
Your favorite brother Theodor wants to start large-scale trading. However, he has no idea how to go about it. Show him how trading functions.

Hopefully, that example was demonstrative enough for your brother Theodor. Well, if he should not be successful, he will surely return.

Pay Water from your storage. – 1750Water

2Crystal ?-50-?
Detail tab
Our settlers seem very tired lately. It must be because of those weird scents coming from the woods. They are making everyone sleepy and hungry. We should prepare some food for them! Maybe the food will raise their spirits!

The additional food should be enough motivation for your settlers, and allow them to flourish again. I wonder where that scent is coming from though…

Produce at least Fish Platter(s). – 5Fish Platter

?Crystal ?-?-?
Unsatisfied settlers
Detail tab
Your settlers are unsatisfied and have started moaning about bad weather and the excessively long paths they have to walk. You can find a remedy for at least one of these problems.

That should be enough to spare your settlers a little, but maybe a pair of new shoes would have had the same result?!

Have at least (s) on your island. – 3Storehouse

?Crystal ?-?-?
A new job
Detail tab
One of your settlers wants to become a fisherman, but he has no experience in this field. Help him out a little with his first fish.

Now he should have gotten the hang of it, and can continue fishing on his own.

Acquire at least Fish. – 100Fish

?Crystal ?-?-?
Yes New farm
Detail tab
We have some farmers living at the foot of the old mountain. Why is it called old mountain? I guess because it’s old. He he! The farmers want to build some more farms but they need some stone. Let’s provide some!

Very well. Now the settlers can build a new farm in the shadows of the old mountain.

Pay Stone from your storage. – 130Stones

2Crystal ?-50-?
New settlers
Detail tab
A group of people from a neighboring region has come to you and wants to settle on your land. Provide them with the necessary materials to build their houses.

The people began construction immediately after receipt of the resources and are happy to be counted among your inhabitants.

Pay Pinewood Plank(s) from your storage. – 50Pinewood Planks
Pay Stone from your storage. – 50Stones

?Crystal ?-?-?
Nutrition for the new
Detail tab
Your new settlers have built their houses very fast and are quite hard-working. However, they are in need of food. Provide them some nutrition until they can produce enough food of their own.

Your new settlers don’t know how to thank you. Thanks to your generosity, they promise to remain diligent and loyal.

Pay Brew from your storage. – 190Brew
Pay Fish from your storage. – 2600Fish

3Crystal ?-48-?
Yes Burned down
Detail tab
A mysterious heat wave has burned down everything on one of the neighboring islands! Something is wrong here, this is not the first time we have heard of powerful sunbeams burning everything they “shine” upon… Anyway, we should be supportive, as always.

With the help of the wood, the settlers can at least rebuild the most essential buildings. Well done! I’ll have our sages investigate this issue with the sun.

Pay Pinewood from your storage. – 350Pinewood

2Crystal 15-50
Yes Follower
Detail tab
One of your farmers is teaching his son to follow in his footsteps, the main training areas being the wheatfields around their farm. Maybe you can lend them a hand and help them a bit with harvesting?!

Well, this seems quite promising. It would appear you can look forward to a new farmer in the near future.

Pay Wheat from your storage. – 500Wheat

2Crystal 15-50
Yes Brew supply
Detail tab
A great feast approaches and experience tells you that a lot of drinking is to be expected. Build up stocks so that your settlers are not left high and dry.

Now that the brew supply is secured, the feast can be readied.

Pay Brew from your storage. – 250Brew

2Crystal ?-50-?
Negotiation skills
Detail tab
You should always keep your negotiation skills finely honed. To have the right touch in this area can be of great advantage.

Always make sure you keep trading unneeded goods against other useful resources. It will pay off.

Sell at least Coal to other players. – 200Coal

?Crystal ?-?-?
Valuable water
Detail tab
Water is a basic production good that is essential to several production chains. You should always produce enough water to secure an effective and steady flow of goods. Luckily, our architects are doing a nice job making everything look so beautiful!

Keep in mind you never can have enough wells, and you should always be sure to have enough water in stock.

Have at least (s) on your island. – Well

?Crystal ?-?-?
The monster
Detail tab
Settlers are reporting a huge beast lurking around in the forest. It only comes out at night! Your inhabitants feel insecure and ask you to check on it. Prepare a search party to deal with the monster.

After a long search, the monster turned out to be just a wild hog. However, to calm the fears of your inhabitants, you should tell them that the monster is dead.

Delegate Recruit(s) from your storage. – 10Recruit

?Crystal ?-?-?
Detail tab
You decide once again to take a long walk through your lands. As you reach the woodcutting area, the wood appears to be thinner than it used to be. You decide to have it reforested.

