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Main quests. Level. 26-50

Basic adventure
Your brother Theodor
Luxury materials
More units
A question of style
Battle Master
Adventures for professionals
The new challenge
Vocational training
The Collector’s path
The Young Follower
Epic Workyards
Bi-metal Blades
Marble Furnace
The Forest Thickens
Steel Joiners
Granite Coking Ovens
Titanium Tools
Eternal Cutter
Animated Sawblades
Near-instant Coking
Unnatural Heat
Bean-powered Polishers

Name Mission Completion Reward Player level required

Basic adventure

Basic adventure Bandits are not just present on your home zone. By the time we complete this chain of quests, you will know everything important about adventures and how to experience them.
Medium duration quest chain To complete the main quest, finish all its subquests.

You’ve managed to finish all the subquests. Now you know the basics about adventures, and have had your first experience with them.
Medium duration quest chain finished.
Mysterious Adventure Box 26
To the first adventure!
Detail tab
It seems the coast is clear. I promised to tell you more and I am always true to my word. Here I have a map of a small island. Click on the map in your star menu and start the adventure. Afterwards, you can travel there. Take some units with you and I’ll meet with you there.
Note The adventure can also be bought a limited number of times in the shop, in exchange for fish.

That was really a good effort for your first adventure, but don’t think all adventures will be this easy. They will get increasingly difficult as time goes on. On your maps, you’ll find an estimation of the difficulty, indicated with skulls.

Complete the adventure “Bounty Hunter”. – 1Bounty Hunter

60Experience Points 50Bronze Swords 26
Adventure search
Detail tab
If you want to find more maps, you’ll have to do it by yourself. Just send your explorer on an adventure search, and if you are lucky, he’ll find one. However, the strength of enemy units varies, so always take enough units with you.

So, were you lucky? Sometimes the explorer finds only single map pieces, but you can piece them together too. Just visit the merchant.

Have your explorer do a short search for a new adventure!

40Experience Points 26-37
Map fragments
Detail tab
Pssst… I have returned. I’ve found a lot of these map fragments. Since I have no real use for them, I thought it would be best to give them to you. After all, you can buy interesting adventures with them.

Map fragments are a good thing. I have… Oh no, someone is opening the door. What should I do? Darn it! I’m trapped.

Own at least Map Fragment(s). – 200Map Fragment

200Experience Points 34-37
The moment of truth
Detail tab
I knew you would be here. I’ve chased you so often in this direction. It was just a matter of time before I caught up with you. Now, reveal who you are!… Oh my god! This cannot be. Seraphina! Could you please leave us alone for a while?

Thank you for leaving us alone for a moment. Seraphina is my daughter. We don’t exactly have the best relationship. She left a while ago without even saying goodbye. At least I know where she is now.

Play adventures for hour(s). – 3

400Experience Points 100Map Fragment 34-37
More difficult adventures
Detail tab
Hello, I am back again. At least I don’t need to hide anymore. Yes, I am Sardin’s daughter. My pigheaded father won’t allow me to join the army, which is why I keep searching for adventures. By the way, I have the coordinates for your explorer’s new search.

So, did your explorer find something useful? Don’t forget, the adventures you’ll find on this route might be more difficult to handle, so always take enough units with you.

Have your explorer do a medium-length search for a new adventure!
Own at least Adventure(s). – 2

600Experience Points 36-37
Recruiting more explorers
Detail tab
I heard what Henry told you about the granite. He is absolutely right; we will be needing large amounts of granite. Trading is always a possibility of course, but to find more adventures and granite we really should recruit more explorers.

Very good. It would be best to send them out immediately to find something. By the way, the explorer you hire from the merchant needs only half the time the normal ones from the tavern take.

Own at least Explorer(s). – 3Explorer

800Experience Points 37


Soldiers Maybe you have already figured out that there will be more types of units. By the time we complete this quest chain, you will have soldiers as a new unit possibility.
Short quest chain To complete the main quest, finish all its subquests.

You’ve managed to finish all the subquests. You are now able to produce and recruit soldiers.
Short quest chain finished.
Red Flying Settler 27-29
Steel smelter
Detail tab
My scouts report of enemy activities on other islands. My instinct tells me we should keep on expanding the military, so it would be a good idea to have a steel smelter.

Steel is very important for weapon manufacture. By the way, I saw the shadow from earlier again. She disappeared in your direction. Did you see her, by any chance?

Build building(s). – 1Iron Smelter

25Experience Points 50Сталь 100Coal 27
Steel swords
Detail tab
But first, to more important matters – we need a steel weaponsmith to process steel into steel swords. I am so looking forward to commanding the first soldiers.

Very good. The military expansion has worked. In which case, I shall get back to searching for the suspicious person. Keep an eye open and report to me if you see her.

Build building(s). – 1Steel Weaponsmith

25Experience Points 150Iron 27-29
Recruits do not suffice
Detail tab
Tell me this is not true. Now Theodor wants soldiers from us because he is afraid that recruits might not suffice. Whatever. After all, he is your brother. Just check whether your steel production is well balanced first.

As soon as you think that production is okay, we can continue training the soldiers. Do you think Theodor is really in danger? Maybe he is just imagining things.

Have a production value of at least every hour(s) for Steel Swords. – 1Steel Swords
Have a production value of at least every hour(s) for Steel. – 1Steel
Have a production value of at least every hour(s) for Iron. – 1Iron
Have a production value of at least every hour(s) for Iron Ore. – 1Iron Ore
Have a production value of at least every hour(s) for Coal. – 1Coal

30Experience Points 150Coins 29

Your brother Theodor

Your brother Theodor It seems your brother has problems. By completing this quest chain, you have helped your brother.
Short quest chain To complete the main quest, finish all its subquests.

You’ve managed to finish all the subquests. Your brother is now safe and sound.
Short quest chain finished.
Red Flying Settler Improved Drill Plan Exotic Fruit Basket 27
Theodor gets attacked
Detail tab
An emissary of your brother Theodor has just arrived, completely hysterical, and told me your brother fears he will soon be attacked. He beseeches your help. Before we send him troops, we should check our weapon productions, starting with the bronze swords.

Good – that should suffice to help your brother out. I’d like to know who this ominous attacker is. Perhaps we will know soon enough.

Have a production value of at least every hour(s) for Coal. – 1Coal
Have a production value of at least every hour(s) for Copper Ore. – 1Copper Ore
Have a production value of at least every hour(s) for Bronze. – 1Bronze
Have a production value of at least every hour(s) for Bronze Swords. – 1Bronze Swords

50Experience Points 150Coal 50Iron Ore 27
Recruits on their way
Detail tab
Your brother is becoming more and more impatient. We should send him some units soon to stop him going insane with fear. Train a few recruits and I will send them to him as soon as they are done.

