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Links úteis

English Fan Sites — The Settlers Online Wiki — The Settlers Online Tools — Compilation Of The Settlers Online Adventure Guides — Adventure Guides — The Settlers Online tutorial with canoneers by athlan

Deutsch Fanseiten – Guides und mehr – Spieler helfen Spieler – Die Siedler Online News – Der Ort eurer Taktikkarten – Wiki Seite für Die Siedler Online – Simulator Wirtschaft – Wiki Seite für Die Siedler Online – The – DSOA – Die Siedler Online – Rechner – GONZO a really cool magazine theme – Taktikkarten Marktplatz Buffsystem Teamspeak – The Settlers.Net Taktikkarten

Sites de fans français – Settlers online site de bol41 – The Settlers online Tavernaute

Los sitios de fans Españoles – Settlers online maps – The Settlers online – Gremio Alacranes – Gremio del juego The Settlers Online Latinoamericano

Polscy fansite — Castle Empire Online Economy — The Settlers

Nederland fansites — The Dark — The SettlerHood

České fanstránky — Settlers Centrum

中國粉絲網站 — 網上定居

We collect links for other useful sites of Settlers. If you are the owner of site that are not introduced in our page or just know nice link please leave comment on that page.
We add you site to our list and if you do same we make link for you site bold, add you logo and up it.

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