Therewith you should be able to reforest your wood. At the next walk, the forest will be thicker again.

Have at least (s) on your island. – 4Pinewood Forester

?Crystal ?-?-?
Carved into stone
Detail tab
Your last treasure search brought back a map! And you know what? There is treasure on this island! However, it’s hidden deep in the old mountain. Whoever hid it made sure nobody was going to get at it easily, and has sealed the entrance to the cave that holds the treasure with a huge block of marble. Don’t ask me how they did it. We just need to dig our way in.

We opened the cavern and all we found was an empty chest! Well not completely empty, but the main treasure had already been taken. I wonder who…

Own at least . – 1000Marble

?Crystal ?-?-?
Yes The exhibition
Detail tab
A long while ago you helped Helvian Kones, the archeologist, to launch an excavation of a bone. Now, it is complete… and the bones look like they are from a huge animal. Because you have never seen anything like it, you do not want to withhold the find from your settlers. Exhibit the bones publicly.

The exhibition catches on and your settlers are fascinated by the huge animal. However, it also seems to frighten them. Hopefully, the exhibition was a good idea.

Pay Tool(s) from your storage. – 130Tools
Pay Hardwood Plank(s) from your storage. – 75Hardwood Planks

3Crystal ?-50-?
Yes Timber worm
Detail tab
The trees of Capital Island are being attacked by a timber worm which has already gouged through over 50 percent of the trees. King Damien is angry! We need to send some examples of our wood to the king’s scientists, to make sure that our trees are not affected.

Luckily, our trees are not affected. We can continue our wood production. That was a close shave.

Pay Pinewood from your storage. – 260Pinewood
Pay Hardwood from your storage. – 115Hardwood

3Crystal ?-47-?
Food for the people
Detail tab
Your cousin Frederik has sold too much food. Now he doesn’t have enough left to feed his settlers. Quick! Help him so that his people do not have to suffer.

Well done. This food should be enough to feed his inhabitants. Hopefully, he has learnt something from this.

Produce at least Solid Sandwich(es). – 5Solid Sandwich

?Crystal ?-?-?
Deer crossing
Detail tab
Many of your settlers are being harassed by roaming animals, and carriages are often hindered by deer crossing. Attend to this problem immediately.

This should minimize the animal population a bit for now. Just make sure it doesn’t ever get too low.

Upgrade building(s). – 1Hunter

?Crystal ?-?-?
The bear
Detail tab
A huge bear is making trouble in your land and the people are understandably afraid of it. You have to do something, but do not want to harm the bear. So, here’s your brilliant idea; why not build a compound for it and allow the people to see it in captivity?

With the help of a few inhabitants, you managed to catch the bear. In his big compound he seems to feel comfortable, and the people feel safe again. The caretaker has even given him a name – “Tram”.

Pay Pinewood Plank(s) from your storage. – 10Pinewood
Pay Hardwood plank(s) from your storage. – 10Hardwood
Pay Tool(s) from your storage. – 10Tools

?Crystal ?-?-?
Copper, copper everywhere
Detail tab
You have sent some explorers to investigate a nearby area which seems to have rich copper deposits. However, it appears you are not the only one interested. Build some copper mines quickly, before someone else does.

That was just in time. One of your neighbors had just decided to begin building mines himself. He does not look very happy. Hopefully, this will not bring trouble.

Build Copper Mine(s). – 3Copper Mine

?Crystal ?-?-?
Marble out of stone
Detail tab
One of your stonecutters is extremely excited, talking of an epoch-making invention of his that can transform stone into marble! You should try it!

It really works. Fascinating! Too bad your stone cutter cannot write to document the procedure.

Produce at least . – 250Lonely Marble Block

?Crystal ?-?-?
Yes Well filled
Detail tab
Effective wood production is always important for your economy. Make sure you have a well filled wood storage at all times.

The storage is filled. Well done!

Own at least . – 100Hardwood Planks

2Crystal ?-48-50-?
True friends
Detail tab
You know those loudmouths down at the pier? They’re spreading rumors that you do not have true friends, because you never receive anything in return for your generosity. Prove them wrong.

Of course, your friends were eager to help immediately. They are true friends after all.

Have your friends buff of your buildings! – 3

?Crystal ?-?-?
Yes Wrong order
Detail tab
One of your explorers found an old shrine high up on a mountain to the north. It seems to me that it was built to honor an old king who loved these lands. We want to respect the old king’s wishes by rebuilding the shrine, but we’ll need some materials. Please provide the missing materials.

Done! I hope that the spirit of the shrine will come back one day to watch over and protect our island!