The message that the recruits are on their way seems to have calmed him down a bit, though he still doesn’t want to tell us who this possible attacker might be.

Train Recruit(s) in the Barracks. – 50Recruit

35Experience Points 150Bronze Swords 28-31
Steel swords in advance
Detail tab
I must talk to you once again about the fears of your brother Theodor. He has sent a message saying he prefers not to wait so long for the soldiers, and hence would like us to send steel swords to start off with.

You are really very generous. I hope your brother appreciates it, but most likely not. Hopefully, he is satisfied after taking receipt of the soldiers.

Produce at least Steel Sword(s). – 100Steel Swords

20Experience Points 50Coins 30-31
Foul eggs
Detail tab
Well, the swords didn’t calm your brother down for very long it seems. He has become very agitated again. It is time to send him the soldiers. After that, hopefully, he will finally calm down.

I don’t believe this. It would seem your brother’s ‘frightening fiend’ is simply a lady he was rather ungentlemanly with. She hasn’t even threatened him with soldiers, just thrown rotten eggs at his carriage. Unbelievable.

Train Bowman/men in the Barracks. – 100Soldier

125Experience Points 100Сталь

Luxury materials

Luxury materials New buildings will become available which will need new building materials. By the time we complete this quest chain, you will know all the necessary facts about these materials.
Short quest chain To complete the main quest, finish all its subquests.

You’ve managed to finish all the subquests. Now you know about special luxury materials, where to get them, and how to process them.
Short quest chain finished.
Victor The Vicious 31
Exotic wood
Detail tab
Have you already found some exotic wood? It is the very best wood that exists. Unfortunately, we don’t have any exotic trees to cut down here. You can only get the wood from your explorer or through your adventures. Build up a supply of it, because we will be needing it very soon.

The smell alone is simply sensational. By the way, you can also obtain this wood by trading with other settlers, although the cost is obviously higher.

Own at least Exotic Wood. – 1000Exotic Wood

200Experience Points 33-36
Detail tab
Uh oh… with the last delivery we imported a special kind of woodworm. It particularly likes chomping on the exotic wood we organized recently. We should process it immediately, but first we need a sawmill for this kind of wood.

Very good, but it was about time. These little monsters feed on everything they can find. Let’s hurry and begin processing the wood. It’s still free of woodworm.

Build building(s). – 1Exotic Wood Sawmill

100Experience Points 33-36
To get rid of the worms
Detail tab
Good, production is going fine as far as I can see. While the wood is being processed, I will check how to get rid of these worms. After all, we want to be able to store this wood again in the future.

I have good news. We’ve found a way to get rid of the wood worm. Now, we can store the wood safely again.

Produce at least Exotic Wood Plank(s). – 100Exotic Wood Planks

150Experience Points 80Сталь 80Iron 33-36
Detail tab
Greetings. How are you doing? I’ve checked the new plans, and they are really fascinating, but we will need granite for most of the buildings. It’s a rare stone we cannot find on this island, but maybe you can obtain some during your adventures?

Could you get hold of some granite? It’s quite expensive because it’s rare, but there really is nothing better. Some people offer granite through the trade and, in an emergency, there is always the merchant. I heard that sometimes even explorers find granite during their treasure hunts.

Own at least Granite. – 2000Granite

600Experience Points 36

More units

More units It seems you are ready for the strongest unit types. By the time we complete this quest chain, you will have all the remaining unit types and productions.
Medium duration quest chain To complete the main quest, finish all its subquests.

You’ve managed to finish all the subquests. You are now able to recruit all kinds of different unit types.
Medium duration quest chain finished.
Noble Residence Secluded Experiments
Improved Drill Plan
New plans
Detail tab
Greetings. Good to see you again. I have heard of some trouble around here, but it does not concern me. I am just here to tell you that the construction of the buildings, whose plans we have now, will consume a lot of tools. You should think about expanding your tool production.

Now we should be prepared for the new buildings. I’m going back to study the new plans so we can begin construction as soon as you give the signal. Goodbye.

Have a production value of at least every hour(s) for Coal. – 1Coal
Have a production value of at least every hour(s) for Tools. – 1Tools
Have a production value of at least every hour(s) for Bronze. – 1Bronze
Own at least Tool(s). – 1Tools

500Experience Points 35-50
Detail tab
Please excuse my absence. I had to deal with some private matters… Anyway, I’ve taught you nearly everything I know. Of course, there are a few better weapons and units you can still build, but I think you’ll manage it alone. For example, we could use crossbowmen.

As I said, you can manage that all by yourself. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask, any time. In the meantime, I’ll have a talk with my daughter.

Build building(s). – 1Crossbowsmith

1620Experience Points 39-50
To the military again
Detail tab
Oh, has my daughter vanished again? Typical! She’s never very comfortable when she stays too long in one place, and becomes unreliable. That’s one reason why I did not want her to join the army. Whatever… Next, we should construct a Titanium smelter.

Titanium is a good metal; solid, but light and able to take a lot of strain. We should be able to produce effective weapons from it. However, it is not cheap.

Have at least (s) on your island. – Titanium Smelter

4920Experience Points 41-50
Detail tab
Before we can begin manufacturing swords, we need have some titanium in stock. To produce titanium takes quite some time, so you had best begin with soon.

Hmm… I just saw my daughter in the courtyard. It seems she wants to speak with you. I’m surprised she’s helping you so much. Maybe I have misjudged her.

Produce at least Titanium. – 400Titanium

1500Experience Points 42-50
Detail tab
Greetings. I have found something very interesting. A friend of mine forgot to take it with him. I thought a carriage like this might be useful, and who knows what use can be made of it. Maybe you should think about producing one yourself. In which case, we’ll be needing a wheelmaker.

Wow, what a beautiful building. It really adds something to the city. Can’t have been cheap, I’m sure. I’m excited to see how things develop with the carriages. Just remember we need a carpenter before we can use the carriages.

Build building(s). – 1Wheelmaker

2800Experience Points 500 Granite 43-50
The carpenter
Detail tab
Ah, I found them! The plans for building a carpenter. He can produce the carriages with the help of the wheels. Just inform us when we should begin construction, and remember that the plans are quite complicated, so we will need some time.

We are finished. Definitely one of our best constructions. Do you like it? By the way, I’ve heard rumors about the carriages being able to carry cannons. I’ll check whether I can find plans for that.

