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Side quests

Level. 1-25

Wood production
Plank production
The letter
Instant build
Multiple deposits
Time is money
Building construction order
A little comfort
Still lacking stone
Important details
Don’t forget to buff
The base of buffs
The mine window
A new copper search
New suggestions
Coal for the king
Do not forget the economy
Mutual help
Who has more wheat?
Who has more wells?
To multiply the harvest
Good preparation
Wheat ahead
Settler shortage
Help for the comrade
Don’t forget to use trade
Requested stone
Increased consumption
The fortuneteller
Nothing but hot air
Multiple deposits
A group of raiders
The trapped child
The rescue
Additional wells
Increased water consumption
Water and trading
Bread for the relatives
Gift baskets
The green initiative
Wood for longbows
Coal for training
The coal mine
Gold deposits
The price of gold
Ways to the gold
Retired bandits
Increased coal consumption
The first goldmine

Level. 26-50

Earning respect
New interest
Everything under control
Secret trade
Buffing buildings
Upgraded farms
A little stock of gold ore
Different adventures
Effective adventures
Preparation for coin production
The gold smelter
The stonecutter competition
A challenge
Older production chains
The final preparations
More woodworm
Coin production accomplished
Map fragments as currency
Thrown out of the office
Enough coal
Buffs and the economy overview
To the acid test
Adventure reserve
Where to obtain granite
The paths to granite
Decoration buildings
Attractive prices
The bet
The exasperating topic – granite
The exasperating topic – exotic wood
The exasperating topic – exotic wood planks
A good man
The adventure competition
The adventure competition continues
Too many requests
Follow-up adventures
Final round
The cannoneers
The practical test
The guilty plea
Something is still missing
Oh, the Fairies!
The Major General
Forest Fire
Quality Planks
Further information

Level. 51-75

Too Exotic
Golden Wool
A Weapon of Choice
The Tailor
The Sun at the Zenith
Looking for a Tale
Day and Night
Rare Wood is Good Wood
From the Land of Dreams
The Cloth is not Enough
Saddle Another Day
A Gift for a King (Part 1)
A Gift for a King (Part 2)
A Gift for a King (Part 3)
Imported Goods
Scheduled Repairs
Broken Roads
Deep Explosions
The Taskmaster
The New Goods Master
The Last Tale
The King’s Visit Part 1
The King’s Visit Part 2
The King’s Visit Part 3
Name Quests Quest reward Player level required
Wood production Wood production
Detail tab
As you already know, we will need a lot of wood to have enough building materials. You should always have some in stock so you don’t run short.

Having a little stock is never a bad thing. Don’t forget to check your storehouses regularly to see if anything is missing.

Produce at least Pinewood. – 3Pinewood

30Stones 2-3
Plank production Plank production
Detail tab
Ah, plank production is already working effectively as far as I can see. You should also raise your stock of planks a bit.

You are developing quickly. This should be enough for wood production to get started. Let’s get on with the next resource.

Produce at least Pinewood Plank(s). – 3Pinewood Planks

20Pinewood 3
The letter The letter
Detail tab
Looks like the letter is from your brother Theodor, and there’s a package of resources accompanying it. I took the liberty of adding the resources to your star menu, and you can read the letter in your mailbox. I am curious to know what your brother wants to tell you.

Very strange… Usually, your brother doesn’t give things away for free. Let’s hope he is not up to something bad. Anyway, we should get back to your settlers. There are still important things missing in the basic services.

Open the mail window.

10Coins 3-4
Instant build Instant build
Detail tab
Phew! Building a tavern can take quite a while. Did you know that it’s possible to finish construction more quickly? As soon as something is in your building queue, you can finish it instantly by clicking the blue diamond. It just costs a few gems.

Wow, did you see how fast that was? Amazing! And I heard it works with all buildings. Furthermore, it also functions for building upgrades – you just have to click on the specific building. Just keep an eye on the prices, as they can differ.

Use “instant build” to finish the construction of a building instantly.

20Gems 20Pinewood 4-15
Multiple deposits Multiple deposits
Detail tab
How do you like the new resources? You can make a lot out of them. Remember that marble deposits deplete quite fast. When you have several, the stonecutter will always choose the nearest one.

Of course that also applies to stone deposits. You should always have multiple deposits on your island.

Find new Stone deposit(s). – 2Stone Deposit

30Stones 5
Time is money Time is money
Detail tab
Specialists always need a certain amount of time to fulfill their tasks. As you progress, your times will become longer and longer. However, if you do not like to wait, you can shorten them with just one click. Try it!

See? It’s dead easy. You can do this with all specialist tasks. It will pay off, especially for the treasure search, but we will come to that later. For now, let’s continue with our plan.

Halve the time of a specialist.

30Gems 5-7
Building construction order Building construction order
Detail tab
I noticed that there have been a lot of buildings in your building construction queue lately. I should remind you firstly that it is possible to buy temporary or permanent construction slots, and secondly, that you can change the order of the buildings with the arrows. Try it out!

Do you like it? It is always a good option to have an important building at the end of the construction queue. By the way, temporary building slots can be bought from the bottom of the list, and permanent ones can be acquired at the merchant’s.

Move one building up in the order of the building queue.

10Fish 6-10
A little comfort A little comfort
Detail tab
If you have a little time, I would like to share two things with you First, you can track quests by clicking the small box next to the quests in the quest book, and secondly, you can pin the building menu if you want to prevent it from closing, when you are building streets, for example. Take a look.

Pretty useful features, am I right? Keeping the quests in sight is particularly handy. But I have kept you from your business long enough. Don’t let me delay you any further.

Track a quest.
Pin the building menu

10Fish 6-10
Still lacking stone Still lacking stone
Detail tab
With the added resources from Theodor, we should have enough of nearly everything except stone. Produce some, because we’ll be needing a lot of it during our upcoming challenges.

Very good. This amount of stone should be sufficient for the upcoming buildings. However, you should always continue producing stone.

Produce at least Stone. – 5Stones

10Fish 7-10
Important details Important details
Detail tab
It’s important always to keep production paths as short as possible. The shorter they are, the faster certain workyards will produce. You can see the path lengths in the details tab for your workyards, or directly when you are about to construct a building. Moving buildings can help you make production as effective as possible.

That’s how it works! When you have a little deficit in your economic overview you don’t necessarily have to build a new building. Sometimes simply upgrading or repositioning a building, like just now, is sufficient.

Open the “Details” tab of a sawmill.
Make the production time of a Pinewood Sawmill min. and sec or less. – 4:10

30Pinewood 8
Don’t forget to buff Don't forget to buff
Detail tab
Remember buffs? Producing buffs takes some time, but you usually need them on short notice. That’s why I recommend you always have some in stock.

That is correct. You can do a lot with this. Don’t forget that you need resources to create buffs, such as fish in this case. Do you have enough left?

Produce at least Fish Platter(s). – 3Fish Platter

30Stones 8-18
The base of buffs The base of buffs
Detail tab
Since we have produced enough buffs, it’s time to reproduce the fish, because when the basic resource of the buffs is exhausted, no more buffs can be produced.

Your fishermen were really hard working. Seems like they are really satisfied under your leadership. Now the first part of your economy is finished, we can go a step further.