Produce at least Marble. – 80Marble

2Crystal ?-50-?
Not enough goods
Detail tab
Your brother Theodor has been trading for a short while now. Although he has traded iron ore, he seems to have forgotten that he does not have enough in stock to complete the deal. Quickly obtain some iron ore for him before he gets in trouble.

That was close again and your brother can be glad to have you. Let us see, how long it will last until he becomes the next problem.

Buy at least Iron Ore from other players. – 100Iron Ore

?Crystal ?-?-?
Yes The bakery
Detail tab
The new settlers have opened a bakery. However, they do not yet produce enough flour to fully supply the bakery. Come to their aid a little.

Your support was very helpful. With the help of the flour they were able to gather enough gold and combine it with tools to make a new mill.

Pay Tool(s) from your storage. – 130Tools
Pay Flour from your storage. – 260Flour

3Crystal ?-47-?
Help for those in need
Detail tab
Oh no! Theodor, your brother, is about to visit us! Again! He almost certainly wants goods from you. Quick! Use any excess resources to support someone who really needs them.

As you suspected, he wanted to acquire goods he does not really need. Unfortunately, you didn’t have much to offer, so he went away. Maybe you have pampered him too much in the past?!

Buff at least of your friends’ buildings. – 3

?Crystal ?-?-?
Yes Food donation
Detail tab
King Damien is preparing a food donation for the poor people of his islands, and is asking everyone for support. Surely he can count on you?

The king has sent you a little thank you, and conveys the message that his inhabitants were very glad of your help.

Pay Bread from your storage. – 250Bread

2Crystal ?-?-?
Collapsed mines
Detail tab
The miner’s union keeps sending us these letters to ensure that we’re constantly looking after the condition of our mines! We should do that, right?

Always keep in mind that mines have limited durability, and you should look after them regularly.

Build Copper Mine(s). – 1Copper Mine

?Crystal ?-?-?
The most beautiful cities
Detail tab
King Damien has announced that once again the time has come to decide which are the most beautiful cities. Noble residences give an obvious advantage. Does your city stand a chance?

The king was unsure whether your city should qualify. He has delayed his decision and will inform you at a later date.

Have at least (s) on your island. – 2Noble Residence

?Crystal ?-?-?
The most beautiful city in the land…
Detail tab
A short while ago, King Damien came for a visit and was unsure whether to nominate your city. Now, he has announced a new visit and will be arriving soon. Help persuade the king to make a positive decision.

You finished your last building just as the king arrived. Impressed by the beautiful buildings and your determination, he declares your city to be one of the most beautiful in the land.

Have at least (s) on your island. – 2Noble Residence
Produce at least Settler(s). – 100Settlers

?Crystal ?-?-?
Dog family
Detail tab
One of your servants has found a totally neglected family of dogs in his back yard. The poor dogs are ravenous and weak. Provide them something to eat.

That was nice of you. You have saved the dogs’ lives. Your servants will take care of them from here on.

Buy at least Bread from other players. – 200Bread

?Crystal ?-?-?
Yes Harvest time
Detail tab
I heard that there has been golden rain over our wheatfields! That means that the market will be interested in buying our wheat! Let’s stock up and head for the markets!

There has been a small argument between two lords who both wanted to buy our wheat! Thankfully, our merchants managed to resolve the problem peacefully! Next time we should bring more!

Produce at least Wheat. – 500Wheat

2Crystal ?-48-?
Yes Theodor needs help
Detail tab
Your younger brother Theodor has written you a letter. Oh joy! He writes that he has began to settle, just like you. Unfortunately, he has miscalculated and is now out of hardwood. Unsurprisingly, he asks you to help out.

Your brother is very grateful for your help. Hopefully, he will learn from it… Good thing he knows how to write…

Pay Hardwood Plank(s) from your storage. – 100Hardwood

2Crystal ?-50-?
Yes In the city’s honor
Detail tab
A few weeks ago, your city was designated as one of the most beautiful in all the land. Now you’d like to celebrate this in the proper manner and arrange a great feast for your inhabitants. Make all necessary preparations.

All preparations are finished, and the feast can start. Your settlers will surely enjoy themselves magnificently.

Pay Bread from your storage. – 190Bread
Pay Brew from your storage. – 190Brew
Pay Sausage(s) from your storage. – 50Sausages

5Crystal ?-65-?
Second wave
Detail tab
Your cousin has finished the first phase, and the first wave of recruits is on its way. Now he needs new resources for the next one.

The second wave is invading the isle already. Let’s see how far they get.