Build building(s). – 1Carpenter

4920Experience Points 44-50
Damascene weaponsmith
Detail tab
A carpenter producing carriages? Useless! We need weapon production, not these bits and pieces. For example, we need a Damascene weaponsmith. By now we should have enough titanium ready.

Right, that is what we need! No carriages to push around the area. We will be able to make fantastic weapons out of it. You will see!

Build building(s). – 1Damascene Weaponsmith

4920Experience Points 44-50
Damascene swords
Detail tab
Best start production immediately. You will be thrilled, because these are the best weapons you can get. With them, we will easily drive all our enemies back.

I just took a look at weapon production. Very beautiful swords I have to admit. What? No, I am not sure where my daughter might be. She tends to keep out of my sight, rather successfully in fact.

Produce at least Damascene Sword(s). – 300Damascene swords

12400Experience Points 45-50
The elite
Detail tab
I just saw Seraphina. Was she here? Hmm… adventure. Well, maybe these adventures would be a good way to try out your new units. Since your home islands don’t seem to have any new challenges to offer any more, produce some units and use them in an adventure.

I have to say that adventures are really exciting. I never thought I’d say that. And what do you think about our soldiers? Phenomenal, don’t you think? They can take much and deal out a lot. For big challenges you should always take some of them with you.

Train Elite Soldier(s) in the Barracks. – 100Elite Soldier
Complete Experience Adventure(s). – 3

7600Experience Points 100Crossbows 46-50
Cannons from carriages
Detail tab
I found it! I found it! The construction plans to upgrade carriages to cannons. We’ll be needing two different buildings – a powderhut and a cannon forge. If you’re interested, you should start with the powderhut.

Hmm, that was a lot of work, but the powderhut really looks pretty. Now I shall leave and prepare the construction of the cannon forge. See you later.

Build building(s). – 1Powderhut

10000Experience Points 49-50
The cannon forge
Detail tab
I have finished preparations for the construction of the cannon forge. As soon as you give the signal, we can start. It will become a gorgeous building, just wait and see. I am convinced that Lord Sardin will have the same opinion too.

So, did I promise too much? Even Lord Sardin complimented me, and that surely means something. I think I’ve helped you as much as I can. I will now return to my work. Do not hesitate to ask for my help if you are ever in need of it.

Build building(s). – 1Cannon Forge

500Gems 50


Values Now it’s up to you to become the richest person and best merchant on the planet! When you complete this quest chain, there will be nothing more to say – and you’ll have stacks of money to keep you busy.
Long term quest chain To complete this main quest, finish all sub quests.

You’ve managed to finish all the subquests. You are now a true master of trading, and your riches are almost limitless.
Long quest chain finished.
Packed Wheatfield 37-50
Neglected trade
Detail tab
We’ve been so busy we’ve neglected trade a little bit, don’t you think? Remember that the king places a lot of importance on supporting trade. Maybe we should concentrate on that again for a while.

You really have a talent for trading. I’m sure the king will recognize that too. Once we’ve improved your skills a bit, maybe you’ll become one of the most successful traders of the country.

Buy 1,000 goods through trade
Sell 1,000 goods through trade

800Experience Points 37-50
A first goal
Detail tab
We should improve your trading skills at any cost. We will need lots of coins to upgrade buildings. In general, coins are always useful for trade, which is why we should set ourselves a certain coin income as a goal.

You’ve mastered that really well, but I have to admit I expected nothing less. By the way, have you seen Lord Sardin lately? Since the incident with his daughter he has kind of disappeared.

Buy at least Coin(s) from other players. – 2500Coins

1620Experience Points 38-50
Detail tab
Hey hey. It’s me. I’ve been traveling a lot, and visited the nicest islands, but the bandits there are very well equipped. If you want to go there too, you really should rearm, and for that you will need granite as soon as possible.

Very well. That should be enough to do something useful with. What? My father? Oh, he’s just sobbing in a dark corner where nobody can see him. It is always the same. Don’t worry, he’ll soon reappear.

Buy at least Granite from other players. – 2000Granite

1500Experience Points 38-50
The well-being of the settlers
Detail tab
Greetings. Don’t worry, I do not have something to ask of you, just an idea. Yesterday I found a coin lying on the floor, and I got very excited about it. I was so happy that I worked way more effectively the following day. How about spreading some coins across the city and making your settlers happy with them? I’m sure they’ll work better that way!

So, now I’m eager to see whether it works. It’s really very exciting. I admire you for taking care of your settlers so conscientiously. Now I’ll mingle and see whether it works.

Pay Coins from your storage. – 500Coins
Own at least . – 5000Coins

2420Experience Points 40-50
The offer
Detail tab
A generous offer has arrived from the king. At the moment you are subordinated to him, but he offers you your independence if you manage to gather a certain amount of coins, by any means you soo fit. You should take him up on this offer!

Unbelievable! You really made it. I’ve just received the letter from the king via express messenger, approving your independence. I congratulate you. You are the first person I know who has managed to do this.

Own at least Coin(s). – 50000Coins

22200Experience Points 40-50

A question of style

A question of style
Detail tab
The Master craftsmen are asking for more distinguished volumes to share their exquisite knowledge with. We shall need more sophisticated manufacturing methods to meet this requirement. Let’s make sure our economy is up to it.

You must have a remarkable economy at your disposal to sport such capacities! Bravo!

Have a production value of at least every hour(s) for Water. – 1Water
Have a production value of at least every hour(s) for Coal. – 1Coal
Have a production value of at least /h for Gold. – 1Gold

1040Experience Points 40


Bestsellers Truly secret knowledge and particularly valuable skills require a special type of book. I suggest you build workshops dedicated to the refinement of our Tomes.

What a treat – we’ve managed to create something very special here. Real collectors’ items!
80Settlers 40-50
High standards
Detail tab
To allow for the noblest and finest type of documents we will need an Ornamentalsmith. Creating a Codex requires much experience and skill. However, the result is the most amazing piece of bookbindery I am able to deliver.

Isn’t it just wonderful to watch an artist at work? All this detail and passion. I’m delighted!

Own at least Ornamentalsmith(s) – 1Ornamentalsmith

100Granite 100Iron 40-50
The good stuff
Detail tab
By using the best materials we will be able to live up to the highest bibliophiliac standards. Let us use the experience we have gathered to build an Advanced Papermill, and create the finest paper of our era has ever known!

Impressive, such quality! Have you tried touching this paper? One can immediately feel one is holding something extraordinary in one’s hands.