Acquire at least Fish. – 3Fish

30Pinewood 8-10
The mine window The mine window
Detail tab
In contrast to workyards like masons, mines have to be placed directly upon the deposits. As I told you a while ago, you have to keep production times short. Of course, you cannot reposition buildings – but what you can do is to build a storehouse near your mines. That keeps production times short, too.

As you may have noticed, storehouses are not cheap, but having them pays off as they can shorten production times for several buildings at once. If you ever find yourself with a number of buildings whose production times are too long, just place a warehouse nearby.

Open the “Details” tab.
Make the production time of a Copper Mine min. and sec or less. – 3:40

50Pinewood 9-15
A new copper search A new copper search
Detail tab
By the way, have you been sending your geologist out regularly to find new deposits? Remember, you can always have more than one deposit at a time. How about searching for copper?

It’s good that you claimed that sector. It seems to be rich in copper. I’m already excited about what the other sectors might hold.

Find new Copper Ore deposit(s). – 2Copper Deposit

30Stones 10-20
Allies Allies
Detail tab
I see that a lot of other settlers have settled very close to you. Maybe you should become friends with some of them? Having allies is never a bad thing…

Very good – strong allies will definitely prove useful. Social skills are very important. You should never underestimate that.

Add your first friend to your friend list

20Coins 30Pinewood 30Stones 10
New suggestions New suggestions
Detail tab
I’ve just returned from visiting one of your neighbors. A really nice island with interesting building structures. Why don’t you visit your neighbor’s islands yourself?

And did you like the islands? Of course you should always go your own way, but considering suggestions doesn’t hurt.

Visit at least friend(s). – 1

30Pinewood 10-20
Coal for the king Coal for the king
Detail tab
Good to see you. I just received a message from the king. He has heard about you producing coal already. Right now he needs some, and asks whether you can accord him some.

That is very kind of you. The king sends you his best wishes and regards.

Produce at least Coal. – 5Coal
Pay Coal from your storage. – 5Coal

10Coins 11
Do not forget the economy Do not forget the economy
Detail tab
I know Lord Sardin is a bit severe and has you really busy, but despite all that, don’t forget your economy, especially your tool production. Is it going well?

I see you have everything under control. I just wanted to be sure, but it looks like I worry too much.

Produce at least Tool(s). – 5Tools

30Stones 12
Mutual help Mutual help
Detail tab
So, do you get on with Sardin? He might seem a bit rude but he is a brilliant tactician. But let’s get back on topic; the king attaches great importance to neighborly help at the moment. I think it would be good to join forces with one of your neighbors and help them.

The king has noted your efforts appreciatively. I congratulate you. You are really doing excellently. Keep it up!

Buff at least of your friends’ buildings. – 1

30Pinewood 12
Who has more wheat? Who has more wheat?
Detail tab
Please excuse the interruption, but I have a small favor to ask of you. A farmer from a neighboring country has made a bet that his farm has more wheat and water, and I want to prove him wrong. So, we’ll be needing more wheat fields!

That’s really generous of you. With so many wheat fields, we should definitely win the bet.

Build Wheatfield(s). – 3Wheatfield

20Bronze Swords 14
Who has more wells? Who has more wells?
Detail tab
All we need now is some additional wells, and I will win the bet. Would you be so kind and help me once more?

Ha ha! That made him look really stupid. He didn’t bargain with that. I thank you very much. Please take some of my gains as a sign of my gratitude.

Build Well(s). – 2Well

80Stones 14
To multiply the harvest To multiply the harvest
Detail tab
We have a lot to harvest on our farm. If you were willing to support us with food, we could multiply our yield. And that would be fantastic, wouldn’t it?
If you’re feeling extra kind, you could give some food to the workers at your small wells as well!

Super! Thank you very much. You will not regret this, believe me. I will begin to help with the harvest immediately.

Buff Farm(s). – 2
Buff Well(s). – 2

40Pinewood 40Stones 14-20
Good preparation Good preparation
Detail tab
Please excuse me. I know you are very busy, but I won’t disturb you for long. I just wanted to say that as soon as we begin producing bread, we’ll be needing a lot of wheat. Maybe it would be best to build farms now so you don’t have to deal with it later on?

Thank you for following my advice. I’m looking forward to the bread production already. Please contact me if you need my help with it.

Build building(s). – 2Farm

50Brew 15
Wheat ahead Wheat ahead
Detail tab
I see you have built multiple farms. That’s good, because soon we’ll be needing horses, and they consume a lot of wheat. It would be best to anticipate and start production now.

So, the advice from the farmer was good after all. With this production we are well prepared for the horse breeding that will soon be upon us.

Produce at least Wheat. – 5Wheat

50Stones 15-25
Settler shortage Settler shortage
Detail tab
When did you last have a look at the settlers overview? I am just asking because you are running out of settlers again. I don’t mean to bother you, I just want to make sure that you have enough of them when you need them. If you have enough space for settlers, you can hire some for bread in the provision house.

Works fine, right? By the way, you can hire different numbers of settlers for bread. You can even store them in your star menu, meaning that you can produce them ahead of time.

Produce enough Traveler Families to obtain Settler(s). – 2Traveler Family

10Settlers 15-40
Help for the comrade Help for the comrade
Detail tab
A former comrade from the military academy has asked me to help him. He has received orders to defend a village and doesn’t have enough bows. I really want to help him. First of all, we’ll need a large amount of wood.

Hmm… I just told him we would help him, and straight away he asked for more bows. He’s always been like that – you give him your pinky and he takes off the whole hand.

Own at least Pinewood. – 100Pinewood

50Stones 16
Don’t forget to use trade Don't forget to use trade
Detail tab
Did you remember to involve trade in your planning? You have a great task ahead of you, and you should not hesitate to use your military. The king will be very happy if you do!

It’s amazing how fast the consumption of brew and swords has increased. But you should not, of course, neglect your production for trade, because selling extra production is also a good source of income.

Buy at least Bronze Sword(s) from other players. – 500Bronze Swords
Buy at least Tool(s) from other players. – 500Tools
Buy at least Brew from other players. – 500Brew

10Experience Points 50Coins 50Copper Ore 16-20
Requested stone Requested stone
Detail tab
My greetings. How is your military planning going? I just saw that you have a trade office now. That’s fantastic news! I know the mayor of a neighboring town who also has one. He needs stone. Maybe you can trade some?

Wow, that functions quite well. I am really amazed. So now everything is possible for you. By the way, the mayor sends you his thanks. You really helped him out.

Sell at least Stone to other players. – 200Stones

20Experience Points 100Bread 17
Increased consumption Increased consumption
Detail tab
Greetings. I have a small problem. The consumption of hardwood planks has increased a lot lately, especially since your orders for building new residences. I would be very grateful if you could raise stocks a little bit.

Thank you. Now I can continue working without problems. I have a feeling that a lot of new construction orders are about to come in.

Own at least Hardwood Plank(s). – 200Hardwood Planks

20Experience Points 20Bows 18
The fortuneteller The fortuneteller
Detail tab
A kind of fortuneteller has just arrived in your city and has asked for a solid sandwich. If you help him, he says he will tell your future. Generally, I am not superstitious, but maybe we should grant his request.

I brought him the plate and I was asked to tell you thank you, and that a bright future awaits you, with a huge army, great city and lots of capital. However, that’s what they always tell you.

