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Grim Reaper General

It is Halloween and the Grim Reaper is visiting you. He wants to make an offer he will lead your army, and in turn only wants a few pumpkins… and your soul.

“An offer you can’t refuse”

• Recovers twice as quickly from defeat.
• Travels twice as quickly to adventures.

Grim Reaper General Grim Reaper General
Obtaining History
Garrison Garrison: Grim Reaper General
Occupied area (cell) Occupied area (cell)
Capacity 200
Hitpoints 1
Damage 120-120
Accuracy 80%
Initiative Normal
Skills Is specialist
Type General


Date Obtaining Amount Cost
22.10.2015 – 14.11.2015 Halloween Event 2015 1 1560Pumpkins
02.07.2015 – 23.07.2015 Midsummer Night Event: Halloween Event 1 940Tokens
16.10.2014 – 06.11.2014 Halloween Event 2014 1 1560Pumpkins
17.11.2013 – 07.11.2013 Halloween Event 2013 1 1560Pumpkins
18.11.2012 – 15.11.2012 Halloween Event 2012 1 1300Pumpkins
20.11.2011 – 17.11.2011 Halloween Event 2011 1 1300Pumpkins


Attack Attack Your general is attacking!
Combat Preview Combat Preview Combat Preview
Transfer Transfer Your general is moving to a new position.
Switch units Switch units Switches the assignable units. This action detaches the currently assigned units.
Retreat Retreat Your army is retreating!

Sound Effects

1 General attacking Download
2 General wounded Download
3 General movement Download
4 General retreating Download
5 General attacking Download
6 A General is victorious! Download


The General

The General

If you obtain a new general, you must first place him on the map
1. Open the star menu
2. Click on the general you want to place
3. Place the general on your island

The battle

The battle

1. Click on the garrison to open the garrison menu

2. Assign the units you need for the combat and click the OK button to confirm your selection

3. Click on attack and…

4. …use the attack cursor to click on the bandit camp you want to attack

Your general was defeated

Your general was defeated

When you have too few units for a camp but attack it anyway, your general gets defeated. He retreats to his garrison and needs four hours to recover. Generals from the shop need two hours to recover. You can see the duration for which your general is not useable in the garrison, or your star menu.
Until these hours have elapsed, you cannot use that particular general. The only possibility is to buy another general from the tavern or the merchant.

Combat preview

Combat preview

The combat preview shows the player the outcome of a fight with a particular enemy camp.
1. Open the garrison with which you can attack.
2. The second button in the menu is the combat preview.
3. When you click it, you will see crossed swords with a question mark.
4. By now clicking on an enemy camp, you get a preview of what will happen when you attack with this deployment. When you attack special camps, you get a special window displaying tips on how to defeat this camp.


Effective adventures

Easter Event 2017