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Black Market

Name Cost Available Detail tab
Sector Deed Sector Deed 8500Magic Beanstalk 6 A Sector Deed. Legitimate and signed by a renowned notary. It allows you to claim a far away sector for your settlement.
Island Deed Island Deed 3495Gems 3 An island ownership deed. The king himself signed it for you, and wrote on the letter’s foot “I hope this deed provides you with the building space and deposits you need”. Use it on an independent island to claim it for yourself.
Champion Anslem Champion Anslem 6999Gems 1 Anslem dazzles all enemy units with blinding light. Their accuracy is reduced to 0.
Champion Nusala Champion Nusala 6999Gems 1 Nusala’ Bowmen, Longbowmen, Crossbowmen, Marksmen and Armored Marksmen deal splash damage and attack weak targets first.
Champion Vargus Champion Vargus 6999Gems 1 Vargus protects your units and intercepts flanking maneuvers. Enemies deal 5 less damage and cannot attack your weakest units first.
Master of Martial Arts 6999Gems 1 Are you sick of the general stereotype? Do you prefer generals who own a certain energy? The Master of Martial Arts is not only a master in fighting, he also has his own visual style.
Veteran 4999Gems 2 This general was in many battles and earned honor and fame. Due to his great experience, he is able to command bigger armies than all of his colleagues.
Battle Hardened General 1250Gems 6 A Battle Hardened General has led armies to many victories. He can recover twice as quickly from defeat than a normal general.
General Bighelmet General Bighelmet 1495Gems 1 Basically a battle hardened general, but with a veeeery big… helmet!
General Log General Log 2795Gems 1 A very nice general, who almost cares as much for the 220 units he can carry as he does for his looks.
Master of Defense Master of Defense 5250Gems 1 An experienced general, whose body is well and truly ready, after his experience in numerous battles.
Jolly Geologist 300Gems 1 Ah… those were the good old days. When finding new resources was an adventure. Traveling into the mountains, tapping the stone and placing wooden signposts.
Recipe A Trader's Gift Recipe A Trader’s Gift 395Gems 1 There is a tradesman from a foreign kingdom that’s rich in stone, but lacking in wood. He needs to build barrels for his trading house, and would like to exchange stone for some barrels.
Savage Scout Savage Scout 995Gems 10 A native inhabitant of these parts. He knows the area like no other and can help you map these parts in no time. You just need someone to translate his strange tongue.
Recipe Marble Mountain Recipe Marble Mountain 595Gems 1 One of your settlers has found out how to refill some of our marble deposits. He’d be willing to share this knowledge for some scarecrows and herbs…
Recipe Small Glue Recipe Small Glue 295Gems 1 A special glue which helps refine the production process of your book binder. With this glue, everything runs faster.
Medipack Medipack 495Gems 1 A buff which can help a defeated general to instantly recover. Guaranteed without side effects!
Recipe Paper Mill Recipe Paper Mill 595Gems 1 Your settlers have acquired a special paper mill. With this, we can make higher quality paper by recycling ordinary ones.
Lucky Explorer Lucky Explorer 1995Gems 1 Not only is this Explorer even faster than the Savage Scout – he’s very lucky too. Choose him, and you’ll find some extra buffs from time to time.
Recipe Forest Offerings Recipe Forest Offerings 295Gems 1 In an attempt to keep ancient customs alive, the wrinkled wisewoman offers to teach a ritual to appease the local forest spirits. Even if there were no such things, it’s sure to boost the woodworkers’ morale.
Recipe Grilled Steak Recipe Grilled Steak 495Gems 1 Give your settlers a nice steak. This will increase their working morale.
Recipe Kitty Lure Recipe Kitty Lure 595Gems 1 Our mice problem is getting worse every week… This leaves us with no choice but to engage in a bit of biological warfare! An expert has offered to share her knowledge on how we can attract enough cats to patrol at least a moderately-sized area.
Recipe Double Time Recipe Double Time 995Gems 1 Give your weaponsmiths in the Combat Armory a boost for their production by teaching them a special song from one of our colonies. They’ll love it!
Recipe Enrollment Campaign Recipe Enrollment Campaign 995Gems 1 Need some more troops for your colony conquest? Start this enrollment campaign in the combat academy to increase motivation.
Recipe Aunt Irma's Feast Recipe Aunt Irma’s Feast 195Gems 1 Aunt Irma has prepared her special feast, so all settlers in a workyard will have enough power for a 24 hour shift.
Recipe Stop Buff Recipe Stop Buff 395Gems 1 Give special orders to all settlers in a building to ignore all buffs that have been applied to that building.
Shotfirer Shotfirer 550Gems 20 His ancestors – although short-lived – have passed him down a great deal of knowledge about the art of wrecking stuff.
As a professional he is able to blow up bigger mountains than his amateur competitors.
Demolition Crew Demolition Crew 990Gems 8 A crew of serious-looking gentlemen with an unsettling appetite for fire and destruction.
These guys have the logistics and mental disorder in place to blow up even the largest mountain and create some much-needed building space on your island.
Love Potion Love Potion 195Gems 1 Prepared by the local witch, this potion will increase population growth significantly. It is nothing but colored water, but the placebo effect actually works.
Exotic Fruit Basket Exotic Fruit Basket 99Gems 1 This basket is filled with the most exotic fruit from all over the world. You can marvel at the numerous different tastes, and forget all your stress. With this fruit your workers just can’t stop working.
Red Flying Settler Red Flying Settler 199Gems 1 Rumors talk of a new kind of drink that has made its way into the kingdom. It is said that anyone who drinks it can work non-stop for 24 hours. You might want to consider this…
Hide Glue Hide Glue 195Gems 1 Normally our settlers bind the books, but with this glue our settlers can create books twice as fast. However, keep in mind that your settlers only have a limited amount of time to use the glue after opening before it dries up!
Iron Ore Extractor Iron Ore Extractor 395Gems 1 With this extractor, it’s easy as pie to extract iron ore from deposits.
Inspirational Speech Inspirational Speech 695Gems 1 A well voiced speech that can make even the laziest of workers put his back into it.
Improved Drill Plan Improved Drill Plan 125Gems 1 This improved drill plan includes a new set of orders (“Faster!, Higher!, More!”), a mad drill sergeant and a highly motivating penalty system. Your recruits will be trained in a jiffy!
Chocolate Rabbit Chocolate Rabbit 125Gems 1 Since the settlers in the provision house cannot be sustained with fish platters or sandwiches, what is left? Correct! Chocolate! Give this chocolate rabbit to a settler in the provision house and you will increase motivation.
Chocolate Pralines Chocolate Pralines 180Gems 1 These pralines are delicious, and filled with all different kinds of chocolate. Almost anyone would work faster with these.
Fairy Fire Fairy Fire 9Gems 1 If you have trouble finding that elusive rare collectible that keeps popping-up on your island, some magical creatures can help make things easier.
Fairy Light Fairy Light 19Gems 1 If you have trouble finding the elusive, rare collectibles that are hidden in far away lands, these magical creatures can offer their help.
Chant of Focus Chant of Focus 99Gems 1 Studying the cultists’ wicked rituals has yielded some unexpected benefits. This carefully studied chant has proven to increase your epic worker’s focus threefold.
Dirty Toolbox Dirty Toolbox 9Gems
500Pinewood Planks
250Tools A suspicious looking figure in a hooded cloak is offering a big crate of tools. Where do they come from, you ask? Well, sometimes it’s better not to know…
Hard Plank Hulk Hard Plank Hulk 9Gems
300Pinewood Planks
100Hardwood Planks This hulk has been damaged in the latest pirate encounter. Still, most of the planks it is made of can be disassembled. Just remove the blood stains and they are as good as new.
Iron Monger Iron Monger 19Gems
100Iron For the last few days, a strange foreigner with a huge covered wagon has been roaming through your lands, snapping up every bronze bar he can get. Curiously enough he pays the owners with precious iron. Sounds like a good deal for both parties.
Marble Menhir Marble Menhir 9Gems
100Marble A man with an extraordinarily big belly is offering marble in exchange for huge amounts of stones. When asked, he rants about his menhir production, his little dog and his lovesickness.
Foreign Settler Family Foreign Settler Family 95Gems 10Settlers This special offer can only be bought once!
It includes workers and a nice stock of building materials. This is all you need to get a head start in developing your city.
Counterfeit Membership 
Certificate Counterfeit Membership
400Coins 1 This special offer can only be bought once!
It includes workers and a nice stock of building materials. This is all you need to get a head start in developing your city.
Guild Member Certificates Guild Member Certificates 495Gems 1 Old, yellowed and tattered certificates for a guild membership. Fortunately, most of the letters have become illegible over all the years, so the high council will never notice if anyone inscribes another member or guild name.
Permanent Building Queue Slot Permanent Building Queue Slot 2990Gems 3 Allows the particularly busy master builder to issue more building orders simultaneously. Your build queue will be extended by one additional slot.