Buff at least of your friend’s buildings using Solid Sandwiches. – 10Solid Sandwich

20Experience Points 100Stones 18
Nothing but hot air Nothing but hot air
Detail tab
We agreed on 100 bows. I wonder what he wants to do with them. You could almost win a war with that many. Whatever, it’s worth it, believe me.

Why did I insist on helping him? I made a bet with another former student that the time will come when he would need my help. Back then, he had rich parents and bragged about it, but I knew it was nothing but hot air.

Produce at least Bow(s). – 10Bows
Pay Bow(s) from your storage. – 10Bows

70Experience Points 100Pinewood 19-28
Multiple deposits Multiple deposits
Detail tab
Did I mention that it is possible to have several deposits at the same time? Just send your geologist out more often. An additional stone deposit always comes in handy.

Of course this is true for every deposit, not just stone. Always remember that deposits become depleted after a certain time, so it’s good to have another one as a replacement.

Find new Marble deposit(s). – 2Marble Deposit

20Experience Points 20Bronze Swords 19
A group of raiders A group of raiders
Detail tab
I’ve heard talk of a group of raiders approaching. Should they decide to rest here, we will need more wheat to secure the supply of horses.

Now we should have enough wheat to supply them, should they decide to rest here. In case they decide otherwise, we can still use the wheat ourselves.

Use buff(s) on (s). 2Solid SandwichFarm

15Experience Points 20Flour 19-29
The trapped child The trapped child
Detail tab
Something terrible has happened. One of the children has gone into a mine and the mine collapsed after them. Can you help us find the kid? It was an iron mine.

Thank you for your help, but please hurry. We don’t have much time. Maybe the child is trapped and cannot breath.

Find new Iron Ore deposit(s). – 1Iron Deposit

20Experience Points 50Marble 20-25
The rescue The rescue
Detail tab
As soon as you build a mine on the deposit, we can start searching. Your mine workers can help search while they are digging.

Thank goodness, we found the child. That was close. I will go immediately and tell everybody to stay away from the mines.

Build building(s). – 2Iron Mine
Produce at least Iron Ore. – 50Iron Ore

20Experience Points 100Hardwood Planks 20-25
Additional wells Additional wells
Detail tab
Greetings. I’ve just seen the assignment for the construction of stables. Have you taken into account that horses also need water? You should think about building additional wells.

The construction of the wells you ordered is completed. It’s nice that you always take my advice seriously. I appreciate it.

Build building(s). – 2Deep Well

20Experience Points 50Wheat 20
Increased water consumption Increased water consumption
Detail tab
Finally we can train cavalry ourselves. How is water production going? We need water for brew as well as the horses, but I don’t think there’s any chance we will run short of it.

I see that water production seems to be quite effective. Don’t neglect it, or the cavalry training will cease.

Produce at least Water. – 100Water

10Experience Points 50Brew 20-25
Water and trading Water and trading
Detail tab
Oh, you’ve expanded your water production a little bit. I assume that was upon the advice of Lord Sardin. Either way, it’s a good move, because I took a look at trading, and it seems water is a fine good to trade with.

And how did it go? Not bad, right? By the way, they say the merchant sells a watermill which produces water from an inexhaustible water deposit. However, it is not particularly cheap.

Sell at least Water to other players. – 400Water

15Experience Points 50Marble 20
Bread for the relatives Bread for the relatives
Detail tab
The bread our bakery produces tastes really good. I have a favor to ask of you. In a few days’ time, some of my relatives will be coming to visit me. Could you please provide us some bread?

Thank you very much. Now my relatives can come. I am convinced they will be enthusiastic about your generosity and spread word of it across the whole land.

Produce at least Bread. – 80Bread
Pay Bread from your storage. – 40Bread

40Experience Points 100Hardwood Planks 21-25
Gift baskets Gift
Detail tab
Nice to see you again. As expected, my relatives liked the bread very much, but there is still some left. Maybe you should process the bread into gift baskets?

Exactly these ones I meant. As you probably know already, you can allocate the baskets to your production buildings, and these will produce more effectively for a certain time.

Produce at least Aunt Irma’s Gift Basket(s). – 5Aunt Irma's Gift Basket

40Experience Points 50Wheat 21-25
The green initiative The green initiative
Detail tab
Yesterday we received a newsletter which went to all nearby lands. It is an invitation to the so-called green initiative, which encourages a more responsible attitude to nature. We should take part and build a forester or two.

Good, the construction of the forester was well received. I was concerned whether that would suffice. For the future we should consider something else, because I think this will not be the last time we hear about this initiative.

Build building(s). – 2Hardwood Forester

30Experience Points 150Meat 22
Wood for longbows Wood for longbows
Detail tab
Do not get distracted by this… What was his name? Klaus? The little fat man, you know who I mean. Do not get too distracted by him. We need hard wood for longbows. Maybe you could increase the production outcome for a short time.

It’s much better that way. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your weapon production, as you need your army when expanding your land. And even if you have enough units, weapons are a fantastic good to trade with.

Use Aunt Irma’s Gift Basket(s) on your hardwood cutter(s). – 3Aunt Irma's Gift Basket

30Experience Points 50Bread 22-25
Coal for training Coal for training
Detail tab
Lord Sardin has come to me with an unusual request. I think he was a bit too embarrassed to tell you directly. He says he needs coal for the training of his units, but he didn’t want to tell me exactly how he was going to use it. Just send your explorer to find a coal deposit.

Maybe you’re wonder why you were supposed to search for a coal deposit. Well, Henry told me he is now able to build coal mines, and they are way more effective than the coking plant. This is a good time to try out the new mines.

Find new Coal deposit(s). – 1Coal Deposit

10Experience Points 50Copper Ore 23-27
The coal mine The coal mine
Detail tab
Now the only thing left to do is commission the construction of the mine. Meanwhile, I will try to find out why exactly Lord Sardin wants coal. I’d really like to know.

I just returned from the barracks. The troops had all painted their faces black. Looked really frightening. I think it’s camouflage training. Very strange.

Build building(s). – 1Coal Mine
Pay Coal from your storage. – 50Coal

10Experience Points 100Horse 23-27
Gold deposits Gold deposits
Detail tab
One of our geologists just came and told me he thinks we have gold on our island, although he wasn’t sure. He needs more time to find out. Send your geologist out to find a gold deposit. Maybe we’ll get lucky.

I don’t believe it – we really do have gold on this island. That is fantastic! Before we begin to bank it, we should check whether we have multiple deposits and how rich they are. Coin production is quite expensive.

Find new Gold Ore deposit(s). – 1Gold Deposit

10Experience Points 30Gold Ore 23-30
The price of gold The price of gold
Detail tab
Hmm… constructing coin production should be handled very carefully, but I have to admit I don’t have enough experience to give out advice. What do you think about trading a little with coins to get a feeling for their value?

So, what do you think? Did you get an impression? With coins, you can do a lot of different things, not just trade but also hire new specialists. For the moment though, it’s a little early to you build your own means of production.

Buy at least Gold Ore from other players. – 400Gold Ore

15Experience Points 100Coal 23-30
Ways to the gold Ways to the gold
Detail tab
You can produce coins yourself, trade them, buy them from the merchant or find them on your adventures. Sometimes, even your explorer will take some coins back. Try out all the possible ways and when you are feeling confident, we’ll start organizing your own coin production.