Pay Iron from your storage. – 100Iron

?Crystal ?-?-?
Iron out of bronze
Detail tab
The old alchemist has come up with a new serum that can turn swords into iron swords. He says that he found the formula inside an old tree near the waterfalls. The problem is that the serum treatment consumes a lot of bronze swords to produce the iron swords. No matter though – it might come useful!

Well I’ll be… it worked! I guess we can use the treatment if we really need it!

Produce at least . – 50Scaffold Rods

?Crystal ?-?-?
Behind your back
Detail tab
You have heard of someone speaking ill of you behind your back and denigrating you in front of your inhabitants. Even though your people trust you, you should investigate. Find out who is behind this smear campaign and take them to task.

With the help of your militia you were able to find the culprit. It was a neighboring monarch, casting a jealous eye on your lands. Stay cautious!

Own Militia. – 10Militia

?Crystal ?-?-?
Yes The village defenses
Detail tab
A good friend of yours contacts you with a request for a favor. He is the leader of a small desert tribe, and recently the animals in his area have become quite aggressive. The trouble is, he has no weapons to defend the village. Help him out with a few bows.

Your friend is very thankful and invites you for a visit. Unfortunately, you have no time at the moment, but you will come back for sure.

Pay Bow(s) from your storage. – 55Bows
Pay Longbow(s) from your storage. – 25Longbows

4Crystal ?-50-65-?
Yes A sign of peace
Detail tab
As a sign of peace, King Damien decides on a public display of weapons being destroyed in front of the Tyrhand Palace. Because you support the basic idea, you decide to take part and volunteer some of your weapons.

The king gives you great credit for your participation. He hopes that additional people will follow your good example, and relays his thanks to you.

Pay Bronze Sword(s) from your storage. – 70Bronze Swords
Pay Iron Sword(s) from your storage. – 22Iron Swords

4Crystal ?-65-?
Yes A sign of esteem
Detail tab
The new settlers have been working diligently for you for several months now. Give them a present as a token of your esteem and thanks for their loyalty.

Never would the settlers have expected such generosity. They are very happy to have come to your lands.

Pay Horse(s) from your storage. – 240Horse
Pay Coins from your storage. – 26Coins

4Crystal ?-64-75
Yes Lovely gold
Detail tab
Your cousin’s attack was not as effective as he’d hoped. Furthermore, he forgot to pay his mercenaries! You should send him some coins if you want to avoid a mutiny!

Well, at least the mercenaries will stay calm now. Soon though your cousin will be in need of a plan, otherwise claiming the island will be impossible.

Pay Coins from your storage. – 40Coins

3Crystal ?-64-?
The animal initiative
Detail tab
To guarantee the continued survival of different kinds of animals, King Damien has decided to catch animals and exchange them with other lands in order to refresh the bloodlines and introduce new animals to the land. Support the king with this initiative!

Therewith, you should be able to attract enough animals to send them into other countries.

Produce at least Musk Deer Fragrances. – 5Musk Deer Fragrance

?Crystal ?-?-?
Yes Meat for the neighbors
Detail tab
A terrible disease has ravaged a neighboring city, killing many animals. Now, meat is in extremely short supply. Can you spare some from your stock?

That should do for the beginning at least. Maybe you can send additional goods later on.

Pay Meat from your storage. – 170Meat

3Crystal ?-65-75
Yes The king’s monument
Detail tab
King Damien wants to build himself a monument, and of course it has to be made of gold. Because he says he doesn’t have any at the moment – a fact that I very much doubt – he wants you to send him some gold ore. Organize this quickly and deliver it as soon as possible to Capital Island!

The envoy is on his way. The monument will rise toward the skies…. The king will be proud of you.

Pay Gold Ore from your storage. – 95Gold Ore
Produce at least Gold Ore. – 95Gold Ore

4Crystal ?-50-75
Tropical Trip
Detail tab
Quick! We must find the time to travel to the Sunrimm Islands! There’s something wrong at our friend Lord Walder’s village!

Very well done! Lord Walder and the council will never forget your help!

Complete the adventure “Tropical Sun” – Tropical Sun

?Crystal ?-?-?
The Lost Skull
Detail tab
I don’t mean to bother you, but sadly I have some disturbing news. Apparently, there was once a very famous pirate captain, but he died while looking for lost treasure on Skull Island. Now, some brave young pirates have decided to go and find him, or more importantly, the treasure. Don’t ask me why, but King Damien insists we go stop them at once! They shall not put their dirty hands on that treasure! The King also mentioned he would like us to find the captain’s Skull. We need to find that island and do what our King asks of us!

Great work! We managed to complete all the tasks we had to do! You are truly a strong leader! The King is proud of you!

