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Champion Vargus

A fierce champion from the Lands of Anteria. Former Sergeant-at-Arms of the Crown Legion.

“Is Fendrel up to something again?”

• Recovers twice as quickly from defeat.
• Travels twice as quickly to adventures.
• Splash Damage
• First Strike
• Intercept enemy units deal 5 less damage and cannot attack your weakest units first.

Champion Vargus Champion Nusala
Obtaining Christmas Calendar 2016
Player level required ?
Available 1
Garrison Garrison: Champion Vargus
Occupied area (cell) Occupied area (cell)
Capacity 180
Hitpoints 200
Damage 750-1250
Accuracy 80%
Initiative First strike
Skills Is specialist
Splash damage
Type General


Date Obtaining Amount Cost
20.12.2016 — 16.01.2017 Christmas Event 2016 1


Effective adventures

Easter Event 2017