You’ve really managed to gather quite a solid amount of capital. Did you have any difficulties? Sleep on it, it and if you still want coin production, we’ll start work on it. Meanwhile, you should be able to evaluate it yourself.

Own at least Gold Ore. – 600Gold Ore

15Experience Points 100Coal 24-30
Retired bandits Retired bandits
Detail tab
Wow, producing units really takes a lot of time, especially when you have to wait for settlers to move to your city. If you need settlers faster, you can attract them with bread. For example, you can hire Retired Bandits in exchange for bread at your provisions house.

Not bad is it? Now, you just have to use the buff on the mayor’s house, and you’ll have 75 extra settlers immediately. If you need to bump up your numbers quickly, you can use this method any time to gain settlers.

Own at least Bread. – 400Bread
Produce enough Retired Bandit(s) to obtain Settler(s). – Retired Bandits

20Experience Points 100Coins 24
Increased coal consumption Increased coal consumption
Detail tab
Greetings. I see that you are going to begin your own steel production. A good decision – Steel is a fantastic material. Just remember that it will require more coal, so you had better raise your stocks.

Very good. Now we will be able to work, and steel production can begin. I will return to my work and make sure production goes smoothly.

Have resources in your storehouse. – 1000Coal

5Experience Points 150Hardwood 25
The first goldmine The first goldmine
Detail tab
So, did you sleep on it? Coin production, I mean. If you want your own production, you’ll need a goldmine first, and they don’t come cheap, so try to keep the mine running as long as possible.

To keep the mine replenished, you can buy refills from the merchant. If you are unable to keep the mine going, just destroy it shortly before it collapses. That way, the craftsmen can recuperate some of the construction resources.

Build building(s). – 1Gold Mine

10Experience Points 150Longbows 25
Earning respect Earning respect
Detail tab
I hope you do not become too cocky. You definitely mastered the first adventure, but have you also managed to complete the other ones? To earn my respect, you first have to complete the more difficult adventures with fewer losses.

Hmm… I wasn’t expecting that. I have to admit, that wasn’t bad. But you have not arrived at the Mount Olympus of adventures just yet. There’s still a long way to go.

Complete the adventure “The Island Of The Pirates” losing fewer than recruits. – 500Recruit
Complete the “Horseback” adventure losing fewer than Recruits. – 500Recruit

15Experience Points 100Bronze Swords
New interest New interest
Detail tab
I see you’ve become interested in adventures lately. I am not sure where your interest comes from, but I like it. Military experience is never a bad thing, and I would advise you to boost your weapon production.

With the additional steel you produce, you can make more steel swords, and with additional steel swords you can train more soldiers.

Use buff(s) on (s). 1Aunt Irma's Gift BasketSteel Smelter

5Experience Points 100Iron 27-32
Everything under control Everything under control
Detail tab
You’ve really been quite busy with your adventures. Did you lose a lot of units? Producing more always takes some time. How about steel production? Do you already have enough steel in stock to train a solid amount of soldiers?

Well, you seem to have everything under control, even during your adventures. I just wanted to be sure. Very well then, we’ll soon be able to begin training the soldiers.

Produce at least Steel. – 200Steel

5Experience Points 150Hardwood Planks
Secret trade Secret trade
Detail tab
Wow, steel swords. They really look strong. Could you allocate some of them to me? I will give you something really useful in return. You had better produce some more to cover those you give me, and make sure no-one gets suspicious.

Cool, thank you. With that I can realize my project. What? Oh, nothing special. I just want to help a village defend itself against constant attacks.

Produce at least Steel Sword(s). – 20Steel Swords
Pay Steel Sword(s) from your storage. – 20Steel Swords

5Experience Points 200Iron Ore
Buffing buildings Buffing buildings
Detail tab
And how is the goldmine going? You should always try to buff your goldmine as effectively as possible. The more expensive the production of a resource, the more it pays off to buff a building.

Just like that! In doing so you can get way more resources out of the mine. By now, you probably know where to get or produce buffs. The merchant has some more effective ones for sale too.

Use buff(s) on (s). – 5Gold Mine

5Experience Points 100Bread
Upgraded farms Upgraded farms
Detail tab
Greetings. I wanted to give you a status report for your farms. Production itself is running well, but some farms would work a bit more effectively if you provided them with some resources for upgrading.

The farmers just told me that your materials have arrived and are already being utilized. Since the machines can work better now, and there is more space, they produce a lot more.

Produce at least Wheat. – 200Wheat

5Experience Points 200Water
A little stock of gold ore A little stock of gold ore
Detail tab
Soon we’ll be able to begin the second stage of coin production. First though, I would recommend creating a small stock of gold ore, because the gold smelter needs quite a lot of it.

That should suffice. I never thought production would take that long, but gold ore is always very deep in the mountain. That explains why settlers take so long to extract it.

Produce at least Gold Ore. – 200Gold Ore

5Experience Points 150Bronze Swords 28-37
Different adventures Different adventures
Detail tab
Pssst… It is me. I’ve discovered there are a lot of different adventures with differing enemy types and islands. In any case, you should try out multiple ones.

And how did you like them? Experiencing adventures is a lot of fun, isn’t it? And you can discover the coolest things during them. Also, you may occasionally find new adventures that even your explorer can’t.

Experience at least new Adventure(s). – 5

5Experience Points 100Longbows
Effective adventures Effective adventures
Detail tab
However, as always, you should not be satisfied with simply completing them – they consume your resources, so try to use as few units as possible.

Quite difficult, isn’t it? But that is how you should always try to do your adventures – consume as little as possible to get the most out of the adventure. Anyway, I have to go before someone spots me.

Complete the “Witch of the Swamp” adventure losing fewer than recruits. – 500Recruit

5Experience Points 400Bronze Swords 29-40
Preparation for coin production Preparation for coin production
Detail tab
My greetings. Sir Oliver rendezvoused with me a few minutes ago to plan the construction of a gold smelter. You should remember that a gold smelter needs coal to produce gold bars, so you should acquire enough coal mines beforehand.

Don’t get me wrong. I just wanted to inform you before you run out of coal, and the other production chains that need it also stop producing. I wish you the best of luck for your coin production.

Find new Coal deposit(s). – 3Coal Deposit
Build building(s). – 3Coal Mine

5Experience Points 100Iron Ore
100Copper Ore
The gold smelter The gold smelter
Detail tab
Well, now it’s time to construct the gold smelter. I see you have already stocked up on coal in preparation for coin production. Very commendable. If you continue like that, soon you will no longer need my help.

Now we have nearly everything we need for coin production. Pretty intensive, don’t you think? I told you. However, coins are one of the most valuable resources you can have, so it does pay off.

Build building(s). – 1Gold Smelter

5Experience Points 100Coins
The stonecutter competition The stonecutter competition
Detail tab
I hope I’m not disturbing you. I have a favor to ask of you. There is an ancient tradition among the stone cutters that requires them to participate in a competition to see who produces marble most effectively. Could you be the adjudicator? We’ll produce up to a certain stock capacity and see who has contributed the most.

That was a really exciting competition. Thank you very much for your help. Although this competition is held only once every ten years, I would be very happy for you to take part again next time too. If you need to find me, I’ll be back at my work.