Complete the adventure “The Lost Skull” – The Lost Skull

?Crystal ?-?-?
Detail tab
The King likes parades, but do you know what he loves even more than parades? Military parades! However, such a big event requires a lot of military units, so we’re going to send some of our troops to attend!

Our troops will represent our island! The King will be pleased!

Train Recruit(s) in the Barracks. – 5Recruit
Train Militia in the Barracks. – 5Militia
Own Bowmen. – 5Bowman

?Crystal ?-?-?
Да Horse breeding
Detail tab
One of your horse breeders has produced a promising new race of horses. They might bring a high price at market. Make him give you some of them and see what you get for them.

Well, the payment was quite good. Let’s see whether the next generation will become as lucrative.

Pay Horse(s) from your storage. – 240Horse
Produce at least Horse(s). – 240Horse

4Crystal ?-48-75
Yes The sausage competition
Detail tab
A competition is about to be held who makes the best sausage? You can’t miss out on this! Submit your sausage for judging.

You did not win the competition, but at least you got a little prize.

Pay Sausage(s) from your storage. – 90Sausages

3Crystal ?-64-75
Fear among the settlers
Detail tab
A short while ago, you exhibited the bones of a huge animal. Even though it was absolutely fascinating, your settlers also got frightened, and now they long for proof that such an animal does not exist anymore. Helvian Kones has offered his services, but he really needs some specialists to help explore this phenomenon. Hire some!

Helvian Kones and your explorers could not find any proof of the existence of such an animal. Now, you just have to convince your settlers that this means the animal does not exist.

Own at least Explorer(s). – 2Explorer
Own at least Geologist(s). – 2Geologist

?Crystal ?-?-?
The great feast
Detail tab
Last week one of our lords made a deal with some foreigners. He sold them some old statues he found in his backyard. Now the lords have asked you to help them welcome the buyers! I guess we can surprise them with our best food!

How rude! They left before we could serve the food! Well, that at least leaves some spare food for our settlers.

Produce at least Aunt Irma’s Gift Basket(s). – 5Aunt Irma's Gift Basket

?Crystal ?-?-?
High request
Detail tab
We have had complains from Capital Island that we’re keeping our best resources for ourselves! That’s not true! Well… maybe it is, but we need to prove them wrong! Let’s sell some of our most precious resources!

Well done! I’ll make sure we won’t get any more complains!

Produce at least Wheat. – 500Wheat

2Crystal ?-48-?
Yes Reparations
Detail tab
During operations over the last few weeks, the equipment of your soldiers has become tattered. Raise your stock of steel to be able to afford repairs.

Now your soldiers should have enough resources for the necessary repairs.

Pay Steel from your storage. – 90Steel

3Crystal ?-?-75
Yes Good exchange rate
Detail tab
You have heard about profitable prices for exotic wood. Check your storage! Maybe you can dispense with some?!

The exchange rate could have been better, but it paid off anyway. It’s always worth having a look at trading.

Gather or produce units of . – 170Exotic Wood

4Crystal ?-64-75
Detail tab
One of your townswomen approaches, drenched in tears, and tells you how her husband is deep in debt because of gambling. She begs you for help and offers brew in return. Convert the brew into gold.

That should be enough to clear the dept. Your townswoman is exuberantly happy and vows eternal gratitude.

Produce at least . – 50Golden Brew Mug

?Crystal ?-?-?
Yes Animal market
Detail tab
A huge animal market will soon be held in a neighboring country. One of your cousins wants to participate and buy some new horses, but he is out of gold. Maybe, you can help him out?

Your cousin is very grateful for your help and has sent you a few small items as thanks. Oh well, at least it’s better than nothing.

Pay Coins from your storage. – 40Coins

3Crystal ?-64-75
Yes Defense
Detail tab
These are uncertain times, and reports accumulate of attacked camps in the surroundings. Raise your steel resources to be prepared for the worst case scenario.

The additional weapons resulting from the increased steel resources should be enough to defend your settlers.

Produce at least Steel. – 90Steel

3Crystal ?-64-?
Detail tab
Our troops found a new island last summer that has a swamp on it. It was filled with weird wooden structures. They believed it to be a witch hut, but they never got back to make sure. Well, it actually was a witch hut, and that witch is back. We need to take care of it!

Even though the reward was not as huge as expected, the whole thing paid off. She was no match for you, anyway. Even so, I’m not sure we’ve seen the last of that witch…

Complete the adventure “Witch of the Swamp”. – Witch of the Swamp

?Crystal ?-?-?
Yes New land
Detail tab
You extended your land, and with this comes lots of resources. Time to harvest them and increase your stocks.