Own at least Advanced Papermill(s) – 1Advanced Papermill

100Gold Ore 80Exotic Tree 40-50
Gold standard
Detail tab
It is done – the manufacturing pipeline for the Codex is complete! Visit me in my workshop at any time and let’s talk about producing some of these most precious volumes! This will provide you with the most advanced and secret skills and knowledge.

Splendid! Take good care to whom you grant access to these treasures. The knowledge contained in these Codices is invaluable!

Produce at least Codex/Codices. – 1Codex

200Coins 100Saltpeter 40-50

Battle Master

Battle Master All that’s left to do is to make sure your army is perfect. By the time we complete this chain of quests, you will have a well balanced weapon economy and a large army.
Medium duration quest chain To complete the main quest, finish all its subquests.

You’ve managed to finish all the subquests. You now have well balanced weapon production and a huge army.
Medium duration quest chain finished.
Improved Drill PlanMercenary Soldiers 42-50
A representative army
Detail tab
This is getting serious. You already have a glorious city and an effective economy. Now, we should concentrate on the military, since they are not only supposed to fight well but also represent your kingdom’s strength. This means we still need to increase the number of units.

Now your army is on the right track. In my opinion, an army is never too big. Remember to have a variety of units. Having only recruits or bowmen will not suffice.

Own Military Units of any kind. – 1300

2200Experience Points 42-50
The perfect army
Detail tab
I don’t want to tell you which units to choose for your army. You’re probably able to decide that on your own. Just make sure you mix them up a little bit – not only is it more flexible, it also looks better.

Good, now my work here is done. Your military is near perfect – I’ve taught you everything I know and all nearby enemies have been fought back. With your permission, I will draw back. Contact me if you need my help again.

Own Military Units of any kind. – 2000

6000Experience Points 47-50
Great challenges
Detail tab
Great challenges await you. If you want to succeed, you’ll need a big army with a good mixture of melee and ranged damage units. Prepare yourself well before leaving for the adventures.

Are you satisfied with your preparations? Do you have enough units and supplies in stock? As soon as you think you are correctly prepared, just contact me and we’ll get going.

Own Military Units of any kind. – 2300

500Gems 50
Lots of weapons
Detail tab
The amount of settlers you can train to become units looks alright, but remember you also need weapons. I hope you have continued to keep an eye on the efficiency of your weapon production chains, because you’ll be needing a lot of weapons very shortly.

My father prepared you really well. You worked well, and quickly. You have erased all my final doubts about you becoming the greatest explorer of all times.

Have a production value of at least every hour(s) for Bronze Swords. – 1Bronze Swords
Have a production value of at least every hour(s) for Iron Swords. – 1Iron Swords
Have a production value of at least every hour(s) for Steel Swords. – 1Steel Swords
Have a production value of at least every hour(s) for Damascene Swords. – 1Damascene swords
Have a production value of at least every hour(s) for Crossbows. – 1Crossbows
Have a production value of at least every hour(s) for Cannons. – 1Cannons

500Gems 50Crossbows 50Cannons 50

Adventures for professionals

Adventures for professionals There is still a lot to tell you about adventures. By the time we complete this quest chain, you will know absolutely everything about adventures.
Medium duration quest chain To complete the main quest, finish all its subquests.

You’ve managed to finish all the subquests. Now you know everything about adventures, including the various types and difficulties.
Medium duration quest chain finished.
Mysterious Adventure Box 42-50
The bandit nightmare
Detail tab
Hello, how are you? How’s the adventure search going? Found any treasure yet? I just happen to know that those bad guys on the far off islands have robbed one of the king’s coin transports and stolen all the gold. How do feel about trying to get it back?

Wow, you really made them pay. You are becoming a veritable bandit’s nightmare. The only thing left to hope for is that the king will not hear about it. It would be a shame to be forced to give the gold back to him.

Earn Coin(s) through epic adventures. – 10000Coins

24800Experience Points 48-50
The greatest explorer of all time
Detail tab
My father has written me a letter requesting we talk. Instead of joining you on your journey, I will comply with his request and meet with him. I wish you luck. We will see each other again when you have become the greatest explorer of all time.

You made it. You really made it. You’ve done everything a person can achieve in one lifetime. Our meeting went fine. We decided to meet once and again and do something. Tomorrow we will go to the firing range. It will be fun!

Complete the “Secluded Experiments” adventure losing fewer than Cavalry. – 100Cavalry
Complete Epic Adventure(s). – 5
Complete Resource Adventure(s). – 10
Complete Follow-up Adventure(s). – 2
Complete Experience Adventure(s). – 10

500Gems 2000Granite

The new challenge

The new challenge Hi there. I’ve been watching your adventure efforts, and I’m really impressed by your skills. You know, lately I heard about some strange things happening far away. Until today I thought this task might be too difficult for you, but now I think you could well be capable. Maybe you should take a look?

You did it again, and have mastered the fairytale adventures! Not only that, but you’ve upgraded the fairytale castle to level 5 and proved yourself to be one of the greatest war masters around. I’m really impressed. Keep going!
500 Gems The Valiant Little Tailor 50
Epic preparations
Detail tab
OK, so you accept the challenge?! Well well, you are brave, but we’ll soon see exactly how brave you really are. Of course, you can’t just go now and win the fight. You’ll have to prepare well, and by “well” I mean **really** well!

Very well – that should be enough for the first round. Don’t look so surprised. Maybe you’re wondering why you needed to train so many units. Trust me… Most of them will not come back.

Have an army of or more units. – 3000
Own Recruit(s). – 1500Recruit
Own Crossbowmen. – 200Crossbowman
Own Elite Soldier(s). – 200Elite Soldier

1000Experience Points 500Exotic Wood 50
The Valiant Little Tailor
Detail tab
The time has come. I’ve put the new adventure in your star menu. When you arrive on the new island, a friend of mine will welcome you. He seems a bit weird on first sight but he’s OK really. Just help him and he will reward you accordingly. Good luck.

Oh, you’re back. How was it? How did you like my friend the tailor? A bit strange, right? But I am sure you two will get along. I hope he rewarded you accordingly? Let’s see what you got from the adventure.

Complete the adventure “The Valiant Little Tailor”. -1 The Valiant Little Tailor

1000Experience Points 500Granite 50
Fairytale Adventures
Detail tab
Maybe you already realized this, but there are more new adventures besides the one you already tried. To get them, you need to play the first adventure and the others will probably come as follow-ups. The rewards increase with every follow up-adventure, so it will be worth your while!

So, were you lucky? Didi you see a lot of these new adventures? There’s a lot to see with all the different possibilities in the follow-up adventures you can get. Try and find all possible paths.