Own at least Marble. – 8000Marble

20Experience Points 100Hardwood Planks
100Exotic Tree
A challenge A challenge
Detail tab
Pssst… I’ve brought you something. In your star menu you can find two adventures I found during my journey. If you manage to complete them without incurring great losses, I have something cool for you.

Wow, that was really good. As a reward, here’s a so-called decoration object. It is the latest fashion at the king’s yard. To be more specific, it’s a flower bed. You can place it on your island to beautify your city. You’ll find it in your star menu.

Complete the “Horseback” adventure. – Horseback
Complete the adventure “The Dark Priests”. – The Dark Priests

5Experience Points 100Iron Swords
100Steel Swords
Older production chains Older production chains
Detail tab
Have you remembered to keep an eye on some of your older production chains? For example, check tool production. You need tools for many different buildings, so take a quick look to make sure tool production is still optimum.

So, was the production chain still balanced? Don’t forget the resources not included in the economic overview, such as building costs or upgrade costs. You should always try to produce a bit more than you need of everything.

Own at least Tool(s). – 8000Tools
Have a production value of at least every hour(s) for Tools. > 0

20Experience Points 200Sausages 32-42
The final preparations The final preparations
Detail tab
Similarly to the other buildings, I would recommend you produce some bars in preparation for building the coinage. While you are taking care of production, I will create my monthly report for the king.

Well, the report is finished. I really only have good things to say about you. The pre-production of gold bars is also complete, I see. This means we can commence the last step in your coin production.

Produce at least Gold. – 100Gold

25Experience Points 400Coal 32-42
More woodworm More woodworm
Detail tab
My greetings. I’ve noticed your woodworm problem. I am aware that it mainly concerns exotic wood, but I think the hardwood may also be infected. We should destroy our stock and start afresh.

Good. Now the woodworm is probably gone for good. It would have been annoying for it to spread to the exotic wood and be obliged to start the whole process again. I’ll tell the sawmills they should keep an eye out for these things.

Own at least Hardwood. – 5000Hardwood
Pay Hardwood from your storage. – 5000Hardwood

30Experience Points 200Exotic Tree 33-42
Coin production accomplished Coin production accomplished
Detail tab
Well, the time has come to construct the building that produces coins the coinage. As you may imagine, the coinage processes gold bars into gold coins, so let’s get started!

Now you are producing coins. Congratulations. I am eager to see how your coin production will go in the future. Try to upgrade these buildings as soon as possible, as it will make coin production more effective.

Build building(s). – Coinage

20Experience Points 200Exotic Wood Planks 33-43
Map fragments as currency Map fragments as currency
Detail tab
Say, you have these map fragments, don’t you? I was just at the merchant’s and saw that he offers adventures in exchange for map fragments. You should pay him a visit. It’s worth looking into if your explorer isn’t having much luck.

Not a bad offer, is it? You should really take a regular look at what the merchant has to offer. It changes from time to time. By the way, this adventure box contains a random adventure. Mystical…

Buy the following shop item Adventure “The Dark Priests”. – The Dark Priests
Buy the following shop item Adventure “The Island Of The Pirates”. – The Island Of The Pirates
Buy the following shop item Adventure “Witch of the Swamp”. – Witch of the Swamp
Buy the following shop item Adventure “Horseback”. – Horseback

30Experience Points 100Map Fragment 34
Thrown out of the office Thrown out of the office
Detail tab
Hmm… I was just thrown out of my own office by Lord Sardin. He had a young woman in tow. Now I am not sure what to do with myself. Could you take me with you on one of your adventures? I’ve always wanted to see what it’s like.

That was really exciting. I think in the long run it would be too much for my old heart. I prefer to stay in my office and support you from there. Speaking of my office, I’ll go check whether it is free again.

Complete an Adventure losing fewer than Recruits. – 100Recruit
Complete an Adventure losing fewer than Recruits. – 50Cavalry

30Experience Points 200Horse
200Bronze Swords
Enough coal Enough coal
Detail tab
Wow, your economy really consumes a lot of coal. Do you still have enough of it? Could you please check if your coal production line is still working properly? I just need to reassure my craftspeople that there will be enough coal at their disposal.

So, how is coal production doing? Everything fine? That’s comforting. In which case, I will report back to my craftspeople. They will be relieved too, I hope. Thank you very much.

Produce at least Coal. – 100Coal

50Experience Points 200Iron Ore
Buffs and the economy overview Buffs and the economy overview
Detail tab
I’ve just noticed that you’ve overworked your coal production a little bit. Just remember that buffed production buildings can make a difference. When the buff runs out, the production rate decreases again. Try it out.

You see? Always pay attention when you are adjusting your production chains. Unless of course you buff your buildings all the time. But in this case, an additional building of the same kind might be a better alternative.

Buff Coal Mine(s). – 3Coal Mine

40Experience Points 200Copper Ore 35-40
To the acid test To the acid test
Detail tab
Now it’s time to give your coin production the acid test. Let’s see how long you need to produce a certain amount of coins yourself. I am really curious.

So, in conclusion, what do you think of your coin production? Are you satisfied? As I said, it takes some time, but when it is upgraded and becomes more effective, it will also become indispensable. If necessary, you can also purchase gold ore at the trader’s.

Produce at least Coin(s). – 300Coins

120Experience Points 100Granite 36-46
Adventure reserve Adventure reserve
Detail tab
Ha ha, look how many adventures I have. Isn’t that fantastic? I think you should always have some. I always feel uneasy when I don’t have any available. How about you?

Wow, you have a lot more than me. I suppose I’ll have to go and search a bit more, so that’s what I’m going to do, straight away. Until next time!

Have adventure(s) in your star menu. – 3

160Experience Points 37-40
Where to obtain granite Where to obtain granite
Detail tab
Hmm… One of our geologists has just told me that we do not have any granite deposits on this island. That’s a shame, as we’ll need a lot in the future. Could you check whether you can find granite on the adventure islands?

Very good! Then we know where to get our granite from. I assume the amount of granite will differ a lot from adventure to adventure, but at least we know where to get it from generally.

Play adventures for hour(s). – 3

310Experience Points 400Coins 38-48
The paths to granite The paths to granite
Detail tab
Now we know where to purchase it from, it is time to do so and get some. As I already said, we’ll be needing a lot, so go get! The more you find the better.

It is really a lot of work gathering granite, but it’s essential so don’t pay it any further thought. Just one thing – I’m pretty sure you can also obtain granite through trade. Furthermore, one of our explorers told me that he once found a small amount of granite during his journey, but really not very much.

Earn Granite through adventures. – 1000Granite

100Experience Points 400Exotic Wood Planks
200Bronze Swords
Crossbows Crossbows
Detail tab
I know I said I wanted to let you do it on your own, but you mustn’t forget that crossbows are made out of titanium and exotic wood. This means you’ll need a stock of both these resources to produce crossbows without difficulty.

It’s not easy to produce crossbows on your own, is it? However, they do have a lot of advantages. Not only do crossbowmen have the highest damage output, but crossbows also bring a high price when traded.