Even though the wood will last for quite some time, you should look for the next land… just to be sure.

Pay Exotic Plank(s) from your storage. – 105Exotic Wood Planks

4Crystal ?-65-75
Yes New help for Theodor
Detail tab
Once again Theodor is in desperate need of your help. He has received an order from King Damien, but hasn’t the resources to fulfill it. Maybe you can assist?

Once again, your brother is grateful for your help. We will see whether he will come and ask for help again next time… Maybe you should send him random resources now and then, eh?

Pay Exotic Plank(s) from your storage. – 170Exotic Wood

4Crystal ?-?-75
A new quest
Detail tab
We were on the lookout for a new adventure when a letter reached us, asking that you bring a former bowman to justice. Nice timing!

The bowman did not stand a chance against you. Now we are in need of a new quest, but don’t worry – we’ll find one soon enough.

Complete the adventure “Stealing From The Rich”. – Stealing From The Rich

?Crystal ?-?-?
A new treasure
Detail tab
Your cousin Frederik, who is known as a wannabe treasure hunter, honors you with a visit once again, and tells you about a hidden treasure. Unfortunately, he is missing some parts of the map and the clues lead him here, to this island. Try to find them, by any means!

You have managed to gather all the parts of the map. However, this time your cousin will have to search for the treasure on his own….

Own at least Map Fragment(s). – 10Map Fragment

?Crystal ?-?-?
A new gold deposit
Detail tab
One of your prospectors has just found a new gold deposit. As a loyal subject, he naturally tells you immediately. You should check it out and begin mining immediately.

Indeed it seems to be a huge deposit. Surely, the mine will pay off.

Have at least (s) on your island. – 1Gold Mine

?Crystal ?-?-?
Detail tab
I bring ill news! I have received reports from my spies that the upper nobility is about to turn against you! This cannot be allowed!

You showed them the ropes. Now, your settlers will think twice before betraying you.

Complete the adventure “Traitors”. – Traitors

?Crystal ?-?-?
Yes The proposal
Detail tab
Your brother Theodor is anxious. He has a new beloved he wants to marry. For the proposal, he wants to build a pavilion on a hillside, but he needs additional granite. Will you have pity on him and give him what he needs?

Your brother has a smile all over his face. Well, let’s see whether his beloved accepts his proposal…

Pay Granite from your storage. – 85Granite

4Crystal ?-64-75
Island of the pirates
Detail tab
We have obtained a request for help from a nearby seaport. The inhabitants of Dagger Island have been attacked by cruel bandits, and urgently need military support!

With an assault on the root of all evil, you were able to bring peace back to the island. The inhabitants are very grateful.

Complete the adventure “The Island Of The Pirates”. – The Island Of The Pirates

?Crystal ?-?-?
Detail tab
Your troops in the barracks are really bored because they have run out of glorious stories to tell! I think it’s time for a fresh adventure that could provide some new tales!

The numerous new stories your troops can tell should comfort them for a while.

Experience at least new Adventure(s). – 1

?Crystal ?-?-?
Strong allies
Detail tab
One of our sages has predicted a heat wave that’s going to hit one of your friends’ islands! We should go and help him prepare! You never know what a heat wave can do…

That is enough to begin with. I’m sure he will be able to protect his island from here on.

Buff at least of your friends’ buildings. – 5

?Crystal ?-?-?
Military extension
Detail tab
One of your ships has disappeared during its most recent voyage, with several of your soldiers on board. They were heading for the Maioranna Triangle. We have sent a search party in hope of finding them, but until they get back we should train some new soldiers!

Maybe your ship will appear again, but until then at least your military capabilities have been extended a little. You never know…

Own Soldier(s). – 10Soldier

?Crystal ?-?-?
Good friends
Detail tab
Your brother Theodor is visiting, and tells you incessantly of his economic success. It strikes you that he does not seem to have any friends, and does everything on his own. Show him that friends can be a great help.

Theodor admits that good friends can prove to be a great help, and immediately runs off to get some. Let’s hope he will be alright.

Have your friends buff of your buildings! – 5

?Crystal ?-?-?
Cannon theft
Detail tab
Oh dear! We’ve lost some cannons! At first we believed they had been stolen by the pirates but… but no! They actually got stolen by some renegade knights of ours, and they have taken over Greenmoor castle in the valley! We need to take back the castle and the cannons! Our city is in danger!

We took back the castle! And just as I entered the cannon room, I found the attack plans! The next target was to be your city. That was really close.

