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Main quests

Level. 1-25

Pinewood plank production
Stone production
New settlers
First buff
Missing tools
System functions
Claim new lands
Tool production
Update older production chains
Brew production
The battle
Free the home zone!
The general was defeated
Population capacity
Light reading
Treasure search
More buffs
Ranged units
Neither fish nor fowl
New building materials
Population capacity
First strike units
Reading Material
A good book
The Warmth Of The Flock

Level. 26-50

Basic adventure
Your brother Theodor
Luxury materials
More units
A question of style
Battle Master
Adventures for professionals
The new challenge
Vocational training
The Collector’s path
The Young Follower
Epic Workyards
Bi-metal Blades
Marble Furnace
The Forest Thickens
Steel Joiners
Granite Coking Ovens
Titanium Tools
Eternal Cutter
Animated Sawblades
Near-instant Coking
Unnatural Heat
Bean-powered Polishers

Level. 51-75

Welcome to Enhar
About Wood
More About Wood
Even More Wood
About Platinum
About Horsemen
About Arrows
About the Siege
About Granite
About Titanium
About Saltpeter
About the Provision House
Safety Measures
A Growing Threat
Unwanted Neighbors
Exotic Matters
The Good Captain Part 1
The Good Captain Part 2
The Good Captain Part 3
The Good Captain Part 4
The Good Captain Part 5
The Good Captain Part 6
The Good Captain Part 7
The Good Captain Part 8
The Good Captain Part 9
The Good Captain Part 10


The Colony Mode
Your First Expedition
Off Into The Unknown Your First Colony


Effective adventures

Easter Event 2017