Complete Fairytale Adventure(s). – 2

1000Experience Points 500Granite 50
Gathering Magic Beans
Detail tab
You got Magic Beans as reward? Hmm… They look pretty ordinary. Did you already check what you can get for them? … What? A giant castle? A tower that produces coins? Wow, that’s epic. So, what are you waiting for? Gather more of them to get the epic rewards!

Wow, that’s a lot of beans. Nice work! Let’s see what we can buy with them… What? Oh, of course, I meant what **you** can buy with them.

Find Magic Beans by completing fairytale adventures. – 1000Magic Bean

1000Experience Points 500Титановая руда 50
More beans
Detail tab
Man, we need more beans. There are so many things to be bought. You should continue gathering beans. Maybe there are also other ways to gather beans?! In any case, we need more!

Ah, it’s raining beans. Marvelous! I have already an idea of what we can buy with them. Can you guess what it is?

Acquire at least Magic Beans. – 2000Magic Bean

1000Experience Points 500Granite 50
The Fairytale Castle
Detail tab
Oh, this castle is gorgeous, don’t you think? You have to build it on your island. I’ve heard that when you upgrade it, it produces something from these beans that you can use to buy even more marvelous items.

My, it is even taller than I expected. Really breathtaking. Let’s take a look at how it works, and what needs to be done to make it produce Magic Beanstalks.

Upgrade your Fairytale castle to level 5. – 1Fairytale Castle
Have a production value of at least every hour(s) for Magic Beanstalks. – 1Magic Beanstalk
Produce at least Magic Beanstalk(s). – 50Magic Beanstalk

1000Experience Points 1000Granite 50
Magic Beanstalk
Detail tab
If I’ve understood correctly, we need to upgrade the Fairytale Castle to level 5 to make it produce Magic beanstalks. It may take some time but it seems to be worth it! With the stalks you can buy even more cool new items. So, let’s start!

You made it! I don’t know how, but you made it. It seems nothing is able to stop you. I always thought that you were pretty skilled, but now I’m really stunned by your abilities. Anyway, enjoy your stalks and don’t forget to gather new beans.

Build building(s). – 1Fairytale Castle

1000Experience Points 500Exotic Tree 50


Premium Hello there my friend! I come bearing news of a most wonderful new invention – so listen very carefully, because I shall share this only once.

So, those are the most important benefits you’ll receive! You’ll also get an additional building queue slot, and more daily quests per day. So why not make the most of your Premium Time? If you want to add more time, just visit the merchant.
1 Premium day 16
What is Premium?
Detail tab
There is a new so-called “Premium Time” on sale, which you can buy from the merchant and put into your account. The king was so kind as to give me one of these “Premium days” so that you can try it out for yourself. You can find it in your star menu.

See? Pretty simple. Now you have Premium Time, you can enjoy certain benefits. Let me tell you a little bit more about what you can expect.

Add one day of Premium time to your account.

10 Experience Points 16
Premium friends
Detail tab
One of the benefits you’ll receive is an increase in your friend buff time. You may already know that your buffs on friend zones last longer, but during Premium time, they’ll last even longer still. Why not try it out!

Super, right? Your friends will love you! Of course, this also works if one of your friends buffs you while they have Premium Time active too.

Buff at least of your friends’ buildings. – 1

20 Experience Points 16
More loot
Detail tab
The best thing about the Premium status is that you’ll earn more loot from your adventures. But not only do you get more loot, you’ll earn more experience points too. Completing adventures will now pay better than it ever has done before. But don’t just take my word for it – take a look for yourself.

So, what do you say? Not bad, eh? Premium Time really pays off, especially with difficult adventures. Although even with easy adventures, the bonus is not to be sniffed at!

Experience at least new Adventure(s). – 1

50Experience Points 16

Vocational training

Vocational training Did you notice that the Geologists often seem to settle for quite mediocre results? There’s got to be more to get from these deposits! I say we give the first Manuscript to a Geologist and broaden his horizons a bit!

Excellent! We’ve turned this boy into a true specialist. I’m proud of him. The right book at the right moment can make all the difference.
500Coins 50
Detail tab
Every journey begins with a first step, and the plan to educate this young fellow properly might turn out be a truly epic journey!

Did I just see a flash of joy in the eyes of our young friend? It seems our efforts are being met with actual curiosity. Keep going!

Invest at least Manuscript(s) in one of your Geologists. – 1Manuscript

250Bread 100Brew 16-50
Detail tab
Basic training will help our friend to commit and somewhat predetermine his specialization later on, so be careful what you teach in this phase!

I must say, our friend is becoming a connoisseur of sorts. Isn’t it touching to see them grow up so quickly?

Invest at least Manuscript(s) in one of your Geologists. – 10Manuscript

100Coal 300Brew 24-50
Detail tab
Our friend has ascended to the higher reaches of geology, if one can say that about a mole like him. Now we carefully have to assess his disposition and the potential uses.

Remarkable – by now this Geologist deserves to be called a true specialist! I dare say it’s because we went to some lengths for his education.

Invest at least Tome(s) in one of your Geologists. – 10Tome

200Coal 250Marble 36-50
Detail tab
It is about time to introduce our man to the greatest teachings of geology, one might say the secrets of the earth. Choose with great care – the abilities at stake are what make a truly exceptional Geologist.

I can hardly believe that our once so undiscerning young friend has made it to such heights. Very impressive!

Invest at least Codex/Codices in one of your Geologists. – 11Codex

300Coal 250Granite 42-50


Maturation These Explorers – here today, gone tomorrow! All these treasure hunts and expeditions! A little groundedness wouldn’t hurt, would it? Some commitment and dedication. Give them an area of expertise to specialize in – make them stand for something in life!

Brilliant – a little structure and discipline has proved to do him good! He is a truly valuable member of our economy now.
500Coins 50
Detail tab
I’m not even sure he can actually read. He can’t read a map, that much is sure! Just how can someone take so much time for every journey?

Did you see how he just plowed through those documents? Maybe we can turn him into a man with common sense after all.

Invest at least Manuscript(s) in one of your Explorers. – 1Manuscript

200Bread 150Brew 16-50
Detail tab
I propose we go on and teach this restless fellow the basics of navigation and travel planning first. After that, we should be able to tell what really he has a knack for.

Well, that turned out to be more productive than I would have guessed. Our lad seems to have a certain talent for what he does. Or perhaps he’s just a quicker reader than I thought.

Invest at least Manuscript(s) in one of your Explorers. – 10Manuscript

100Coal 300Brew 24-50
Detail tab
It can’t hurt to send a few of our more advanced books his way. I was thinking material sciences or a bit of history, so he can actually tell what he is bringing us.