Complete the adventure “Gunpowder”. – Gunpowder

?Crystal ?-?-?
Yes A dark shadow
Detail tab
We have received several complaints lately about a shadowy figure lurking around the city, scaring people and stealing coins! We must do something! Setting a trap would be the best idea. Let’s make sure the shadow hears about the huge amount of “wink wink” gold we’re about to send to Capital Island!

Your trap has been sprung. The shadow has been caught and put in jail. Your streets are safe once more.

Produce at least Coin(s). – 40Coins

3Crystal ?-38-75
Yes Titanium shortage
Detail tab
Rumors of a shortage of Titanium have started to spread in the marketplace, causing a sudden jump in prices. Quick! Make sure you have some in reserve, just in case.

This stock should be enough, in case the rumors should turn out to be true.

Pay Titanium Bar(s) from your storage. – 85Titanium

4Crystal ?-65-?
Yes Cheap prices
Detail tab
There’s a new exhibition in the city! It’s about a bunch of rare ore! But the lady who organized the exhibition has lost some of the boxes! Let’s see if we can provide the missing ore!

The lady was so happy to see the ore that she put your name on the sponsors list! Maybe you’re in line for a nice gift from her?

Gather or produce units of . – 170Titanium Ore

4Crystal ?-64-75
Bandit nest
Detail tab
A bandit leader named Chuck has mocked you in a letter and displayed it publicly for all to see. We have found out that he is hiding in a nearby forest with his brother, Norys. Do not let him get away with this smear on your name!

Never again will bandits walk all over you… Chuck will think twice about it too…

Complete the adventure “Bandit Nest”. – Bandit Nest

?Crystal ?-?-?
In the veld
Detail tab
An exotic bird arrived this morning with a letter attached to its back. The letter is an open challenge from a raider clan called “The Sons of the Veld”. They say that you’re ugly. I have already prepared the ships, so let’s go visit them. They need to be taught that insults do not go unpunished.

In fact, your visit was as unpleasant as you anticipated, but on a good note, they now think you’re handsome, so that’s good news!

Complete the adventure “Sons Of The Veld”. – Sons Of The Veld

?Crystal ?-?-?
Detail tab
One of my friends, a knight patrolling the wilderness, has told me of some terrible screams coming from the deep forests at night. He believes there is a secret bandit camp in there somewhere! Who knows what they are up to… We should go and investigate!

Even though you could not get all of them, you were able to lower the attacks to a minimum. Now, the inhabitants can travel again.

Complete the adventure “Outlaws”. – Outlaws

?Crystal ?-?-?
Yes A full armory
Detail tab
You remember the Quasadi brothers? The ones that claimed they can cut a tree with one slash? Well they’re back on the island and they’re about to put on a show. However, sadly they have been attacked by some pirates and had their swords stolen! No problem – we’ll get them new ones!

The brothers will be pleased to see and feel the great quality our swords provide!

Pay Damascene sword(s) from your storage. – 12Damascene swords

4Crystal ?-64-?
Yes Raise your stock
Detail tab
A traveler residing at your royal court has introduced you to hunting. Now, you want to establish a group for that sport. Provide the necessary resources.

That should be enough to equip the first hunting session of the royal court. Enjoy the hunt!!

Produce at least Crossbow(s). – 12Crossbows

4Crystal ?-53-75
Yes The last time…
Detail tab
Your scouts tell of an attack planned against your brother. Even though you had decided not to help him again, you cannot let the attacker get away that easily! Family comes first, right? Let’s send his military leader some quality weapons… just to be sure they can defend themselves!

With the help of the swords, your brother will be able to defend himself, but this is definitely the last time you help him out, right?

Pay Damascene sword(s) from your storage. – 9Damascene swords

4Crystal ?-64-75
Yes Lots of gunpowder
Detail tab
Old Tempar, the cannonmaster, has told me that they have received a new kind of cannon that can deal more damage if loaded with the correct amount of gunpowder. That means they’re going to need a lot of it!

With all this gunpowder, they should be able to load all their new cannons and help us achieve a perfect victory!

Pay Gunpowder from your storage. – 30Gunpowder

4Crystal ?-64-75
More adventures
Detail tab
Your mother-in-law has invited herself for a visit and you are not keen on answering her stupid questions. Better make yourself scarce for a while.

Phew! She left! Good work!

Experience at least new Adventure(s). – 2

?Crystal ?-?-?
Detail tab
Problems again! We’ve found out that somebody is recruiting our people for unknown reasons! And now we’ve also received a message! If you would be so kind and follow me to the main chambers…

You stopped the terror and granted the region peace again. The people are grateful for your help.

Complete the adventure “The black knights”. – The Black Knights

?Crystal ?-?-?
The secret order
Detail tab
A strange murmur goes through your land. Dark shapes wander through our streets at night and inhabitants disappear without a trace! People tell of a new brotherhood. Apparently they have found some true shadow essence and now can use it to travel around quickly! We must stop them before it’s too late!