Own at least Exotic Wood. – 500Exotic Wood
Own at least Titanium. – 500Titanium
Produce at least Crossbow(s). – 100Crossbows

210Experience Points 200Granite 39-42
Decoration buildings Decoration buildings
Detail tab
Hmm… Recently, during an adventure, I found the plans for a flower bed. If I understand correctly, it’s a kind of decoration building to beautify your home island, although it doesn’t have any other function. Could you please test that theory out?

So I was right, they are just decorative buildings. It seems you can find them from time to time during adventures. By the way, the merchant also has some of these buildings. Some of them can be somewhat complex.

Build building(s). – 5 Decorations

200Experience Points 40-42
Attractive prices Attractive prices
Detail tab
Did you already notice that the trade prices for selling ore are really advantageous at the moment? Maybe we should make use of this opportunity, construct a few mines, and see if it really pays off.

So, what do you think? Did it pay off? Of course you have to consider that prices always differ for many different reasons, for example depending on the time of day. So, even if prices are not good one day, they can change completely the next.

Sell at least Gold Ore to other players. – 1500Gold Ore
Sell at least Iron Ore to other players. – 1500Iron Ore
Sell at least Copper Ore to other players. – 1500Copper Ore
Build building(s). – 3 lvl 4 Copper Mine
Build building(s). – 1 lvl3Iron Mine
Build building(s). – 1 lvl 5Gold Mine

190Experience Points 300Coins
200Bronze 200Iron
The bet The bet
Detail tab
Bah, my father… He doesn’t have much confidence in you, so I’ve made a bet with him. We bet that you will incur fewer losses during your adventures than he thinks. Now, you just have to prove me right.

Ha! I just said that. I won the bet. That will teach him to stop underestimating you. To thank you, I’d like to give you something from my reward. Buy yourself something beautiful with it.

Complete the adventure “Outlaws” losing fewer than Recruits. – 500Recruit
Complete an adventure losing fewer than Soldier(s). – 50Soldier

490Experience Points 400Sausages 41-50
The exasperating topic – granite The exasperating topic - granite
Detail tab
While you are producing titanium, we should still keep an eye on our granite problem. I know it’s an exasperating topic but it has to be dealt with. We should increase our stocks. Whether you trade or find granite yourself is up to you.

Wow, that much granite in one place is definitely rare, I have to say. I mean, I don’t know much about this sort of thing, but just by looking you can see how valuable granite is. Take good care of your granite.

Own at least Granite. – 10000Granite

620Experience Points 100Map Fragment
100Steel 400Coal
The exasperating topic – exotic wood The exasperating topic - exotic wood
Detail tab
Since we are currently working on increasing our stocks, we should continue doing so with exotic wood too. After all, you’ve been consuming a lot of it lately. Just go about it the same way as with granite.

I’ve just returned from my storage inspection, and I have to admit that freshly cut wood smells really fantastic. I also checked the wood for woodworm. Luckily, there isn’t any.

Own at least Exotic Wood. – 10000Exotic Wood

780Experience Points 400Granite 43-50
The exasperating topic – exotic wood planks The exasperating topic - exotic wood planks
Detail tab
My greetings. I really appreciate you refilling the stocks of granite and exotic wood, but I would recommend you process some of the exotic wood into planks, especially as our plank consumption has increased a lot recently.

Oh, that was quick. Thank you very much. I always feel better when I know the most important building materials are in stock. Now I can turn my attention back to the construction plans for the new buildings. Bye for now.

Own at least Exotic Wood Plank(s). – 10000Exotic Wood Planks

985Experience Points 200Titanium 44-50
A good man A good man
Detail tab
A general (also a friend of mine) is resting at our tavern at the moment. Have you already hired multiple generals? If not, now would be a good time to start. He’s a really good man.

The more generals you have, the more effectively you can transport your troops to adventures, and the faster you can defeat bandits. This is why having multiple generals is always a good idea.

Own at least Geologist(s). – 5

1240Experience Points 45-50
The adventure competition The adventure competition
Detail tab
Wow, did you also receive a letter? I’ve been invited to participate in the competition too. Of course, I’m going to win, but I wish you luck nonetheless. May the best man win.

Ha! I was really in front of you by a nose. However, I didn’t win either. Little matter – we both qualified for the next round, which means you’ll have a chance to get your revenge.

Complete Resource Adventure(s). – 5 The treasure search

1560Experience Points 200Granite
200Coins 200Titanium
The adventure competition continues The adventure competition continues
Detail tab
I’ve just received the next letter for the adventure competition. I’m so excited. This time it’s a bit more difficult, but I love a challenge. I’ll start work on it immediately. You too should work hard on it!

Oh no! This time you were in front of me. I assume I wasn’t paying enough attention. Never mind, once again we both qualified for the next round. This one will decide who is the better explorer.

Complete Epic Adventure(s). – 3 Epic adventures

600Experience Points 200Map Fragment
Too many requests Too many requests
Detail tab
I don’t know what to do. I have so many help requests from other islands, but most of my soldiers have requested vacation, and if they don’t get back to their families there will be a lot of awkward questions. Can you answer with the requests by sparing just a few units?

I’m so very grateful. The help requests were all taken care of, and all the soldiers who requested vacation were able to return home safely too. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you very much.

Complete the “Sons Of The Veld” adventure losing fewer than Recruits. – 300Recruit
Complete the “Roaring Bull” adventure losing fewer than Elite Soldiers. – 50Elite Soldier

660Experience Points 100Settlers
100Damascene swords
Follow-up adventures Follow-up adventures
Detail tab
Oh man… Why do I look so tired? I’ve just returned from a follow-up adventure. I found it on a regular adventure and it didn’t look that difficult, but in fact it was really hard. The up side? The construction plans of a very beautiful castle I received in return. Not such a bad deal after all!

Oh, you just returned from a follow-up adventure? So, how was it? Of course, you won’t always find construction plans, but a decent amount of coins is common.

Complete Follow-up Adventure(s). – 2 Continue

700Experience Points 200Coins 47-50
Final round Final round
Detail tab
Well, now it is getting serious. The final round of the competition has come. I just received the letter. Phew, take deep breaths… I’m really excited, I have to admit. Now it will be decided who is the best explorer. Let’s go!

I’m really impressed. Not only were you better than me, you also won the whole competition. There’s no shame in losing to the best. My congratulations. I’m looking forward to competing against you again next time.

Complete the adventure “The Dark Brotherhood”. – The Dark Brotherhood
Complete the adventure “The black knights”. – The Black Knights

2480Experience Points 400Exotic Wood Planks
400Horse 400Bronze Swords
Accusations Accusations
Detail tab
I’ve just received a letter from the king. He writes that the king of another kingdom has accused us of having a useless trade network, because you cannot earn gold with it. Because he thinks a great deal of you, the king requests you prove the other king wrong.

You really taught the other king something. He’ll never criticize the trade network again. Even I was surprised how much gold you can earn through it. You’ve done really well.

Buy at least Coin(s) from other players. – 10000Coins

2000Experience Points 200Granite 49-50
Priceless Priceless
Detail tab
Since we now have a cannon forge, we should increase our stock of cannons a little bit. Cannoneers are priceless in battle, believe me.

Thank you for listening to my advice. Now you can train cannoneers. Unfortunately, I have to go on a journey, which is why I won’t be able to oversee training. I asked the little man… what’s his name? Oliver? The little fat one. Anyway, I asked him to help you.