Not bad – he has acquired quite a repertoire. I admit, I’m impressed.

Invest at least Tome(s) in one of your Explorers. – 10Tome

200Coal 250Marble 36-50
Detail tab
Well, he has proven that he knows his metier, much to my astonishement, I have to admit, so it would be a good idea to provide him with our finest works now, and truly make him a specialist.

Chapeau! He tought me that a globetrotter does not have to be a lazy prowler. On the contrary, this man has seen the world and is a true expert in his profession.

Invest at least Codex/Codices in one of your Explorers. – 6Codex

300Coal 250Granite 42-50

The Collector’s path

The Collector's path You subjects are reporting increased sightings of useful trinkets lying around the countryside. Perhaps if they were gathered, we could make something useful out of them. Every little bit counts you know.
Long term quest chain to complete this main quest, finish all sub-quests.

Congratulations on your first collection.
60 Gems 12
The collections collection
Detail tab
To check your available collections, open the Collections tab in the mayor’s house. They will become available progressively as your level increases.

You’ve found it! Amazing!

Open the “Collections” tab.

Scarecrow Herbs 12
Collecting on-map items
Detail tab
Collecting the items on the map is no easy task! You’ll need to look closely, as they’re so easy to miss.
To start off, gather 10 Scarecrows and 12 Herbs. If you don’t see them all on the map at once, don’t worry – they’ll re-appear during the day.

How fortuitous!

Own at least Scarecrows. – 12Scarecrow
Own at least Herbs. – 12Herbs

30Coins 12
Complete a collection
Detail tab
Complete the “Country Saying” collection by gathering all the required ingredients! Why are you still reading this? Get going!

At long last! It is completed!

Produce at least “Country Sayings” at the Mayor’s House and use on one of your Fields. – 1Country Saying

10Coins 6Scarecrow 12Herbs 12
Adventure collectibles
Detail tab
Collect a Bronze Cauldron from an adventure map. It can only be found on adventure maps you visit and will not reappear on that adventure once you have collected it. Best of luck!

You’re quite the explorer!

Acquire at least Bronze Cauldron(s) – 1Bronze Cauldron

30Coins 50Steel 12

The Young Follower

The Young Follower Hello my lord. I am Istvan, one of your young followers, and I need your help. The weather has been terribly dry lately, and thus our crop harvest was poor last year. We don’t have enough food to last us until the next harvest. Please, help us.

So, it’s all over. Everything’s finished, and it’s time to say goodbye. I really am grateful for your help. Here, take this – I prepared a small gift as reward for your efforts. Farewell. Until we meet again!
Unknown 10000Experience Points 12
Detail tab
First, we’ll need to plow the fields for a new harvest, but they’re covered in debris. Could you help us and collect some of this debris?

Thank you! This should be enough space to grow some new crops. Which brings me to our next task…

Collect all the collectibles on the map –

3000Experience Points 12
Plowing Materials
Detail tab
We don’t have enough tools and utensils left to plow the complete area. It would be a great help if you could help us find the materials to do so. Here, I made a note of everything we need.

Wow, that was really generous of you. Now, it is up to me to make good use of it. I will return when I am done with plowing and spreading the seeds.

Pay Tool(s) from your storage. – 5000Tools
Pay Bread from your storage. – 5000Bread
Pay Brew from your storage. – 5000Brew

5000Experience Points 500Coins 12
Wait and See
Detail tab
Phew, we’re all done! Now, all that’s left to do is to wait until the wheat has grown. We’d better wait and see how things go. I’m sure you’ve got plenty of other things to be getting on with – I’ll let you know when the crops have grown.

The time has come, the wheat is grown and harvest can begin. I am really thankful for your help. I knew I could count on you.

Produce at least Wheat. – 10000Wheat

3000Experience Points 12
Basic Amount
Detail tab
To be on the safe side, we’ll keep some wheat on one side, as a backup We don’t want to risk a new shortage, after all!

Well, this should suffice. Therewith, we should have enough wheat to last through the winter, and even a little bit longer.

Own at least . – 20000Wheat

3000Experience Points 12

Epic Workyards

Epic Workyards Good day, Milord!
Our scientists have come up with a new contraption they call it an Epic Workyard.
It’s a huge, imposing structure that houses complex mechanisms which can transform and produce resources at incredible speed. Truly a magnificent achievement and a wonder of technology!
Much time and effort has been involved in its creation, so the Scientists Guild is demanding Magic Beans in compensation for the structure – but I say it’s well worth it!

Your Epic Workyard is now operating at full speed!
You should focus on upgrading it for maximum benefits.
7600Experience Points Epic Pinewood Forester - Rank 2 Epic Hardwood Forester Epic Pinewood Sawmill Epic Hardwood Sawmill Epic Pinewood Coking Plant 36
Setting the Foundation
Detail tab
It’s time we set-up our first Epic Workyard. It will bring both glory to our island, and a much-needed boost to our economy.
Great journeys start with but a single step, remember!

Purchase an Epic Woodyard from the Shop (Epic items) and place it on the island.

Excellent! Look at the size of that building!

Build at least one Epic Workyard

3500Experience Points 36
Turning the Key
Detail tab
A historic moment, Milord!
Today we start our first production at our Epic Workyard. It’s an event of great significance which proclaims Your great foresight and penchant for new things, as well as the undeniable greatness of our island!

Start a seed to pinewood production chain at your Epic Workyard.

Great! You started up the machines!

Select the Epic Workyard
Have at least (s) on your island. – 1 Epic Pinewood Forester Chain

7600Experience Points 36
Full Speed!
Detail tab
We’ve got our Epic Workyard is up and running, but it can do so much more!
Use the remaining two slots to start additional Tree Planting production chains.

Wow! Such productivity!

Have at least (s) on your island. – 3 Epic Pinewood Forester Chain

Magic Bean Soup 36
Detail tab
Can you hear the machines? They purr like a kitten – now let’s make them roar like a lion!
Use the “Magic Bean Soup” buff to double the Epic Workyard’s production, and then select the building to see it in action.

Extraordinary! It really does do so much more!

Buff your Epic Workyard with the Magic Bean Soup
Select the Epic Workyard

3500Experience Points Magic Bean Soup 36

Bi-metal Blades

Bi-metal Blades Using a special type of saw blades, made with a heavy, compact bronze core and replaceable iron cutting edges, the Epic Woodyard can produce Pinewood Planks at a remarkable pace.

