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Quest Items

Name Quests Completion Reward

A Little Panda

A Little Panda He’s frightened and malnourished.

Effect Starts the quest “The Little Panda”

65000Experience Points 75Star Coins
1Cheese Sandwich
Nursing the Cub
Detail tab
Oh no, this is terrible! The smugglers took this little panda away from his mother, and now he’s too sad to eat or drink anything. Perhaps you should try to feed him. He seems to have taken a shining to you.

It’s working! He seems to be a lot calmer when you’re the one feeding him. What a relief… I was worried he might not make it if he kept refusing to eat or drink!

Pay Bread from your storage. – 500Bread
Pay Water from your storage. – 1000Water

2000Experience Points 100Titanium Ore
Returning to Mama Panda
Detail tab
Now the little panda’s been nursed back to good health, it’s time we return him to his mother. We need to create a cage that resembles the trees on his homeland so he won’t get nervous on the trip back – and we’ll need a sailor that can get him there safely.

This cage will do nicely. It’s so big, sturdy and comfortable that I’m thinking of ordering one to live in myself! The ship has departed, and all going well, mother and son will be back together very soon.

Pay Coins from your storage. – 50Coins
Produce at least . – 1Tropical Cage
Use on (s).: Tropical CageMayor's house

23500Experience Points 500Tools

An Intriguing Coin

An Intriguing Coin For some reason holding it makes you feel uneasy.

Effect Starts the quest “The Mysterious Coin”

85000Experience Points 150Star Coins
1Weapon Boost
The Shady Goldsmith
Detail tab
My, what an unusual coin. Did someone really pay with this? It looks so exotic… Maybe it’s even worth something! I have an… acquaintance… that really knows his foreign currency. Perhaps we should get him to give it an appraisal?

Very interesting… He said that this coin belongs to an ancient tribe from a civilization called the “Tikki”. Apparently for the Tikki people, these coins symbolize wealth and prosperity, and are considered sacred. Unfortunately, for us, it’s little more than a piece of junk.

Pay Coins from your storage. – 200Coins
Pay Tool(s) from your storage. – 1500Tools

7450Experience Points
Prepare For The Journey
Detail tab
The surroundings of Tikki Island have been afflicted by a curse due to the missing sacred coin! We can’t leave the Tikki like this… We must get this coin back to them! We’ll need to craft the best ships and pack enough supplies to make it through the cursed storm.

This should be enough. The exotic planks will make for a very robust mainframe that should endure the worst weather conditions while at sea. We’re ready to go save the Tikki tribe!

Pay Exotic Plank(s) from your storage. – 250Exotic Wood Planks
Pay Hardwood plank(s) from your storage. – 1000Hardwood Planks
Pay Titanium Bar(s) from your storage. – 500Titanium
Own at least . – 10000Bread
Own at least . – 3000Sausages
Own at least . – 30000Fish

5800Experience Points Tikki Island
Tikki Island
Detail tab
This is terrible! Most of the bandits that came to steal the Tikki’s treasure got stranded on Tikki Island due to the curse, and now they’ve decided to settle there! They’re oppressing the poor Tikki, and making them do their bidding by force! This deed cannot go unpunished. We must save the Tikki tribe!

“Live and let live” is what my grandpa used to say. Those bandits will think twice before messing with a pacific civilization such as the Tikkis once again. The grateful Tikki people are chanting your name, and want to reward you with an important part of their culture. We should place it somewhere on our home island, so we always remember this day!

Complete the adventure “Tikki Island”. – 1Tikki Island

15000Experience Points

An Invitation to a Royal Wedding

An Invitation to a Royal Wedding You recognize the crest of a neighboring kingdom.

Effect Starts the quest “The Wedding Invitation”

40000Experience Points
Cake for Hundreds
Detail tab
I have already arranged the best bakers in our kingdom to help us create the best wedding cake of all time. They’re all ready to start, as soon as you provide them with the required ingredients.

This is the most magnificent cake I’ve ever seen. I’m sure the king and his guests will be over the moon. Do you think they’d notice if I had just a small slice now?

Produce at least . – 1Wedding Cake
Use on (s).: Wedding CakeMayor's house

1500Experience Points


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