We managed to capture all of them! We even found the shadow essence and locked it in our deepest cellar! Luckily, we saw through them and prevented further damage. Our streets are safe again.

Complete the adventure “The Dark Brotherhood”. – The Dark Brotherhood

?Crystal ?-?-?
Warmer regions
Detail tab
Dark clouds have gathered above an island to the south! We’ve never seen such manifestations before! Our alchemist, Waltor the Grey, believes it to be the work of an old friend of his who is adept in dark magic! Let’s not waste any more time! We need to take care of the problem!

Waltor the Grey was sad to hear about his friend. Well, dark magic is not a toy for anyone to play with.

Complete the adventure “Roaring Bull”. – Roaring Bull

?Crystal ?-?-?
Yes Good things come…
Detail tab
Your cousin encountered tougher defenses than expected. He needs more effective equipment, and therefore more resources.

Finally, your cousin has claimed the island. Good things come to those who wait.

Pay Wheel(s) from your storage. – 85Wheels

4Crystal ?-?-?
Secluded experiments
Detail tab
Your military advisor has confided in you, telling of the feelings of insecurity among your settlers, brought on by tales of people disappearing at the border of your realm. You should show them quickly that they have nothing to fear.

With your drastic measures, you showed your settlers that there is nothing to be afraid of!

Complete the adventure “Secluded Experiments”. – More Secluded Experiments

?Crystal ?-?-?
Elite drill
Detail tab
One of the battlemasters from your barracks has suggested drilling elite soldiers to keep up with your enemies. Maybe you should give it a try?

It looks like it totally paid off to train elite soldiers. They are considerably more effective than the normal ones.

Own Elite Soldier(s). – 10Elite Soldier

?Crystal ?-?-?
Supplies for Theodor
Detail tab
Your brother Theodor has invited you to his estate. Of course, he has a ulterior motive; he needs a few small things. Produce some carriages to make transportation possible.

These carriages should be enough for the goods your brother has ordered. What would he do without you anyway?

Own at least Carriage(s). – 2Carriages

?Crystal ?-?-?
Case of emergency
Detail tab
Either there’s a freak fog or we have a serious case of ghost ships cruising around our island! They have even attacked some of our fishermen! We should prepare our cannons and defend ourselves if we have to!

Against cannons, those ships won’t stand a chance. We will see whether they will attack anyway. Oh, and it was fog after all. There are no such things as ghost ships! Right…?

Own at least Cannon(s). – 2Cannons

?Crystal ?-?-?
Prison Visit
Detail tab
Have you heard? That prison island to the east is overwhelmed by the clans living on it. We should send a letter and see what’s going on. Apparently, Count Hackett is the warden right now. Let’s deal with this problem as soon as possible!

Well done! Problem solved! We’ll be sending more and more prisoners to Bastille Island, so I hope Count Hackett knows how to handle the situation!

Complete the adventure “Bastille Island” – Bastille Island

?Crystal ?-?-?
Old Business
Detail tab
There’s a small island called Sleepy Reef where one of King Damien’s ex-general lives. I’ve heard from a scout that there are traitors gathering around the island! This is not good news! We should head over there and stop them damaging the island and harming its citizens!

Good work! Gregorid and his island should be safe now! The King will reward us accordingly!

Complete the adventure “Sleepy Reef” – Sleepy Reef

?Crystal ?-?-?
Dangerous Potions
Detail tab
A new cult has emerged on Flintrock island. They plan to revive an old sleeping volcano, and that would mean they’re going to eventually burn the island to ashes. We should deal with this, as Flintrock is part of our alliance!

Good work! The island is safe again! Good work!

Complete the adventure “The Sleeping Volcano” – The Sleeping Volcano

?Crystal ?-?-?
A Bizarre Request
Detail tab
We got an urgent letter that we must see too. Pack your bags, ready your generals, we’re leaving as soon as possible!

We should probably keep quiet about what we accomplished here today, as I’m not sure the settlers would understand us helping pirates! Good work nonetheless!

Complete the adventure “Pirate Life” – Pirate Life

?Crystal ?-?-?
Big Waves
Detail tab
Our scout reported Nords activity on an abandoned island. He told us they’ve unloaded several barrels onto the shore. We have no idea what they’re planning, but we need to take care of this matter! We can’t risk another Nords invasion!

Well done! I bet the King’s going to hear about this and will reward you!

Complete the adventure “Arctic Explosion” – Arctic Explosion

?Crystal ?-?-?

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