This type of blade shows great improvement over the usual kind.
Epic Pinewood Sawmill - Rank 2 26
The Workforce
Detail tab
The operators of this particular shop can only be recruited from the most technologically advanced Sawmills we have.

Great, the workers have been gathered!

Have level building(s) in your zone. 5 – 1Pinewood Sawmill

200Coins 250Bronze 26
Detail tab
Here are the materials we’ll need to complete the prototype, together with the first batch of blades. If there’s any excess material, it will be returned to our storehouse.

The materials have been delivered and the production can begin. Great job!

Pay Bronze from your storage. – 5500Bronze
Pay Iron from your storage. – 6000Iron

150Bronze 200Iron 26

Marble Furnace

Marble Furnace Besides being an excellent material for ornaments and fancy buildings, marble has some interesting properties that allow for some superior furnaces to be built from it. These furnaces are able to withstand the temperatures needed to coke Pinewood logs at incredible speed.
Our scientists are eager to implement them in our Epic Woodyard, should you provide resources for the prototypes.

The furnaces look much more ornate, too!
Epic Pinewood Coking Plant - Rank 2 26
Tools and Master Masons
Detail tab
To start the production for these ovens, one must first gather the necessary items and knowledge. While the tools we need may be found locally, the marble masonry work will require the finest masons on the island.

The masons have pledged their support for the project! Onwards and upwards!

Pay Tool(s) from your storage. – 3500Tools
Have level building(s) in your zone. 4 – 2Marble Mason

300Tools 50Coins 26
Building the Furnaces
Detail tab
The furnaces will be both a marvel of technology and a work of art, each and every one of them.

Beautifully worked marble with iron braces in a spectacular lattice pattern – the craftsmen have truly outdone themselves.

Pay Marble from your storage. – 5000Marble
Pay Iron from your storage. – 3000Iron

900Marble 720Iron 26

The Forest Thickens

The Forest Thickens Hardwood is a demanding plant to grow. However, within the Epic Woodyard, a system of circulating steam, raised beds and automatic tillers allow for great amounts of Hardwood saplings to be grown in a single batch, equaling and surpassing all but the best hardwood foresters we have to-date.

The foliage even blots out the sun!
Epic Hardwood Forester - Rank 2 26
Search for Seeds
Detail tab
We’ll need to establish a good seed base first, if we are to proceed with this research. We need our supplies to be of the absolute top quality and can settle for nothing less.

The foresters we have will provide ample supplies of the required seeds. Great job!

Have level building(s) in your zone. 5 – 2Hardwood Forester

400Hardwood Planks 70Coins 26
The Steam Extravaganza
Detail tab
A complex set of steam pipes, that can deliver the necessary amount of heat and water to the seedlings, will need to be set-up before we move on with the construction.

It looks like a spider’s web of bronze tubing!

Pay Bronze from your storage. – 8400Bronze
Pay Water from your storage. – 15900Water

300Bronze 190Tools 26
The Toolbox
Detail tab
The final step is to build the raised beds and the complex mechanism that will automatically till the earth and plant the seeds. It’s going to take a lot of skill to get this done – and all while the pipes are leaking all over the place!

Watching this machinery work is truly hypnotic.

Pay Hardwood plank(s) from your storage. – 9200Hardwood Planks
Pay Tool(s) from your storage. – 6800Tools

50Coins 600Water 26

Steel Joiners

Steel Joiners A new generation of jointers is required to handle the intensity of the automated hardwood processing system. Steel blades are much more effective than the Iron ones that were previously used on manual processing.

Great job! Look at those blades sliding through the wood!
Epic Hardwood Sawmill - Rank 2 26
The Crew
Detail tab
Assembling a team of crack professionals will be the key to our success. We won’t be able to get this done without the right people.
Unfortunately, that means spending some coin to attract the finest in the land.

The crew has gathered – time to move on to the next step!

Have level building(s) in your zone. 5 – 2Hardwood Sawmill
Pay Coins from your storage. – 150Coins

500Tools 100Coins 26
The Steel Tips
Detail tab
Building the actual joiners will require high quality materials that can stand the stress of the process.

They’re so sharp and precise, they can slice to a hair’s depth.

Pay Steel from your storage. – 3300Steel
Pay Hardwood Plank(s) from your storage. – 6500Hardwood Planks

300Coins 26

Granite Coking Ovens

Granite Coking Ovens Granite has the best heat resistance of all the known materials we have. This has led our scientists to come up with the idea of using it to build coking ovens that can stand the constant heat of the near-automated coking process in the Epic Woodyard, while processing coal out of hardwood.

The ovens may be cool to the touch, but inside it’s a firey hell!
Epic Hardwood Coking Plant 26
Detail tab
The granite ovens will have to be built on-site as they are too heavy to carry around. Their extremely thick walls have to be built up high, which will require some elaborate scaffolding.

The scaffolding’s impressive enough – just imagine how spectacular the actual buildings will be.

Pay Iron from your storage. – 4300Iron
Pay Hardwood Plank(s) from your storage. – 7000Hardwood Planks

150Coins 26
The Masonry Work
Detail tab
Stone, dust and water – basic building mortar – when pressed between extremely heavy granite blocks, becomes a part of the structure, holding everything in place.

The ovens look like they’re made from a single granite block. Exquisite masonry!

Pay Granite from your storage. – 3500Granite
Pay Stone from your storage. – 9900Stones
Pay Water from your storage. – 8800Water

150Coins 26

Titanium Tools

Titanium Tools Exotic Wood’s resilience may be legendary, but it has met its match in the amazing durability of titanium-built blades. Using titanium as a material for tools has allowed us to use hardwood processing equipment to manufacture exotic wood planks.

You can almost feel their edges just by looking at them.
Epic Exotic Wood Sawmill 26
Master Woodworkers
Detail tab
The incredibly complex manufacturing process for exotic wood planks is only made possible by the skill and dedication of the men working the logs.

The masters have gathered!

Have level building(s) in your zone. 5 – 1Exotic Wood Sawmill

150Coins 26
Total Secrecy
Detail tab
While we prepare the tools, the schematics will have to be guarded. Employing a bunch of soldiers and making sure they’re paid enough to keep them bribe-free sounds like a plan.

The security is so tight you couldn’t slide a paper between two guards!

Delegate Soldier(s) from your storage. – 198Soldier
Pay Coins from your storage. – 3580Coins

150Coins 26
The Pinnacle of Manufacturing
Detail tab
These tools are the embodiment of the most cutting-edge technology we have achieved so far. Built from the finest materials, used by our finest workmen they will deliver the coveted exotic planks at tremendous speed.

They’re … beautiful. They should’ve sent a poet!