Produce at least Cannon(s). – 500Cannons

1220Experience Points 400Damascene swords
400Exotic Tree
The cannoneers The cannoneers
Detail tab
Lummy! Lord Sardin asked me to help you oversee the training of the cannoneers, but I don’t have a clue how to go about it! I don’t know what to say. I think you might be able to do better than me on your own.

I just knew you didn’t need any help. It’s a mystery why Lord Sardin always thinks you have to have someone standing by your side for the slightest thing. The man’s such a worrier.

Own Cannoneer(s). – 200Cannoneer

500Granite 200Titanium Ore
The practical test The practical test
Detail tab
Well, I’m back. I’ve already heard how you managed to organize cannoneer training yourself. Looks like I was unnecessarily worried. However, now I’m curious to see how our cannoneers will prove themselves in battle.

So, what do you think about the cannoneers? I think they are fabulous. If you’re ever forced to fight against buildings, they’ll be your most effective weapon.

Complete the “Secluded Experiments” adventure losing fewer than Cannoneers. – 10Cannoneer

500Granite 50
The guilty plea The guilty plea
Detail tab
You will not believe what I just heard. Do you remember the king who badmouthed our trade network? He’s sticking to his opinion and affirms that no one is capable of gathering a certain quantity of riches. I am sure you can prove him wrong again.

Just as I said it would be. The king had to let someone read out a plea of guilt, taking back everything he had said. It was a complete success. To show his gratitude for your help, the king has sent you a big present.

Own at least Coin(s). – 200000Coins

500Granite 500Exotic Wood Planks
Something is still missing Something is still missing
Detail tab
Well, I have to admit your island looks really fantastic, but one thing is still missing – an epic decoration building, a castle or something like that. I’m sure you can find something suitable during one of the adventures.

Perfect! Now, your island is complete. I think that last touch makes your island one of the most beautiful of all time. By the way, the king thinks so too, and has sent you something as appreciation. Things couldn’t get any better!

Own at least epic decoration building(s). – Decorative building

500Granite 200Bronze Swords 50
Oh, the Fairies! Oh, the Fairies!
Detail tab
My lord! I have learned that there are many magical creatures out there. Would you be so kind as to take me on an adventure, so that I can see these creatures with my own eyes? Please, play a fairytale adventure.

Ahh! The magical creatures! Splendid! Thank you my lord.

Complete Fairytale Adventure(s). – 1 Fairytale Adventures

15000Experience Points 250Granite
The Valiant Little Tailor Training overtime
The Major General The Major General
Detail tab
Armies are lead by captains and generals, but who knows what names they have in other lands? Your army needs a major general, so it would be best to send for one!

Ohh, the major general looks so fierce he could burn a hole right through you! Wait, what’s that smell?

Own at least major general(s). – 1 Major General

75000Experience Points 150Star Coins 52-75
Forest Fire Forest Fire
Detail tab
I have bad news! There’s been a fire in one of the exotic woods nearby. The woodcutter’s requested our help! Refill the affected exotic wood deposits!

Good, now the woodcutters can continue their work!

Have a production value of at least every hour(s) for . – 12 Exotic Wood / 12 h

75000Experience Points 150Mahogany Wood
150Exotic Wood
Quality Planks Quality Planks
Detail tab
I see your men at the sawmill were impressed by the quality of the mahogany wood. Do not let them down – have them produce more mahogany planks!

Your workers were happy to create the planks for you!

Own at least . – 150Mahogany Wood

1500Experience Points Aunt Irma's Gift Basket 53-75
Further information Further information
Detail tab
Before I forget, with a click on a building you can see further details about it. Try it on the sawmill and see for yourself.

Of course, the sawmill isn’t the only building to have such a window. You should always take a look at the information on each building.

Unknown –

?? 50+
Too Exotic Too Exotic
Detail tab
Now that we have plenty of exotic wood, you should order your settlers to prepare it! Have them make some exotic wood planks!

We have enough exotic wood planks! Now we can build more advanced buildings!

Produce at least Exotic Wood Plank(s). – 500Exotic Wood Planks

5000Experience Points 50Star Coins 54-75
Golden Wool Golden Wool
Detail tab
You know, my family had a very costly habit they liked to coat everything in gold. I know it sounds silly, but… when I was a child, I had a woolen blanket that was colored gold. It reminds me of my dear mother. Can you produce some more wool please?

The wool is ready! I will have it dyed in gold… I mean yellow paint!

Produce at least Exotic Wood Plank(s). – 500Wool

2000Experience Points 50Platinum Ore 55-75
A Weapon of Choice A Weapon of Choice
Our army needs to use real weapons for their training, and with all the adventures we’ve been going on, there’s a small chance that the weapons may be unusable once the troops have returned. To avoid any awkward situations, I would suggest we make an extra order of weapons!

So many weapons, where are we going to store them?

Acquire at least platinum sword(s). – 500Platinum Sword
Acquire at least battle horse(s). – 400Battle Horse
Acquire at least arquebuse(s). – 300Arquebuse
Acquire at least mortar(s). – 200Mortar

95850Experience Points 350Star Coins 60
The Tailor The Tailor
Detail tab
I heard there’s a land far away, where there’s a man who can create the most unique garments in the whole empire. I would like to ask you to send me, along with your general, on the tailor adventure!

That was a true adventure! I’ve learned so much!

Complete the adventure “The Betrayed Little Tailor”. – 1The Betrayed Little Tailor

35000Experience Points 300Platinum Ore
200Star Coins 150Coal
Training overtime
The Sun at the Zenith The Sun at the Zenith
Detail tab
My lord! Have you ever heard of the land of endless deserts? There are many mysteries between the dunes, and many treasures to be found! I urge you to send your generals into the adventure of the 1001 nights!

Ahh! You’re back! Have you ever seen such marvels?

Complete the adventure “Ali Baba the Young Woodcutter”. – 1Ali Baba the Young Wood Cutter

50000Experience Points 250Coal
Ali Baba and the first thief
Looking for a Tale Looking for a Tale
Detail tab
These adventures are amazing! I think we should send our troops on regular adventures so they can train for battle against our enemies. But first things first send out one of your explorers to find a fairytale epic adventure!

Your explorer returned and he has a map for you! Let’s see where this new adventure will take us!

Have adventure(s) in your star menu. – 1Fairytale Adventures

15000Experience Points 100Star Coins 58
Day and Night Day and Night
Detail tab
The land of the fairies seems to be a perfect place to train our troops, and collect rare resources! Order your general to engage in more fairytale adventures!

They’ve returned! Glorious! I think it’s time for them to rest for a spell.

Complete Fairytale Adventure(s). – 10 Fairytale Adventures

85000Experience Points 500Star Coins 61
Rare Wood is Good Wood Rare Wood is Good Wood
Detail tab
I know I keep saying it, but mahogany is very rare! Therefore, I would advise you to engage in more adventures and gather more mahogany wood!

I think this amount of mahogany wood should suffice! Good work!

Produce at least Mahogany plank(s).
– 50Mahogany Planks

1500Experience Points 750Coal
100Exotic Wood
From the Land of Dreams From the Land of Dreams
Detail tab
We now have a map that shows us where the adventure is! Ready your general, and send him out to gather the precious resources!

Your explorer returned and he has a map for you! Let’s see where this new adventure will take us!

