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Obtaining Available Cost Detail tab
Explorer Explorer Tavern 3 1 – 200Coins
2 – 800Coins
3 – 1600Coins
The Explorer can discover new sectors and search for treasures.
Savage Scout Savage Scout Black Market 10 995Gems The Savage scout does all his tasks much faster than the standard explorer.
Experienced explorer Experienced explorer Easter Event 2013
Easter Event 2014
Easter Event 2015
Midsummer Night Event: Easter Event
420Easter Eggs
475Easter Eggs
537Easter Eggs
This explorer doesn’t just look experienced, he actually is experienced. Fast as lightning, he can find treasures and map all target areas.
Lucky Explorer Lucky Explorer Black Market
World Cup
Midsummer Night Event: World Cup
2499Soccer Balls
Not only is this Explorer even faster than the Savage Scout or the Experienced Explorer – he’s very lucky too. Choose him, and you’ll find some extra buffs from time to time.
Intrepid Explorer Intrepid Explorer Easter Event 2016 1 995Stripy Easter Egg This explorer specializes in searching adventures! She will already perform any task you set her twice as fast as a regular explorer, but when sent on an adventure search, she’ll also bring back twice as many rewards.


Type Duration Cost Player level required
Explorer Savage Scout Experienced explorer Intrepid Explorer Lucky Explorer
Explore sector Explore sector 5 m 2 m 1:30 m Free of charge 7
Explore far away sector Explore far away sector 5 m 2 m 1:30 m Free of charge 50
Find adventure
Adventure search (short) Adventure search (short) 24 h 12 h 8 h 10Coins 50Sausages 26
Adventure search (medium) Adventure search (medium) 32 h 16 h 11 h 30Coins 150Sausages 36
Adventure search (long) Adventure search (long) 48 h 24 h 16 h 60Coins 350Sausages 42
Adventure search (very long) Adventure search (very long) 72 h 32 h 24 h 150Coins 600Sausages 56
Find Treasure
Treasure search (short) Treasure search (short) 6 h 3 h 2 h Free of charge 8
Treasure search (medium) Treasure search (medium) 12 h 6 h 4 h Free of charge 20
Treasure search (long) Treasure search (long) 24 h 12 h 8 h Free of charge 32
Treasure search (very long) Treasure search (very long) 48 h 24 h 16 h Free of charge 40
Treasure search (prolonged) Treasure search (prolonged) 72 h 36 h 24 h Free of charge 54
Artifact search Artifact search 8 h Free of charge 40
Rarity search Rarity search 8 h Free of charge 42
Find Expedition
Fight for a small colony Fight for a small colony 50Coins 50Sausages 30
Fight for a large colony Fight for a large colony 100Coins 100Sausages 40
Fight for a regular colony Fight for a regular colony 150Coins 150Sausages 50

Skill tree


The treasure hunt

The treasure hunt

Use the explorer to hunt for treasure, e.g. coins, wood or marble. When you reach a higher level, you will unlock longer treasure hunts with more valuable resources to find.


Effective adventures

Easter Event 2017