Pay Titanium Bar(s) from your storage. – 6000Titanium
Pay Granite from your storage. – 5500Granite
Pay Exotic Plank(s) from your storage. – 6500Exotic Wood Planks

150Coins 26

Eternal Cutter

Eternal Cutter By imbuing Magic Bean extract into the metal, our scientists have been able to manufacture sawblades that require no additional power source and just keep spinning in place, powered by their own momentum.
This will greatly reduce the space requirements for the sawmill and will allow many more sawblades to be installed, multiplying its already impressive output.

Look at them spinning! The technology at work here… It’s magic!
Epic Pinewood Sawmill - Rank 3 26
Secure the Beans
Detail tab
Transporting the Magic Beans to the Woodyard will require some special equipment. For such a small batch, a secure steel case should suffice.

It seems the casing is holding strong! We can proceed to the next step.

Pay Magic Bean(s) from your storage. – 100Magic Bean
Pay Steel from your storage. – 600Steel

200Steel 100Coins 26
First Spin
Detail tab
The construction of the actual sawblades will require a large batch of pure Iron. Accelerating the blades to the point where they’ll never stop will require us to feed them some planks.

The materials have been delivered and the blades are under construction! Great job!

Pay Iron from your storage. – 3600Iron
Pay Pinewood Plank(s) from your storage. – 6000Pinewood Planks

300Steel 600Hardwood Planks 26

Animated Sawblades

Animated Sawblades By imbuing Magic Bean extract into the metal, our scientists have been able to manufacture sawblades that require no additional power source and just keep spinning in place, powered by their own momentum.
This will greatly reduce the space requirements for the sawmill and will allow many more sawblades to be installed, multiplying its already impressive output.

Look at them spinning! The technology at work here… It’s magic!
Epic Hardwood Sawmill - Rank 3 26
Securing the Beans
Detail tab
The energy produced by the magic beans reaction will need to be contained. We have to build an enclosure strong enough to withstand their heat, but light enough that men can carry it. Any beans that are left over will be returned to us.

The Magic Beans are secured now. The container is holding and is also well-guarded.

Delegate Soldier(s) from your storage. – 100Soldier
Pay Steel from your storage. – 4000Steel

10Magic Bean 150Coins 26
The Grind
Detail tab
The beans have to be mixed with 100 parts water, and carefully grinded with a granite mortar and pestle – the only thing that can safely contain the mixture.

Clear as water, yet extremely flammable! Keep it contained at any costs!

Pay Magic Bean(s) from your storage. – 160Magic Bean
Pay Granite from your storage. – 800Granite
Pay Water from your storage. – 5450Water

150Coins 26
Sawblade Creation
Detail tab
Steel core sawblades with titanium tips – a splendid target for our scientist’s “Animation Mixture”.

They look beautiful, even in their delivery boxes.

Pay Steel from your storage. – 7000Steel
Pay Titanium Bar(s) from your storage. – 350Titanium

100Coins 26

Near-instant Coking

Near-instant Coking Magic Beans, Water and Pinewood Planks are the ingredients used in a very complex reaction that, once started, will provide an inextinguishable, high-temperature fire that will coke entire Pinewood logs almost instantly.

Watch those logs closely – blink! – they’re coal!
Epic Pinewood Coking Plant - Rank 3 26
The Container
Detail tab
The reaction needed to power this new type of coking will need to take place in a well contained area. The only design we’ve found that’s capable of withstanding such a reaction is made of granite, with steel reinforcements. As usual, anything we have left over after construction will be delivered to the storehouse.

The containment box looks like it could withstand a volcano itself. Great job!

Pay Steel from your storage. – 1000Steel
Pay Granite from your storage. – 565Granite

150Granite 150Coins 26
Dangerous Experiments
Detail tab
Time to fuel that furnace and strike the first spark. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

KA-BOOM! A resounding success!

Pay Magic Bean(s) from your storage. – 150Magic Bean
Pay Water from your storage. – 12000Water
Pay Pinewood Plank(s) from your storage. – 7000Pinewood Planks

180Granite 150Coins 26

Unnatural Heat

Unnatural Heat Using Magic Beans as a power source is nothing new – but using this power directly as heat is an innovation. The heat resulting from channeling a Magic Bean mixture’s blast is enough to transform hardwood into coal at incredible speed.

One blast can turn an entire cart of wood to coal!
Epic Hardwood Coking Plant - Rank 2 26
Boom Dust
Detail tab
Carefully mixing ground Magic Beans and common flour has yielded a mixture which, when exposed to flame, unleashes a powerful high-temperature blast.

It looks like fairy dust mixed with black powder! Handle with care!

Pay Magic Bean(s) from your storage. – 200Magic Bean
Pay Flour from your storage. – 12050Flour

100Coins 26
Holding it Together
Detail tab
The Coking Ovens, even when built from granite, are severely weakened by the blast waves of this coking process. Titanium bracing has been deemed necessary if we are to keep them working.

Nobody thought the granite ovens could look any more impressive – but the titanium reinforcements managed that.

Pay Titanium Bar(s) from your storage. – 2200Titanium
Pay Coins from your storage. – 500Coins

150Coins 26

Bean-powered Polishers

Bean-powered Polishers The titanium blades are excellent for cutting exotic wood into planks, but the process was throttled by the exhausting task of polishing the planks to create a usable surface. Using Magic Beans, yet again, has allowed us to power automated polishers to amazing speeds and thus, enhance an already great production line even further.

They polish so fast it’ll char lesser wood!
Epic Exotic Wood Sawmill - Rank 2 26
Proof of Commitment
Detail tab
The science guild will not start researching this incredible innovation until they know you’re completely committed to Exotic Wood processing.

If this doesn’t say “commitment” – what will?

Have level building(s) in your zone. 5 – 2Exotic Wood Sawmill
Pay Coins from your storage. – 1300Coins

150Coins 26
So Many Plans!
Detail tab
The building schematics for these tools are so complex that the Science Guild has actually requested additional paper and nibs so that they can finally complete them.

The stacks of paper reach the ceiling in some halls.

Pay Simple Paper(s) from your storage. – 2670Simple Paper
Pay Nib(s) from your storage. – 2100Nib

150Coins 26
Final Stage
Detail tab
The sacrifices we made were well worth it – the final stage of constructing these incredible machines is to gather the materials required to build and power them.

Smooth, heavy and warm to the touch – these tools radiate immense power.

Pay Magic Bean(s) from your storage. – 400Magic Bean
Pay Titanium Bar(s) from your storage. – 1200Titanium

103Coins 26


Effective adventures

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