Find Platinum ore by completing Epic adventures. – 10000Platinum Ore
Find Mahogany wood by completing Epic adventures. – 10000Mahogany Planks

75000Experience Points 500Star Coins
The Cloth is not Enough The Cloth is not Enough
Detail tab
Some of the soldiers are worried we might not have enough cloth! I think we should put their minds at rest, and produce more cloth, just to be on the safe side.

With this much cloth we could cover a grain field. Or two!

Produce at least cloth(s). – 350Woolen Cloth
Buy at least cloth(s) through trading with other players. – 100Woolen Cloth

6500Experience Points 100Exotic Wood
50Star Coins Red Flying Settler
Saddle Another Day Saddle Another Day
Detail tab
A horseman pointed out that it’s very important to have saddles of all shapes and sizes. They have small horses and big horses, after all… I think we should produce more saddle cloth!

Yes, now we have more saddle cloth, and they come in various sizes. It should be fine!

Produce at least saddle cloth(s). – 250Saddle Cloth
Sell at least battle horse(s) through trading with other players. – 25Battle Horse

5000Experience Points 100Star Coins 55-75
A Gift for a King (Part 1) A Gift for a King (Part 1)
Detail tab
I believe I’ve told you about my trades with the most honored King Schahri already? Every year I send him a gift to show him my gratitude. But this year I have nothing! I beg you, my lord, help me! I have to send him three items! One of them is a silver hunter gun. I have the gun recovered, but I will need quality gunpowder! Refill a saltpeter deposit and then upgrade your saltpeter mines so we get the best quality!

Ahh, good! This saltpeter will make the perfect gunpowder! Now for the next gift.

Have in your storehouse. – 500Saltpeter
Have level (s) on your island. – 2Saltpeter Mine LvL 5

22500Experience Points 50Star Coins 62
A Gift for a King (Part 2) A Gift for a King (Part 2)
Detail tab
My friend, King Schahri is a man of thousand of tastes. He loves good food more than anything! I have met your Aunt Irma, and her cooking is out of this world! I would like to ask you to have her produce some food for me, as a gift – the famous Aunt Irma’s Baskets!

The smell of this basket is splendid! King Schahri will be more than delighted! Now let’s see what we can do about that last gift.

Produce at least Aunt Irma’s Gift Basket(s). – 10Aunt Irma's Gift Basket

7500Experience Points 750Coal 63
A Gift for a King (Part 3) A Gift for a King (Part 3)
Detail tab
The third gift I want to send to King Schahri is a bit complicated. It’s not a something – it’s a somebody. I usually send him some of my best fighters to serve at the king’s court as bodyguards! Could my lord spare some of his knights? Train them so one day we can send them to the king!

Now I can tell which of your knights is the best! There, that group! They will make a fine addition to the king’s guard! Thank you my lord!

50 Knight

15000Experience Points 100Platinum Ore 75Star Coins 64
Imported Goods Imported Goods
Detail tab
I had a word with your alchemist, and he shared his concerns with me. Apparently, he thinks that the platinum we’re mining is not of the best quality. He says he’s heard that there’s a deposit of perfect quality platinum out there. I think you should send out one of your explorers on an epic treasure search so he can look for that special platinum ore.

The platinum ore is here, but it seems that the only thing that’s special about it is the color. It’s really much brighter. Well, at least we have some more platinum ore now.

Earn units of platinum ore through the prolonged treasure search. – 500Platinum Ore

12500Experience Points 50Star Coins
Scheduled Repairs Scheduled Repairs
Detail tab
My lord must have noticed that the winds on these islands are much stronger than they should be. These winds may actually cause some damage to the buildings. I advise you to produce some more exotic wood that can be used for the eventual repairs.

We have the exotic wood we need. Let’s hope that the winds will calm down.

Produce at least Exotic Wood. – 50Exotic Wood

2500Experience Points 50Platinum Ore 250Coal 350 Marble 66
Broken Roads Broken Roads
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Heavy wagons and horseshoes cause extensive damage to the roads we’re using. There are already several holes already on the main roads that need filling! You should have your men produce more granite!

We’ll use some of this granite to fill the holes. Or shall we just use stones?

Unknown –

?? 50+
Deep Explosions Deep Explosions
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Our miners use dynamite and all other kinds of explosives to dig deeper into their mines. Just to be sure, have your men produce some saltpeter, so if there’s need for more gunpowder, your alchemists can make it quickly. Produce saltpeter!

This is more than enough! We’ll send some of it to the alchemists!

Produce at least Saltpeter. – 50Saltpeter

3550Experience Points 750Coal
150Granite 50Gold Ore
Miscalculations Miscalculations
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Eh? The latest report from the storehouse claims we’re low on titanium ore! But this cannot be! Have your settlers produce more titanium ore!

It seems the report was wrong… At least now we have a lot of titanium ore. That can’t be a bad thing!

Produce at least Titanium. – 350Titanium

15000Experience Points 50Platinum Ore
20Star Coins
The Taskmaster The Taskmaster
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I have spoken with the captain from the ship. He’s challenged us to complete a certain number of tasks! I love a challenge! Accept and complete tasks.

The captain was impressed! Good work!

Unknown –

?? 50+
The New Goods Master The New Goods Master
Detail tab
We have a new master at the storehouse. While he was doing his first inspection, he found that our platinum supplies were running low. I think it’s time to produce more platinum ore.

Your miners have replaced the missing stock with platinum ore. Good work!

Unknown –

?? 50+
The Last Tale The Last Tale
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Your generals have been in many battles, but I heard that there is one more adventure that’s worth trying. Return to the deserts and complete the final “1001 Nights” Adventure.

Now you know all the secrets of the sand dunes. There are many adventures that await in the future, but for now, take some time and rest.

Unknown –

?? 50+
The King’s Visit Part 1 The King's Visit Part 1
Detail tab
My lord, my eyes have seen wonderful places and people. I’ve traveled the world, seen the snowy fields of the north and the mountains to the east. I’ve seen the jungles of the west and the deserts of the south. In each of these countries, each of their capitals had a so called “royal neighborhood”. If you want King Schahri to consider visiting us, we should build a royal neighborhood too. Have your settlers build manors, and make sure they’re upgraded accordingly.

The manors are ready! Now all we need are some decorations, and we’ll be able to welcome any visitor of royal blood.

Unknown –

?? 50+
The King’s Visit Part 2 The King's Visit Part 2
Detail tab
King Schahri is here! I will personally make sure his needs are tended to! After all, I know how to treat royalty! The king’s first wish is to visit the most expensive looking place we have! I think a gold mine fits the bill! Select a gold mine for the king to visit, but make sure it’s upgraded!

The king was speechless when he saw the gold! He loves gold! Unfortunately, he also asked me about how generous you are so… well, I think I know what he wants next.

Unknown –

?? 50+
The King’s Visit Part 3 The King's Visit Part 3
Detail tab
My lord! Before agreeing to be our friend and ally, the king would like to see how generous you are! I think the best way is to prepare some gifts for your friends! Let the king see how generous you are, prepare some buffs and help out your friends.

The king is impressed with your wealth and generosity! He must leave now, but I’m sure he will be back! Maybe he’ll even invite you to his castle?

Unknown –

?? 50+


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