Name Cost Available Detail tab
Hot Lemon Tea Hot Lemon Tea 195Gems 1 Tea revives the mind! Give this to your pupils and they will be fit for the hard life of a settler in no time.
Paula's Surprise Box Paula’s Surprise Box 145Gems 1 A mysterious crate, which holds great treasures inside. However, you won’t know what you’ve got until you open it!
Buddy's Valentine Surprise Buddy’s Valentines Surprise 95Gems 1 A special box for a special day. Take a chance and make a special person happy!
Mysterious Resource Box Mysterious Resource Box 215Gems 1 A mysterious box, with unknown contents. It smells like many different tasty things. The people say that it could enchant both people and animals.
Mysterious Decoration Box Mysterious Decoration Box 285Gems 1 A mysterious box, with unknown contents. A dark power seems to be floating around it. The people say that it could even be strong enough to create castles.
Normal Resource Box Normal Resource Box 160Map Fragment 1 A huge box, containing common resource items. It is solid and looks inviting. Seems like a good deal.
Valuable Resource Box Luxury Resource Box 220Map Fragment 1 A beautiful box containing luxury resource items. It is soft and its golden adornments sparkle in the sun. And it weighs an awful lot.
Gems for Friends Gems for Friends 220Gems 200Gems You are one of the most generous people in the settlers’ universe, but your friends don’t believe you are. Prove yourself with the Gems for friends!


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