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Units. Type

Kingdom Army
Rider clans
The Nords
Fairytale Adventures
1001 Nights
The Party Crashers

Kingdom Army. Barracks
Recruit Recruit Militia Militia
Soldier Soldier Elite Soldier Elite Soldier
Cavalry Cavalry Bowman Bowman
Longbowman Longbowman Crossbowman Crossbowman
Cannoneer Cannoneer
Kingdom Army. Elite Barracks
Swordsman Swordsman Mounted Swordsman Mounted Swordsman
Knight Knight Mounted Marksman Mounted Marksman
Armored Marksman Armored Marksman Marksman Marksman
Besieger Besieger
Bandits. Normal
Scavenger Scavenger Thug Thug
Stone Thrower Stone Thrower Guard Dog Guard Dog
Roughneck Roughneck Ranger Ranger
Bandits. Boss
Skunk Skunk One-Eyed Bert One-Eyed Bert
Metal Tooth Metal Tooth Chuck Chuck
Wild Mary Wild Mary
Deserters. Normal
Recruit Deserter Recruit Deserter Militia Deserter Militia Deserter
Bowman Deserter Bowman Deserter Cavalry Deserter Cavalry Deserter
Soldier Deserter Soldier Deserter Longbowman Deserter Longbowman Deserter
Elite Soldier Deserter Crossbowman Deserter Crossbowman Deserter
Cannoneer Deserter Cannoneer Deserter
Deserters. Boss
Sir Robin Sir Robin Big Bertha Big Bertha
Pirates. Normal
Deckscrubber Deckscrubber Sabrerattler Sabrerattler
Knife Thrower Knife Thrower Gunman Gunman
Caltrop Caltrop Petty Officer Second class Petty Officer Second class
Pirates. Boss
Crazy Ship's Cook Crazy Ship’s Cook    
Cultists. Normal
Cultist Cultist Fanatic Fanatic
Dark Priest Dark Priest Firedancer Firedancer
Shadowsneaker Shadowsneaker Dancing Dervish Dancing Dervish
Cultists. Boss
Witch of the Swamp Witch of the Swamp Dark High Priest Dark High Priest
Spawn of Hell Spawn of Hell
Rider clans. Normal
Nomad Nomad Composite Bowman Composite Bowman
Lance Rider Lance Rider Riding Bowman Riding Bowman
Riding Amazonian Guard Riding Amazonian Guard Cataphract Cataphract
Rider clans. Boss
Uproarious Bull Uproarious Bull
The Nords
Thrall Thrall Karl Karl
Housecarl Housecarl Jomsviking Jomsviking
Valkyrie Valkyrie Berserk Berserk
Fairytale Adventures. Normal
Fox Fox Boar Boar
Wolf Wolf Bear Bear
Wolf Packleader Wolf Packleader Giant Giant
Fairytale Adventures. Normal
Royal Recruit Royal Recruit Royal Militia Royal Militia
Royal Cavalry Royal Cavalry Royal Bowman Royal Bowman
Royal Longbowman Royal Longbowman Royal Cannoneer Royal Cannoneer
Fairytale Adventures. Boss
Giant Bogor Giant Bogor Giant Gogor Giant Gogor
Unicorn Unicorn Furious Boar Furious Boar
Evil King Evil King Iron Fist Iron Fist
Giant Bear Giant Bear Rivaling Tailor Rivaling Tailor
Black Bull Black Bull Dark Magician Dark Magician
Lying Goat Lying Goat Cudgel Claus Cudgel Claus
Assassin Assassin Greedy Inn-Keeper Greedy Inn-Keeper
1001 Nights. Raiders. Normal
Sword Clasher Sword Clasher Sword Wielder Sword Wielder
Sword Master Sword Master Horseman Horseman
Dune Marksman Dune Marksman Desert Marksman Desert Marksman
Mounted Bowman Mounted Bowman Stone Cannon Stone Cannon
1001 Nights. Raiders. Boss
Shrewd Thief Shrewd Thief Smart Thief Smart Thief
Mysterious Thief Mysterious Thief Treacherous Thief Treacherous Thief
Snooty Thief Snooty Thief Grayed Thief Grayed Thief
Sneaking Thief Sneaking Thief Scarred Thief Scarred Thief
Greedy Thief Greedy Thief Silly Thief Silly Thief
Bandit Lord Bandit Lord Oasis Guardian Oasis Guardian
Grumpy Parrot Grumpy Parrot Boulder Worm Boulder Worm
Hungry Blossom Hungry Blossom Fierce Blossom Fierce Blossom
Bulbous Blossom Bulbous Blossom
1001 Nights. Sailors. Normal
Sailor Sailor Battle Hardened Sailor Battle Hardened Sailor
Mounted Sailor Mounted Sailor Boatswain Boatswain
Cannon Master Cannon Master Petty Officer Second Class Petty Officer Second Class
1001 Nights. Sailors. Boss
Steersman Steersman Mutineer Mutineer
Captain Captain
1001 Nights. Miscellaneous
Library Golem Library Golem Stick-wielding Ape Stick-wielding Ape
Stone-throwing Ape Stone-throwing Ape Alpha Ape Alpha Ape
Nervous Ape Nervous Ape Giant Cannon Giant Cannon
Informant Informant Giant Sea Snake Giant Sea Snake
Grumpy Guard Grumpy Guard Insane Guard Insane Guard
Large Stone Statue Large Stone Statue Mossy Stone Statue Mossy Stone Statue
Giant Bat Giant Bat
The Party Crashers
Rascal Rascal Vandal Vandal
Bully Bully Prankster Prankster
Ruffian Ruffian Scoundrel Scoundrel
Cad Cad Grouch Grouch
Whiner Whiner Scallywag Scallywag
Denis the Delinquent Denis the Delinquent Alex the Troublemaker Alex the Troublemaker
Bob the Miscreant Bob the Miscreant
Grey Wolf Grey Wolf Croaker Croaker
Tribesman Tribesman Shaman Shaman
Jaguar Warrior Jaguar Warrior Mystical Shaman Mystical Shaman
Forward Forward Defender Defender
Midfielder Midfielder Goalie Goalie
Garrun the Trapper Garrun the Trapper


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